Thursday, August 31, 2006

A little dose of Anthony and all is better

Hi friends, thank you so very much for all your kind comments to me yesterday and today.They mean so much to me and help me feel better.Today was good , I called Anthony at work to ask him something today and he asked me for a favor , if I could come in for 5 hours to cover the mid-shift, well you all know how much I like him, I am like butter in his hands, I melt whenever he talks to me and smiles at me or compliments me and says "How good I am with the customers " So in I went .He was in a pretty good mood , and looked wonderful as always.I was helping him put some shelves together for our new shipment of Halloween stuff and his hand kept touching mine, it made me all tingly with joy.When I went back to my register Anthony reminded me to ask the customers if they want to sign up to be on our World Market email list, I have'nt been that great about asking people and then he added "I am supposed to write people up that do'nt ask, but I really do'nt want to do that to you !" I was like Awwwwwwww he is such a sweetheart !!!!!!! He made my day so much better today by being there and being kind to me.I wish so much my dad was as kind to me as Anthony is, it really breaks my heart that things have to suck between my father and I. We have'nt spoken in almost 4 years, but he can never treat me like a human being or treat me like I am someone who matters , he always makes me feel so crappy about myself.My self-esteem is in serious need of repairs from damage down to me during my childhood.I have serious trust issues and I am shy still with people I do'nt know too well.I also have a hard time believing I am worth something.I am trying to fix that .Thank you again for all your kind comments, I love you all so much, more then you will ever know, by the way Barbara my new best friend, I had such a wonderful conversation with you last night, you are such a great friend and I love you lots !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have a good Friday everyone, I'm off to watch CSI !!!!!!!!! :) XO Lisa

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today Sucked

Hi friends, I am in a funky sad mood today , maybe my hormones are acting up or something.I was really depressed all day today, I was thinking of my best friend Debbi who moved and has'nt really kept in touch with me although she promised me she would.It hurts really bad , more then I imagined , she never gave me her new address and phone number when she moved either and I could'nt understand what her reason was behind that, But her boyfriend Doug she moved in with seemed pretty controlling of her phone time when I used to know her so there goes our friendship I guess, Sigh...............................I feel so alone today , I was even considering deleting my journal for a second, I know I would probably have more reader's if I knew how to post pictures in my journal, I feel like a failure as far as some modern techno stuff, Maybe tommorow will be better, I hope so , Robin called me into work today but I could'nt go in today feeling the way I did, I wish I could wish myself away to a tropical island for a couple of months, I feel like I need to take a breather from the world for a while, Love You All Lisa

Today Sucked

Hi friends, I am in a funky sad mood today , maybe my hormones are acting up or something.I was really depressed all day today, I was thinking of my best friend Debbi who moved and has'nt really kept in touch with me although she promised me she would.It hurts really bad , I miss her so much,  more then I imagined , she never gave me her new address and phone number when she moved either and I could'nt understand what her reason was behind that, But her boyfriend Doug she moved in with seemed pretty controlling of her phone time when I used to know her so there goes our friendship I guess, She pretty much moved on without me, Sigh...............................I feel so alone today , I was even considering deleting my journal for a second, I know I would probably have more reader's if I knew how to post pictures in my journal, I feel like a failure as far as some modern techno stuff, Maybe tommorow will be better, I hope so , Robin called me into work today but I could'nt go in today feeling the way I did, I wish I could wish myself away to a tropical island for a couple of months, I feel like I need to take a breather from the world for a while, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Any More Takers For The Magnet Swap ?

Hi friends, if anymore of you would be interested in the magnet swap email Robin who has the journal These Are The Day's Of Our Lives, I fixed the link from two days ago and noticed I had'nt written her link correctly , I left out a letter but now it's working, Robin's journal is posted in my other journal's section, This is a great idea Robin came up up, she needs to know by Friday who is interested in participating so go and email her, Love You All Lisa XO

