Sunday, August 24, 2008

OMG - Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 OMG, I just saw the promo for Season 9 of CSI and I am sitting here with tears dripping down my face, I saw Sara hug Grissom and it looked like she was crying and I saw Grissom and Sara in bed together too, Awww I ca'nt wait till CSI starts October 9'th, Looks like a great Season, if anyone wants to see the promo I saw let me know, I'll email it to you, Love You All Lisa XOXO

Can You Believe It ? An Entry

 Hi friends, it's me Lisa, writing to you all from the library, hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend, I'm tired , but ok.I have'nt been sleeping too well lately , but I have a Dr's appt Wednesday to find out what is going on.What's going on with me ? Well for the most part work is going ok, I adore our new asst manager Amelia and am taking her to lunch Friday before she starts work, I guess the fact that she is above me does'nt matter if I take her to lunch right ? I do'nt see that as a big deal , but then again I am not like most people so my line of thinking is not always what everyone else's is,  Last week I offered to take my Uncle Mark to lunch for his birthday, since he was away , I left him a message telling him to call me when he got back from his trip which was last Sunday, well did he ??????? No I was pissed and hurt and still am, Sometimes I think I must have an invisible bullseye on my back or something, However in October he is moving to Vegas, I say since all he does is hurt my feelings maybe it's best he is moving, hope he enjoys the triple digit temps there since he has been an S.F. native all his life, anyhow I was all excited this week when I heard the new CSI promo for Season 9 was out, course I ca'nt view it from my computer at home which irritates me to no end, but I'll try to have a looksie at the library even though I wo'nt be able to hear the sound, I did hear somewhere that Grissom and Sara were in bed together in the clip, Oooooooohhhh that's hot, lol.Anyhow hope you all have a good upcoming week, I cannot wait for October to come when I'll finally have my laptop, I Love and Miss You All Lisa XOXO

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lookie, Another Entry, lol

 Hi friends, here I am at the library once again today since my computer barely cooperated this morning, Thanks for all of your support regarding Larry, It made me feel really good to know how caring and supportive my friends are. He is an ass and not worth bothering with and for the record in my brother's defense it was actually my mom that told me about Larry's comment after my brother told her, I guess I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing that, but hey.I know I am a good person, I never hurt others or even think about it.Anyhow back to work for me tommorow, Hope the week goes pretty fast, My Uncle is probably back from Vegas now, hope he had some fun there, little does he know I was there a week ago, lol.I still need to take him out for a birthday lunch sometime this week, Hope you all have a good upcoming week, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rant of the week and other stuff

  Hi friends, here I am at the library writing my weekly entry, hope you all are doing well and enjoying your weekend.Please give me your thoughts about what I am writing now, my brother went to visit my former neighbor Larry who is a retired policeman Monday to show him his new car, I had seen Larry last in April when his friend and my friend too Ted had come to visit, anyhow Larry was talking to my brother and he was like " Wow you know, your sister has put on alot of weight since I last saw her 4 years ago" Ouch, the zinger here is Larry's son Aaron used to be 400 pounds before he had bypass surgery a year ago so I would say Larry is a huge hypocrite and another thing too, just because Aaron had the surgery and it was a success for him does'nt mean everyone else would have the same results Aaron did, Yeah ok I know I am not skinny, I'm aware of that, but hey at least I am a nice person and a good friend and I care about other people.That remark totally pissed me off, I never said anything mean about Aaron's weight either in all the years I knew Larry, I know I do'nt eat the greatest and my soda addiction is probably to blame for my weight gain, so if anything I am the only one who is in control of what I eat, I need to start trying harder and laying off the soda and drinking water instead and limiting my fast food intake, my feelings were hurt by Larry ( I guess since he is retired now, he does'nt have much to do except run his mouth), but the more I think about it, he does'nt matter to me and all of you do, anyhow work is going ok, we are still without a manager, but one of the asst managers Amelia from the Mountain View store has been helping us, Amelia is so sweet and cool, I hope she can stay at our store , I enjoy working with her alot, I am hoping to have my laptop sometime in October so thank you all for sticking with me and I promise things will be just like old times very soon, Have a good upcoming week everyone, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me Again

 Hi friends, here I am at the library once again , waves, I went online this morning to read and comment on journals and I got to access and comment on a few and then my damn computer refused to let me read anymore journals, Oh I am not happy at all about this, all this time I kept telling myself at least I can read journals and comment, hopefully this will just be a minor glitch that happened today and not an ongoing thing , if it is an ongoing thing I will come here twice a week and read journals and comment so please know I will get caught up eventually and I'll get behind , but know I will play catch up sometime during the week, I ca'nt wait to get my laptop, October ca'nt come fast enough, Hope you all are having a good weekend, I am working 4 days this week, but will try to go to the San Mateo County Fair Thursday hopefully, I was shocked yesterday hearing about Bernie Mac, 50 is way too young to die :( Talk to you all soon again , probably Friday, pray that whatever is wrong with my computer today is over tommorow, this truly sucks !!!!!!!! I Love You All Lisa And thank you to Chrissie for my favorite Cold Case tag ever, below, XOXOXO

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Look An Entry from me, lol

  Hi friends, it's your long lost buddy Lisa writing my weekly entry.Vegas was fun, really really hot I might add 104 was pretty much the temp there all this week,  , but fun.I had absolutely no luck playing the slot machines but I knew more then likely that would happen.Before I left to go to Vegas I got sad news at work that the new beverage cutie pie Andy who I had a crush on was leaving, luckily before I left we took some pictures together, Andy had that rare combo of being really cute and really nice, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses so I will defintely be keeping in touch with him.Today I went to a street fair with my mom and saw a few things that were cool. I saw a Stationary store that was going out of business so I had to go in there because you guys know I send alot of snail - mail and this one lady in there really pissed me off, she beat me out of getting an alarm clock with a cat on it by one second, the alarm clock meowed instead of making an obnoxious ring, she was such a snotrag to me when I asked her if my mom could see what the alarm clock looked like She was like "It does'nt matter anyway, she's not buying it" Ooooooooohhhhh I wanted to slap her cowboy hat off of her nasty head, Anyhow hope you all are doing well, I am behind on journals but bear with me, I'll catch up as fast as I can, I have been away for a week , but I'll get caught up.I ca'nt help thinking Caylee Anthony should be celebrating her 3'rd birthday today and it's a damn shame she is'nt, There is something really wrong with the grandmother Cindy and the daughter Casey, I think both of them are acting beyond strange, Kind of reminds me of when Laci Petersen was missing and how Scott kept saying he wanted to focus on finding Laci, I smell a couple of rats in that family, I'll be back journaling on here next week, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sin City, here I Come ............

 Hi friends, it's your buddy at the library writing my weekly entry, lol. Hope you all are having a good Friday, I am glad to be of work today and writing to you all. Sunday morning I am leaving for Vegas, Michelle thank you so much for the 10 day Vegas forecast, should be in the 100's there weather - wise.Wish me luck if I do some gambling, I never have too much luck with that usually, My favorite store in Vegas is in the MGM Grand hotel, The CBS store, OMG, love it !!!!!! They sell CSI things there, lol. Anyhow I'll be back sometime this Friday so then I'll be back online, Angie hope you have a safe trip home tommorow, I really miss you alot !!!!!!!!! I Love You All , Be Back Friday, Lisa XOXO