Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm sick of ...............

I'm sick of ................

1) Feeling like my life is going nowhere

2) Having to pretend I'm F-ing happy all the time

3) Comparing myself to other people

4) Feeling like a complete loser
5) Feeling Alone

6) Feeling like my life will never be happy

7) Feeling like I never have any time to myself

8) Snotty attitudes

9) People who are ignorant or judgemental of others

9) Feeling drained both mentally and physically.

10) Always being broke

11) Feeling like everyone else is happier then me

12) Feeling ignored

13) Feeling like a nothing

14) Winter

15) My friends moving away to far places

16) Feeling like everything I do is a failure !

17) Feeling like a doormat

18) Being tired .
19) Having to be Miss Happy Sunshine all the time

20) Having no fun in life

 Now you will excuse me I am going to scream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

5 things that I hate

hi friends I saw this on other journals, here are the 5 things that drive me absolutely insane .................

1) People who say they are going to call me back and never do.It really hurts but I can take a hint that I am not worth thier time.

2) People who hang up on my answering machine instead of leaving me a message.That is so damn rude, do'nt even call me if you going to do that !

3) Two-faced people, I ca'nt stand it when somebody tells me I mean the world to them and how much they love me and then go and talk shit about me .

4) I hate it when I go to see a movie and people are talking near me during the movie, Seriously shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) And last but not least I hate it when I hear somebody bashing Jorja Fox .Thankfully it does'nt happen much , but boy oh boy I will lose it if I hear or see somebody bashing her.She is my favorite actress and I will always defend her !!!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

5 weird things about me

ok friends I have seen this on other journals.Here are 5 weird things about me.

1) Before I leave to go anywhere I have to check to see if the stove is turned off.

2) Whenever I go to Mc Donald's if I get a value meal I eat the fries first and then the burger.

3) I have to have a cup of water near me wherever I am, the bedroom, my work , my computer, lol

4) I love CSI so much I watch the entire show not even getting up during the commercials.I ca'nt stand to miss a second !

5) Whenever I talk on the phone I like to be outside rather then inside.

 There you have it, I am officially a weirdo, I tag Laura, Donna, Pam, Lizzie, and Diane.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesdays Rule !!!!!!!!!

hi friends, I am home enjoying the day off.Oh my god CSI won the PC award last night for Best Drama !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo it was so great to see the cast of CSI get up on stage and get the award.They are all so deserving of it.However last night I did'nt see Jorja Fox get up on stage, the rest of the cast were there but no Jorja.I was like 'What the hell?" I really wanted to see her :( Hope you all have a great day .I might go shopping again, hehe.Hugs Lisa

Sunday, January 8, 2006

My first new entry of 2006

hi friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back in J-land again ! It feels great to be back.I am at home enjoying the weekend .I finally got off my duff and went on a walk today for an hour ! It felt good to be outside.I am looking forward to watching the People's choice awards Tuesday night, go CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are well and having a good weekend, Hugs Lisa P.S. I have recently met two new awesome people online so "Hello" to Diane and Donna :)