We have another Birthday in the house

Hi Everyone, there is another birthday today, please go over to my lovely friend Donna's journal which is titled Sweeping the Cobwebs of my Mind ( Her journal is listed in my Other Journal's section) and wish her a "Happy Birthday" she is a beautiful and kind lady and a great friend as well, "Happy Birthday Donna  I wish you a wonderful day full of all the things you enjoy" !!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being such a good friend !!!!! Hope you all have a great Tuesday, it's off to work for me a little later, Love You All Lisa XO  P.S. Thank you all that went over and wished Lisa a "Happy Birthday " yesterday, she is so sweet , hope she had a great day yesterday !!!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Lisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, I would just like to start this journal entry and wish my very sweet new friend Lisa of the journal Please Do'nt Take Life For Granted a very Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great day Lisa :) My friend Robin of the journal These Are The Days Of Our Lives had an excellent idea for J-landers A magnet swap, now if you guys are interested in participating please go to her journal link listed in my other journals section and tell her.I love this idea !!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa Jo I hope you are feeling better , I miss you ! Emily I am praying for Tony , I hope he will always be safe .Missie I hope Brandon has a good appt tommorow, I'll be back at work tommorow drooling over Anthony, I read tonight the release date for the 6'th Season of CSI is now Nov 14'th , that seems so far off , but it's so worth waiting for !!!!!!!!!! If you guys have never seen this show I highly reccomend you watch an episode and you will be so hooked !!!!!!! The episode on this Thursday at 9:00 on CBS is a pretty good one so if you want to check it out , go for it , ok see you guys later , Love You All Lisa XO

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had an enjoyable Sunday.I worked again today and Cyndie ( Our district manager) decided to come by and greet us with her presence.I saw her talking on her cell phone when I walked in this morning, probably showing off, lol.Thank god her visit was'nt a long one, she asked me to straighten the fake flowers so I said "Sure " and went off to do it, I chuckled to myself as I was doing that picturing the look on her face if I would have told her to " Go jump in a lake" Cyndie is not really a very likable person most of the time and I do'nt care for her much as a person. She was actually in a rare good mood today when I saw her, also when she was sitting in the back of the store writing something I heard her laugh for the very first time, I was surprised , I did'nt think she knew how, lol.Anyhow my day was ok , the store was really busy , more then yesterday.Thank God tommorow I am off, I need to take a breather after 3 days in a row.If any of you guys would still like a San Mateo postcard let me know and email me your address and I'll get one out to you, I bought more tonight after work, I have a very special friend who has a birthday tommorow, Lisa , my new friend who has the journal Do'nt Take Life For Granted, she is a sweetie and I think she is just an awesome lady, so go over to Lisa's journal, her link is in my other journal's section and send her some sweet birthday wishes !!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Lisa !!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day , thanks for being a good friend !!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rude Customers suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, just got home from working an 8 hour day.Oh god I am tired but relieved.As a cashier and an employee of World Market one of my duties is to greet the customers when they walk in our store. Well as far as getting a "Hello" back from the customers alot of them just ignore my greeting or grunt in response.It really hurts my feelings people have to be such rude assholes to me.I go out of my way to make sure they have a good experience in our store.Just goes to show what it is typical nowadays, people are so self-involved in thier own lives they ca'nt simply stop and say "Hi" to a friendly cashier who is willing to take a risk and say "Hello" I witnessed a man sitting out in the Food Court today with his toddler daughter, the little girl was crying and probably bored and he was sitting there yakking on his cell phone ignoring his daughter. When he got up to leave his daughter was still crying and clinging to his leg.And he was yup still on the damn phone !!!!!!That again, typical !!!!!!!!! When I at the register ringing people up 1 of out 5 customers is busy yakking away while I am ringing thier stuff up.I guess I am not worthy of thier time.What a world we live in nowadays, I wish I could believe things are going to get better as far as people being rude to me and not acknowledging my greetings to them, but I know otherwise, that is the way of the world today , Love You All Lisa

Friday, August 25, 2006

All the wrong people

Hi friends, I am so tired from work.Wow I kept seeing all the customers I truly despise come in my store today.First off I saw the drunk bastard creep walking around my store and I was just like 'Oh great, why do I always have to see this creep?" Thank god he did'nt come to my register and I would have have vomited up the pills I took for my headache.This guy is so scary looking and weird, the way he mutters shit to himself -and also he has no business hanging out in a mall drunk out of his mind.Why does'nt he just stay home ? Another person I saw whom I wish I had'nt was there is this older man who rides around in a red electric chair and he looks exactly like the man who molested me when I was 9.My co-worker Kafi who is friendly with this man always wonders why I freak out whenever I see him.I can't tell Kafi why.He would'nt understand.Sigh............ Also the phantom paper towel flusher in our restrooms made an appearance today in the store as well.We had to get air blower hand dryers in both of our restrooms because of her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I had such a headache at work today, it was not a fun day, and I'll be there tommorow for 8 hours, lord have mercy !!!!!!!! lol . I am going to be sending out so many Christmas cards this year, lol Everyone I have done the postcard swap with I am going to send a Christmas card too as well , but lots of J-landers will be on my Christmas card list this year.I might need 4 boxes of cards.I will probably come home and watch some CSI to calm myself down, Anthony is in Vegas now, god I miss him !!!!!!! Hope you all have a good weekend, Love You All Lisa XO

