Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finally some good news

So hi everyone, I finally have good news to share with you all. As of October 1'st 2013 I got a new job at Costco as a Warehouse Demo Sampler , aka I will giving out food samples at Costco . I am thrilled to work there and to be working again finally. I feel a huge burden off my shoulders now, Christmas will no longer be so hard for me to get through. Will no longer be borrowing money to pay bills, can do it on my own now. I am very happy that the end of this year turned out to be good. I feel blessed to have a job again and a good company also. Sending lots of love to my friends and thanks for always being there for me, am looking ahead to the future and feeling hopeful, love and hugs Lisa xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stressed and overwhelmed .

Hi friends, been feeling really stressed lately. Am still continuing my job search.Is very frustrating . Sometimes I just want to scream. I got a notice in the mail a couple of weeks ago for jury duty. It's on March 28'th in South San Fransisco. I am praying March 27'th they will not need me since I have to be at 8:30 a.m. in the morning.Just got over being super sick last week. Hoping everyone is having a good week, Love and Hugs Lisa

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bah Humbug

Hi friends, I know it has been a long long time since I last blogged. Sorry for that. I do'nt even know if I have any readers left at this point. But anyways the holidays are coming soon and I am just not into them this year. My Uncle Mark commited suicide last year at this time and the last time I spoke to him was Thanksgiving last year so it makes this one especially hard for me.

Also my lack of money this year makes me wonder if I will even be able to afford to send Christmas cards this year , let alone a couple of gifts. Just such a stressful time of the year for me. I grew up in a abusive home and my family was never a very close one so Christmas just makes me really sad for the most part thinking of all the families getting together that are having fun and enjoying each other's company. I wish I could go to sleep in November and wake up January 1'st. Sorry for sounding like a grinch, hope my feelings change but for now they are what they are, love you all Lisa xoxo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things are looking up :)

Hi friends, sorry it has been a while since I updated, I won my appeal so now I am finally get unemployment, one less thing to worry about now until I find another job, thanks for all your support, Things are slowly getting better for me but I have always had awesome friends, I love you guys, XOXOXO Lisa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Go away please winter !!!!!!!!!!

I took this pretty picture one night, 68 days left till Spring, is slowly counting down, lol. Hope all my friends are well, XOXOXO Lisa

Friday, November 27, 2009

After Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hi friends, that rainbow picture  below I took myself a few months back, am proud of it, anyhow hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I had a little bit of a rough day but in the end I have great friends and an awesome mom and so much to be thankful for.My store will be crazy for the next 5 weeks so I pray I can make it through yet another Christmas working retail.I get really stressed this time of the year and the mean customers who come out this time of the year can be really hard to deal with for me anyway.

OMG last Friday my mom and I went out to eat at T.G.I Fridays and I got really sick from the food I ate from there, am never going there again, I would warn anyone around here to not go there, I am finally almost back to normal after almost a week, hoping you all have a good weekend, Love You All Lisa XOXO

Monday, November 2, 2009

Brushing off the cobwebs

Hi friends, it's been a while, thought I would update my journal and let you know I am still alive, lol.Not too much excitement going on in my life right now, soon work will be really busy and the mall will be bustling with Christmas shoppers.As most of you know I am  always on Facebook, most of my fellow bloggers are there too.

I have met many great people on Facebook, would be nice though if it worked right once in a while.Lately I have been having trouble sleeping again, could be stress- related, but it's frustrating to say the least.All this H1N1 hype makes me nervous and I really hate getting sick and this time of the year I ca'nt afford to get sick and miss too much work.Anyway thanks to those of you who have stuck by me even though I do'nt blog much anymore, I have great friends, Better get some sleep, I love you all Lisa XOXOXO