Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Everyone watch CSI tommorow night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi friends, CSI looks really good for tommorow aka Thursday night 10- 16 - I want all of you to watch it especially those of you who read my CSI fan fiction journal, let's just say a part of my fan fiction will become real tommorow night, I miss you all so much, not having a computer sucks majorly !!!!!!!! Work is going so - so, but I'm happy to report Amelia from store # 25 came back to us and I am really glad about that, I love and miss you all Lisa XOXO

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not leaving you all

 Hi friends, it's me again writing to you from the library, thanks for all of your kind words and support. A friend told me that I might not be able to access Blogger on a public computer, dang no wonder I'm having so much trouble. Do'nt worry, I'll figure something out, I was on Ebay earlier checking to see if there was a CSI calender for 2009, well there is but it's located in the UK, why is that ? CSI is the most popular show on TV and yet the calenders are in the UK only :( A huge phooey there !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all are having a good weekend, by the way for those of you who read my CSI fan fiction journal, I wrote a chapter in it earlier, I still ca'nt get over how sad CSI was on Thursday night, I never so much during an episode like I did for that one, poor Warrick, I wish so much he could have lived, it was great having Sara back, she looked gorgeous, next week's episode looks really good too, I Love You All, Lisa XOXO

Friday, October 10, 2008

My last entry, possibly ever

 Hi friends, this will probably be my last entry, I am still not having any luck with Blogger so I think after this entry I wo'nt be blogging anymore.I wish things were'nt so damn complicated for me, for the look of things I wo'nt have my laptop until early November so I guess so much for saving my 2 journals, work is still giving me problems , but I do'nt feel like getting into that now.CSI was so damn good last night, I cried the first 30 minutes and at the end again.My emotions are really raw this week.I have been crying so much this week, I'll miss you all in J- land, I should have known the Aol journals were too good to be true, most of you have probably left Aol by now, I do'nt feel like bothering with it much anymore, probably by the time I get my laptop , most of you would have moved onto Blogger, I ca'nt figure Blogger out for the life of me, Anyhow guess this is 'Goodbye" for this journal And my fan fiction one too, Love You All Lisa XOXO

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pissed off and sad too

  Hi friends, it's your frustrated friend Lisa writing from the library, I am so damn pissed about Aohell deleting our journals, What BS !!!!!!! I have tried to get onto Blogger and it wo'nt fucking let me, keeps denying my password no matter which one I try.Screw it, maybe I'll just write blogs on my My Space page because I ca'nt deal with frustration right now, my tolerance is at an all - time low.Diane is not working out well as our manager, there are countless problems with her and I am not happy, nor is anybody else at work.She needs to go and fast !!!!!!! I could just cry right now , wonders why our store has to get all the doozy managers ? Why, Why why ???????? OMG, Cold Case last night was so amazingly good.I hope some of you saw it or recorded it, wish I could have recorded it.CSI starts this Thursday, thank God, because lately my life has started to suck again, Love and Miss you all Lisa XOXO

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gee Thanks Aohell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Well, well, I go to sign on this week to check my email and what do I see ??????? This end of this month Aohell is deleting all of our journals, gee thanks a lot Aohell !!!! I do'nt know if I will able to save all of my pictures I have and that makes me really upset. I am thinking as far as my fan fiction j goes I will either have to write up a happy ending for Grissom, Sara and Emmi or end it somehow which F- ing sucks because I am not ready to end it yet, this F -ing sucks and definetely ruined my week.It also makes the fact I am getting a laptop sometime this month a little less appealing, but I am going to continue to blog somewhere, not sure where I'll end up, but you all will know.This week has been tiring to say the least, One thing that makes me happy is CSI starting next Thursday night again,  thank God for CSI , it has gotten me through some rough times in my life as so have all of you too, I am really sad for all of you who have Aol journals , I have met so many awesome people in J- land, I hope you all will continue to journal, one thing that concerns me though is that alot of you have sent me your new links , but until I have my own computer again I am not able to save stuff in my favorites, I guess I will save the links in my inbox until I get my laptop, Hope you all have an awesome weekend, rain is coming here, I Love You All Lisa XOXO