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

hi friends, I woke up this morning feeling ill.The only thing I could think of that did it was my Burger King meal yesterday at lunch.Anyhow Anthony called me this morning at 8:45 wanting me to come into work , but I just could'nt.As much as I adore him and think the world of him I was'nt up to coming in today.Yesterday nearly killed me and besides I 'm working tommorow and Saturday for 8 hours, I need to day to take to recover from yesterday.Anyhow I feel better now, amazing what fresh air and green tea can do, lol. For those of you who would like a California postcard please let me know, I have lots to send, Hope you all have a good Friday, Love You Lisa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, I thought I would borrow my sweet new friend Lisa's headline for today because today was an Ugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! day for me as well.The best thing that happened today this morning was I had my CSI calender waiting for me at the post office.I freaking love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyhow off to work I went, Mr Gorgeous Celio was there looking great as always but as soon as he left for the day, the shit hit the fan !!!!!!!!! We were soooooooo short -staffed today which made for an incredably frustrating day, One of my favorite co-workers Robert called the store today and I accidently hung up on him, I feel terrible about that,  oh man this one older lady  nearly killed me, she comes up to my register with about 20 rubber ducks and says  my asst manager Cheryl promised her a 10 % discount off them, some church thing, so anyway I had to call Cheryl over to give her the discount but Cheryl was too busy to come, so she had to give Mark (our wine guy) her badge so he could swipe it for the lady, so as soon as Mark walked away she goes "Ok so I do'nt have my credit card so can you  look up my credit card number in your register for me?" I was stunned , I was like "Uh Maa'm I can't do that from my cash register" She just proceeded to argue with me, I was so pissed off by this point, I was ready to tell her she could take those ducks and shove them where the sun do'nt shine, I had a huge line at this point so I just sent the lady to the front of the store to have Cheryl deal with her,  It's days like today that I'm tempted to ask Mark to bring me over a glass of wine at the register to drink to calm my nerves down, I could'nt leave fast enough today !!!!!!!!!!! Oh god please let Friday and Saturday go smoothly , I do'nt think I could handle another day like today, Love You All Lisa XO

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Tuesday, thank you everyone who went to Lisa's journal , she is so sweet and nice, and such n inspiration. I also have another Lisa who is very dear to me, My sweet Lisa Jo who is one of my favorite people in J-Land !!!!!!!! Every Lisa I seem to meet is awesome :) My day was pretty good today, Anthony was at work today looking super handsome in a black shirt and tan slacks, oooooooohhhhhhhh he makes me crazy, lol.He asked me to stay an hour later at work tommorow night, I was like sure why not , lol. So hard to say "No" when he is standing near me with those gorgeous eyes of his, hehe.Ok for all of your guys who are doing the postcard swap if you would like a California postcard let me know, I bought some today, hope you all have a great Wednesday, Love You All Lisa

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ok friends I want you all to visit a journal

hi friends, I would like all of you to go visit my new friend Lisa's journal and leave her a comment.It would mean so much to me, Lisa has a great journal and comments make her so happy and brighten up her day so much.You all know how good it feels to have a friend leave a comment in your journals.Lisa is such a nice and sweet person, I think all of you would really like her and be inspired by her.Here is her journal link Http:// Thank you guys so much, Lisa has MS and fibromyalgia but she has such a positive attitude despite her illnesses.Lisa has amazed me with her loving spirit and her kindness towards me, Love You All Lisa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends , I went to a spiritual healing today with a friend of mine today.The guy who was my healer was very nice and sweet.He said he sensed some bad things that happened to me in my past.I was awe-struck by how right on he was. He said I was a "Beautiful spirit"That was really nice to hear.I sent out two postcards today to Lisa Jo and my other new friend Lisa, lol.This postcard game seems fun,I'm all for it, lol. Anyhow I hope all of you have a good week, I feel a little tired and out of it tonight, I'm thinking West Nile Flu , ugh.Anyhow enjoy your week everyone, Love You All Lisa XO

