Friday, June 13, 2008

Making a lame attempt at an entry

Hi friends, well it's been a while and my computer is still screwed up thanks to my brother downloading some porn on it one night when I was sleeping, gee thanks bro, I went today to Best Buy to look at laptops and I really liked the Apple Mac Book so I think whenever I get back from my trip I will purchase it, also today I went to Pet Smart and fell in love with another cat, a female cat that was white and brown with big blue eyes, she was a really sweet kitty, I'm hoping when I get back from my trip , I can adopt her. I would like to wish a very "Happy belated Birthday to Cindy of Cindy's Life" also this coming Sunday is the beautiful Jackie's birthday too of Hope Floats, and Monday is Noonmom Kelli's birthday as well, I hope you all are doing well, I'll be back on June 26'th from my trip to Alaska, anyone who wants snail mail from there email me if I do'nt have your address already,  I have lots of postcard stamps, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Entry I never wanted to write

 Hi friends,Thank you to Angie and to Cindy for helping me spread the word, my computer is dead,  In case you did'nt hear from Angie or Cindy about my computer dying, well from now all my entries in this journal will be written from the library, that is if I decide to even keep this journal, my piece of shit computer crashed yesterday and it is now broken for life and I ca'nt afford another one, I keep asking why me ? But it was old so I guess it would have happened eventually, I just feel like crying right now, sometimes my life just seems like one disappointment after another, I am so not happy about this, I always feared this would happen someday, I'll be back someday, I love you all Lisa XOXO

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mailing off a birthday present for a foxy lady

 Hi friends, hope you all had a good Friday, I was sooooo glad to be off work today, I mailed Jorja's package off today with all her birthday goodies plus a birthday card for her too and made sure I got a delivery confirmation, I bought her a pretty flat heart box with colored hearts for all her presents, A heart box is totally fitting for Jorja because she is my favorite actress, I love her so much, lol. My favorite gift I sent her was a shadowbox from my store, if you all are interested in seeing the shadowbox I got Jorja go to and type shadowboxes in the search line , I got Jorja the one with 4 flowers in all 4 of the squares, somehow the card I got Michelle was accidently shipped to Jorja in her eco friendly tote bag, I slipped the card in there last night and forgot about it, but knowing how cool Jorja is, she will probably forward it on, Angie your package is on the way and Amy's yours is too, I am beyond tired , but very relieved I got all that mail out today, it was eating at me, Tommorow I am going to the Gem show with my friend Anna, will just bring $ 25 so I do'nt overspend, have a good weekend friends, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just Me Rambling ....................

 Hi friends, sorry for the late entry, new picture of Jorja above, She looks awesome as always, I love her new haircut, she is so gorgeous , I am getting ready to get Jorja's birthday present ready to send off, all of the goodies I'm sending her are from my store and here they all are, a peace ring, a eco friendly World Market tote bag, a shadow box which is a little glass box with a flower, and a birthday card, I need to send mail off to some other friends too , might as well send it all at once Friday, There is a new beverage guy at my store Andy and he is a hottie, lol. I would say he is as handsome as Danny Pino ( Scotty from Cold Case ) pictured below in all his handsome glory :)

I think Andy likes me too, which makes me excited , but a little nervous too, today when I was sitting out in the Food Court Andy saw me and sat down with me, I was like OMG, lol.I like Andy and I get the impression he likes me too, he knocked a bottle of wine over near my register today and I helped him clean it up with the sawdust, he seemed embarrased about dropping the wine , but I just shrugged and said "I've broken enough stuff in here telling him a story about how the first week of work when I was new somebody was buying a case of wine and when I went to load the box into thier cart the bottom of it gave way and 12 bottles crashed and broke on the floor making a huge mess, I was morified when that happened, I bought Andy one of our best candy bars in my store on my break, he liked it too, it is a chunky Kit Kat made in the UK , so it tastes way better then the one sold at the grocery store, anyhow hope you all have a great Thursday, I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Monday, June 2, 2008

Anyone want to be me for a while ?????????

  I told myself last night I would write about this in my journal, but whatever.Things between my friend Debbi and I have'nt been so good lately, she never seems to want to make an effort for us to hang out , even though I rarely get to see her more then 5 minutes during the week , we used to be able to have lunch twice a week when we were both working , but now I can never get away when I want to, it's frustrating, I've told her countless times we should hang out on the weekends so we can chat without constant interuptions but she gives me lame excuse about doing laundry on Sundays,  Come on, one damn day you ca'nt break your rut ?I've stopped calling her, I do'nt even feel happy anymore when she shows up at lunch and expects me to have my break whenever I can, Usually by the time I get my break , it's time for her to go back to work so if I'm lucky we get to chat for 5 minutes when I am working, I'm sick and tired of her pretending to be my friend and telling me when she sees me " I think about you every day" and this and that, Yeah sure you do, then why do you make an effort for us to hang out, I feel this so - called friendship has become very one - sided with me doing most of the work, I'm pretty sick of it too, Sometimes I wish she had'nt moved back here to San Mateo, our friendship first got damaged I think when she moved two years ago, I feel I deserve better then a 5 minute "Hi" twice a week, does she ever call me ????? No It used to be me who had to do all the calling, Not anymore, I am so done with fake people or people who pretend to be my friend, Ellen thank you for the beautiful sympathy card that came today, thank you allfor listening to my rant, hope you all have a good Tuesday, I Love You All Lisa XOXO