Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's me, waves

Hi friends, thought it was about time I did an entry.Wow I am still in shock Jorja sent me yet another autographed picture Friday. See posted picture, never mind the grass, it's from my cat calender, lol.It just makes me love her all the more for thinking of me , she is without a doubt the nicest celebrity that there is !!!!!!!! Anyhow I have been doing ok, just working and  trying  to plan what I want to do this summer.Summer is my favorite time of the yearI feel bad I have been neglecting my journal, I am kind of in a writer's block right now regarding my CSI journal, any ideas for Grissom and Sara would be greatly appreciated.Anyhow I hope all of you have been doing well, I am on Facebook alot and on Twitter too, Emily please email me your name on Twitter so I can find you, I Love You All Lisa XOXOXOXO P.S. Lisa Jo Happy belated birthday to you, I hope you had the best day ever, gift will be coming soon for you !!!!!!!!