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, I met an awesome new friend today who has an online journal called Please Do'nt Take Life For Granted. I added her journal in the side bar on the home page of my journal if you guys want to check it out  and leave her a comment.Her name is Lisa too and despite having MS and fibromyalgia she still has a great outlook on life. She is a really nice person and an inspiration to everyone who has an illness.  I went to Long's today to get a postcard for Lisa but they did'nt have any.I will try Hallmark on Tuesday. By the way if any of you guys would still like to exchange postcards with me I'll buy a whole bunch of California ones Tuesday.I have 7 nasty mosquito bites on my right leg.I got attacked the other night by one.I hate mosquitos !!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow I am off work for the next two days but in a way I wish I was working more this week.Hope you all have a great Sunday, Hugs Lisa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a great Friday ! I have met two awesome new friends online, Tammy aka ButtrflyKisses29 and Amy OneCrabN3LilFish, both of you guys are so cool, glad we met, J-land is a truly wonderful place with awesome people ! I was off work today and went to work today to check my schedule for next week, I wo'nt be back at work till Tuesday ! Aaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh I hate lots of days off, it makes me crazy bored during the day , but I should devote at least an hour a day to working out and getting myself back into shape.My friend Jen is in Vegas now, hope she is having a great time !!!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the CSI episode last night, I ca'nt wait till Oct 10'th when the 6'th Season of CSI will be released on DVD.I will so be at Costco that day buying it, lol.Hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa P.S. By the way I just do'nt know what to think about this guy who was just arrested for the murder of little JonBenet .He might be confessing to the crime just to seek attention, I think he is creepy looking myself !!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was wrong about Alex not liking me

Hi friends, just wanted to note too that I was wrong about Alex not liking me.She is pretty cool and she was more talkative and friendly to me yesterday which I appreciated.She will only be at my store for this week only and then she will be gone.I guess maybe some of the people who stabbed me in the back before in my life like my dad and Rosalie have warped my self-image and make my self-esteem lower then low.When even I say "Hi " to a customer and they do'nt acknowledge me or just simply stare at me like I have two heads it makes me feel bad , but I'm used to feeling bad.It's nothing new for me, Peace Lisa

Hope I Did'nt Go Overboard With Reminders

Hi friends, I sent you all so many  reminder's about tonight's CSI episode.I hope I did'nt go overboard sending reminders to you guys.I really hope you all enjoy the CSI episode tonight, it makes me feel really good that so many of you guys will be watching it with me.It will be on in about 10 minutes here, although some of you have already seen it !!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great Friday, feel free to email me your thoughts after seeing the episode Gumdrops, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ok guys get those VCR's ready for tonight, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS

hi friends, hope you all have your VCR's ready for tommorow's C.S.I. episode Gumdrops !!!!!!!!!! I ca'nt say enough about this episode, I just love it, I hope you all do too, feel free to email me your thoughts after seeing it.My friend Julie sent me an email tonight about not putting bottled water in the freezer, I sent it to all of you , I do that all the time, but I wo'nt be now !!!!!!!!!! I am so happy a suspect was arrested in Jonbenet's murder, may that little angel rest in peace .Hope you all have a great Thursday tommorow, enjoy C.S.I., I'm going to watch Lost tonight at Angela's request, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I just got home from work.It was an ok day, I saw Rosalie in the mall (the older woman who I thought was a good friend before she turned out to be a backstabber) I saw her coming down the escalator and I looked away and turned my head so I did'nt see her face..Once somebody hurts me or talks shit about me behind my back that's it.My trust with them has been broken and I must end the friendship and not look back.It sucks but I do'nt want backstabbers or two-faced people in my life. We had a temporary supervisor at my store for this week.Her name is Alex,I was friendly to her and offered to buy her a drink at lunch but she turned me down.I got the impression she did'nt like me too much, Anyhow tommorow is Wednesday, the middle of the week, wahoo !!!!!!!! Anthony was at work today looking great as always, I offered to buy him an iced tea and he gave me money to get both of us one , I was like Awwwwww hope you all have a great Wednesday tommorow, Love You All Lisa

Monday, August 14, 2006

20 questions with Lisa

hi friends, hope your Monday was pretty good.Usually I do'nt care much for Mondays.Jackie had an awesome journal entry today, I wish I knew how to cut and paste , anyhow I'll do one similar to hers , lol

1) Are you friendly ? I am and I really try to be at my job as a cashier.

2) Who is your favorite actress ? Awwww some of you already know, lol , the lovely Jorja Fox who plays Sara Sidle to perfection on C.S.I.

3) What is your favorite animal ? Cats , I love them so much !!!!!!!

4) What are you addicted to? For me it would be C.S.I. of course, cats, angels, green tea, green apple chewing gum, ginger Altoids, M.A.C. make-up, shopping, Anthony, lol.

5) What causes you great pain in life? Ohhhhh deep question there, probably the fact my father and I do'nt speak, he has never treated me good ever since I was born.

6) Who do you admire ? I would say my mom, Anthony because he really knows how to manage our store so well and Jorja Fox because she is so beautiful and such an amazing actress !!!!!!!

7) What is something you ca'nt live without ? Music, gotta have it !!!!!!!

8) What is your favorite line from a T.V. show ? Wow since I love C.S.I. so much there are so many lines I love from that show, the writing is superb !!!! But probably from the episode Evaluation Day where Nick was mad he was'nt being given a higher job position and Grissom told him he was'nt ready,then goes to Nick "Repeat after me, silk, silk, silk" and Nick goes "Silk, Silk, Silk, " Grissom goes "What do cows drink? "Milk" Nick answered "No, Grissom responded "Cows give milk , they drink water" and then he whispered "You're not ready " Later Nick tried the riddle out on Catherine and he went "Repeat after me , Silk, Silk , Silk" and so Catherine went "Silk, Silk, Silk" Nick went "What do cows drink?" Catherine answered "Water why?" Nick said 'Never mind"

9) What do you do to relax? Pop in a cd of my favorite music

10) What is a wish you would like to come true ? I would love to be in Las Vegas during a filming of C.S.I. so I could meet the cast and meet Jorja.

11) What inspires you ? Hmmmmm tough question? My grandma I would say

12) What are your favorite smells? Cookies baking, the sidewalk after it rains, roses, vanilla, chocolate.

13) What do you hate ? Ignorance, mean people, people who call me and hang up on my answering machine, rudeness, long lines, being ignored, people who talk during movies,

14) What is your favorite place ? Las Vegas

15) Who from your childhood do you still love? Hello Kitty

16) What is your favorite magazine? US weekly

17) Who do you miss ? Debbi she moved over a year ago, she was my best friend

18) Who annoys you ? George W Bush, my dad, people who come in my line at work yakking on thier cell phones, my neighbors here at my apartment complex

19) What is your favorite beauty product? Lancome Defencils mascara, love it !!!!!!!!!

20) What makes you happy? Getting snail-mail, feeding ducks, taking an awesome picture with my digital camera, my J-land friends, finding a Jorja Fox picture in a magazine, Having Anthony give me a compliment.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday, I made an awesome new friend this morning -Amy !!!!!! She is a cool lady and she likes C.S.I. too.She has 3 adorable sons too.I did'nt do too much today , went down by the water and fed the ducks, did some laundry, cleaned my room a little, nothing too exciting, but since I'm working the next three days it's good to chill a little bit in between.Hope you all have a good week and I'll be sending out a reminder Thursday morning for you guys to set up your V.C.R .'s to tape Gumdrops if you wo'nt be home that night, but even if you will be home it's so good , it's worth having on tape, trust me, lol.I ca'nt wait to see the C.S.I. calender I ordered Friday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My favorite Jorja tag

Saturday Thoughts

hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.I worked today and Mr Celio was there looking great as always.It was a good day all in all.I bought a new TV Guide after work at the store and there is a little picture in it from Gumdrops .I ca'nt wait for you guys to see it this Thursday night, I will be anxious to hear your feedback after seeing it especially if this is the first time you guys have ever seen the shows.My friend Jen told me that Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas the cast will be there filming , darn is it too late to catch a plane to Vegas ?Jen will be coming there Wednesday so she will just miss seeing them, Damn it, I could have asked her to take a picture of Jorja Fox for me :( Anyhow have a good Sunday everyone, Love and Hugs Lisa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Hi friends, I am so angry right now.I just read in Lisa Jo's journal some AH broke into her house and stole her digital camera.God that pisses me off, I keep asking Why Lisa Jo ? She is a good , and decent person to so many in J-Land.I just do'nt understand .I am sending Lisa a package in the mail today, for me it wo'nt get there fast enough.I am still loving Jen for posting that CSI calender link in her journal.I have wanted a CSI calender for years and now finally I will have one.I went to Macaroni Grill last night with my mom and brother and I ordered a salad with parmesan chicken in it and the waiter brought my mom and brother's dinners and said mine was coming , and then 20 minutes later the manager of the restaurant said the person before me had ordered the last chicken salad, I was like typical.So he said I could order any entree that would be on the house so I ordered the chicken scallopeni.My stomach has been kind of sick ever since.Geeze I'm never going to that place again.Always Something, Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Grrrrrrrrrr at Aol again

Hi friends, I had to keep restarting my damned computer tonight, it decided it wanted to keep freezing up, I was getting really pissed !!!!!!!!!! Anyhow I tried countless times earlier to post the calender website up in my journal , even a nice new online friend I just met tried her best to help me earlier but no matter how many times I kept re-entering the website it did'nt work so I give up.My friend Jen has the link in her live journal for the awesome calender store.Here is Jen's link to her livejournal , Jen rules , she is a huge fan of Jorja Fox like me and a CSI nut like me also.I ordered two CSI calenders this morning from the awesome calender store, they have an amazing selection of 2007 calenders, do check it out on Jen's journal, Love You All Lisa

Monday, August 7, 2006

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr at Aol

Hi friends, I had a hell of a time getting on Aol tonight.Did any of you have trouble too ? Work was pretty good today.Anthony looked so good in the long -sleeved tan shirt he wore today.Seriously not many people can wear tan and make a fashion statement in it but he did.Anthony was helping this lady in the back of my store today find a pillow and he said he was going to call some other stores to locate the pillow for her and she was like "Thanks you're a doll " I had to smile at her choice of words, he really is a doll, a very handsome one with such beautiful eyes, I am still pondering whether I should go public with my journal.I would die of embarrassment if one of my coworkers read my journal online and saw some of the things I've written about Anthony.I have it bad for him.I've been keeping track online to when Gumdrops is on and the airdate for it is August 17, 'th at 9:00 P.M. ,Please I urge all of you who have never seen the show to watch this one episode, I promise you all this episode is'nt bloody or hard to watch, it's the best one of the whole 6'th Season so please be sure if you wo'nt be home that night get a blank video tape or a blank recordable DVD.The little girl that is on Gumdrops is so beautiful and sweet.Someday I hope to have a little girl like her.It would mean so much to me if you guys all watched this one CSI episode and then we could talk about it the next day.You all wo'nt be sorry that you saw it , I promise.I'll send you all a reminder the week it's on, just wanted to give some of you an early heads-up .Love You All Lisa

Sunday, August 6, 2006

There are no people nicer then J-landers

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.I hope our sweet pal Cyndy is doing better.She is in my thoughts tonight.I did'nt get much sleep last night, there was a fire engine honking it's loud horn at 3:00 a .m. I had been sleeping good until that , I rolled over in bed and moaned into my pillow.Now why do they need to blast thier horn so early in the morning? I ca'nt imagine there are that many cars out at 3:00 a.m. , oh well anyway there is this big jerk who lives here in my apartment, I tried to say "Hi" to him once when I went down to fetch my morning paper and he just stared at me like I was from Mars or something.What an rude AH huh !!!!!!!!!! So that was that, now everytime I see him I just walk right by the creep and do'nt say anything.I wish he would move, I hate people like that !!!!!!!!!!! Guess it's above him to say "Hello" I try to give everybody a chance but if they are ever mean or rude to me even once I have a hard time forgiving them.I pretty much avoid them or write them off , Mean people suck and I do'nt want them in my life !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my J-land friends are the nicest people in the world, I love you all so much, by the way I've been pondering lately if I should go public, what do you guys think ? Love You All Lisa  XO

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Answers to the questions

Hi friends , I am recovering from a cold but here are the answers to the questions you asked

These questions are from Jackie

What things do you do for fun ? Well Jackie there are many things I do for fun, here are some of my favorite things , shopping, going to the movies, reading a good book, talking on the phone to an awesome friend, playing with my cat Tangiers, aka Mr Diva, hanging out with friends,

Am I close with my parents? My mom yes, my dad, hell no !!!!!!!!!

My favorite music ? Oh my god there are so many artists and bands I love, here are a few of some of my faves , Dido, U2, Enya, REM, Death Cab For Cutie, George Michael, Sheryl Crow, Any artist or band from the 80's, Men Without Hats, Blondie, No Doubt,Tears For Fears, Mr Mister, The Cars, David Bowie, Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode especially thier new song now Precious, and many more...........

Favorite style of clothes, I go both ways, I can be a girly girl and wear a pink flowered dress and Mary Janes, or I could be totally comfortable in an Adidas track suit, my styles vary, but mostly I wear what I like or feel comfortable in, thanks for your questions Jackie, Love You and Hugs

Here are Lisa Jo's questions 

Have you ever been in love? I have been my sweet friend , the first time I ever laid eyes on Randy I fell head over heals in love with him, too bad things worked out the way they did between us, I really cared for him.

What things do I like about myself?

Hmmmmmmmmm I guess I would say my eyes and my personality.

What brings happiness to my soul ? Wow what an awesome question .......... I would say chatting to a close friend online or on the phone, making others happy, watching a new episode of CSI or even a rerun, you knew I'd say that huh ? Lol, having my kitty curl up next to me, finding an angel in a store, I collect angels and kitty things, hearing a nice compliment about something at work from Anthony, thanks for your questions, Love You Lisa, By the way anybody else who sends me questions I will answer them tommorow in an entry, have a good Sunday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Friday, August 4, 2006

Ask me Anything

Hi friends, I've seen this in two of my other friend's journals , Sweet Jackie, aka Siennastarr and my Dear Lisa Jo who has a heart of gold. So go ahead, I'm feeling brave, ask me anything ................... I'll go out on a limb for you guys, lol. Love You All Lisa


hi friends, I'm so happy it's Friday !!!!!!!!! I did some errands this morning, went out to lunch with my mom, shopped a little bit at Tower Records, there is this song by the Depeche Mode called Precious, I love that song !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the cd today and I wanted Pretty Woman too , but I'll go back and get it tommorow, I'm working tommorow but I'll get it before I start work.My nose is still running, guess I'll make some hot tea later, hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa 

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

hi friends, just wanted to thank you for your kind thoughts to me about breaking up with Randy.I know I have'nt mentioned him much in my journal but our relationship seemed doomed from the start.Yes he was gorgeous and had a killer smile and I love how my heart beat with joy whenever he was near me , but one thing that I hated he did was every time he phoned me he would talk about his ex, and frankly my dears I did'nt want to hear about her.I guess I was a good sport about it and always listened but my god enough already with the ex-girlfriend !!!!!!!! Anyhow I'm just going to dust myself off and maybe enjoy my freedom now.I think I am catching a cold, I have been sneezing all day and I worked out for two hours tonight, I had to see my CSI since the TV in my bedroom is acting up again, hopefully in two weeks it will be working again, but I am getting fed up with CBS only coming in decent like every two weeks, I need my CSI fix every Thursday night !!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

hi friends, nothing too exciting today, I had the day off from work so I just went out and did some errands, took some clothes to the dry cleaners , grocery shopped, bought my cat some more Advantage.My on again, off again boyfriend Randy told me on the phone tonight he has been seeing someone else.I was like "Oh nice ! " It hurts but I'm not really too surprised.I'm just ready to lick my wounds and move on.Guys can be such a pain in the rear, maybe I'm better off single.Oh well, Hope you all have a good Thursday, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, just got home a short time ago.Not a bad day today to say the least.I am still sorry I did'nt give my friend Anne my email address and phone number when she came by Saturday unexpectedly.I just pray she comes back soon again.One of my co-workers Jeff won a lap top computer for selling a record amount of Izze drinks at my store with all of our help of course.I was getting ready to go home today and Robert handed me a 50 dollar Apple computer gift card, I was like Sweet !!!!!!!!!! There was a gift card for all of us at the store, I think Cheryl told me Anthony bought my gift card for me, ok I take back everything bad I said about him, he is awesome and if his only fault is not wanting his picture taken then so be it.I have been spotting on and off today, my period is really messed up this month, maybe the heat ? Anyhow I am off for the next 2 days, Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will send all of you a summary of my favorite CSI episode Gumdrops in a few days.If my calculations are correct it should be on Thursday August 17, th at 9:00 on CBS.The little girl in that episode Cassie is so beautiful and sweet.I hope someday to have a daughter like Cassie.Love You All Lisa