Saturday, March 31, 2007

My CD list - Part 2

Hi Friends, here is the Second Part of my CD list, bye you all, Love and Hugs Lisa

Sarah McLaughlin -Afterglow
Moby- Play
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head
The Who - The Ultimate Collection
Vanilla Sky Soundtrack
80's pure hits
George Michael -Greatest Hits
Enya -Shepherd Moons
U2 -Best of 1980 -1990
No Doubt -The Singles
Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway
Sheryl Crow -Wildflower
Keane- Hopes and Fears
Ultimate New Wave Party
Barbara's CD to me ( A must )

Bye Friends I 'll Miss You

Hi friends, just a quick little final entry, I'll be leaving for Vegas tommorow morning early, I'm going to miss all of you alot, I wish I had a laptop so I could write to you guys, I still ca'nt get over the necklace, that is so amazing,pray that when I am in Vegas I run into William Petersen and Jorja Fox, wow that would be so amazing, I would hug them both and cry, I will be back on April 6'th , probably late in the evening, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO I'm going to miss you guys so much, Take Care and I'll see you all soon :)

My Bunny name is Biscuit Honeydrops

Hi friends, I did the Bunny name quiz and my bunny name is Biscuit honeydrops, lol !!!!!!!!!!!! Be back with an final entry later, Hugs Lisa XO Have a good Saturday everyone

Friday, March 30, 2007

If any of you missed last night's show and want to see the necklace

Hi friends, if any of you missed last night's CSI and want to see the necklace, it looks just like the one I sent Jorja I have a clip of the ending of last night's show and you can see her necklace for a minute, let me know if you want me to email it to any of you , Hugs Lisa XO

TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, did you all have a good Friday ???? I hope so, my day at work was good today, we had a fortune cookie event going on today where the first 100 customers all got a fortune cookie with a chance for 5 dollar, 10 dollar, 15 dollar and one 100 coupon inside, pretty cool !!!!!!!! One of my sweet friends Cindy that works up in the Mall Management office won the 100 coupon, she was so excited she hugged me, I was glad she won it, she is a great person .Anthony is in Texas now,  funny how every time I take a vacation he does too at the same time, maybe he misses me when I am gone, I hope there are no tornados anywhere near where he is, Barbara take your binaculars and start looking , my baby is in your state, lol.I am leaving Sunday for Vegas, wow I am soooooo excited, I am bringing lots of cds with me on my trip, it will be a long drive, about 9 hours, one of my neighbors is going to feed and care for Mr Diva, I still ca'nt believe Jorja Fox was wearing my necklace last night, I'm almost certain that was the one I sent her a few weeks ago, I will do my final update in my journal tommorow before I leave Sunday, I will list some of my cds that I am bringing with me, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO
 My CD Must list - Part I

The best of REM
Air - Talkie Walkie ( This CD is amazing !!!!!!!!! )
Sheryl Crow - The Globe Sessions
Sarah Brightman -Diva
U2 -The Best of 1990-2000
Gwen Stefani -The Sweet Escape
Depeche Mode- Playing The Angel
CSI Soundtrack- you guys knew that was a must right ? ;)
Dido- Life For Rent
John Mayer- Heavier Things
Air - Moon Safari
My Grammy CD- me and Amy love this one
Pure Chill 
 To be continued ....................................  

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wow Just Wow

Hi friends, Wow is all I can say about that CSI episode tonight, I nearly jumped out of my skin when that guy grabbed Sara in the hospital and also when she looked under the bed and the girl scratched her face.Sara showed her vulnerable side in tonight's show, One thing I noticed and got excited about was the necklace Jorja was wearing looked very much like the one I sent to her, goes Hmmmm could it be ???? I mailed it to her almost 4 weeks ago, on another note I was on the news tonight, lol.I was saying "Wow that blows my mind " when the reporter asked me what I thought of all the credit card numbers being stolen, I 'll be anxious to hear all your CSI opinions from tonight, I heard Leene's already :) Have a good Friday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all are having a good Thursday.I am off from work today so I went out for a while ,  went to the Post Office to mail some cards and stopped by 7-11 to pick up the new TV Guide and Us magazine, great CSI article in the new TV Guide , thank you Lisa Jo for the heads-up on that, when I was going to Ross there was a TV new camera crew in the parking lot , they came up to me and asked if they could interview me, I was like "Sure what's going on ?" They said that the clothes store TJ Maxx had 40 million customers who had thier credit card numbers stolen, wow 40 million ???? That is mind -boggling to think about, I seldom shop at TJ Maxx but my God , they asked me what I thought about that and I was like "That is really scary" I am proud to say I had my CSI T-shirt on today so if I do end up on the news later since it's CSI night, that will be funny.I noticed this morning to all my friends I gave the CSI reminder to tonight that I had put the wrong channel down in the email, I put Spike TV but it will be on CBS tonight at 9:00 p.m. so I hope you all catch that, I am so sorry about that, CSI is back tonight !!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo I am excited, it has not been a fun two weeks without it, The CSI cast are like family to me and I love them all so much, the show tonight looks like a powerful episode, like one of those episodes you never forget, I am so ready for it, hope you all have a good Friday tommorow, back to work for me tommorow, it's pay day, woo-hoo Have a good TGIF, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts and Old Friends

Hi friends , hope you all had a good Wednesday, I had a good day at work today, it was a quiet day but there were some big sales at my register, furniture mostly.When I went to lunch I ran into an old friend from college Josh, he had worked with me in the college bookstore during the summer of 2000, he kept staring at me and said how beautiful my eyes were, I did the nervous giggle thing that Jorja does sometimes when someone gives her a compliment, he was like "You are still as pretty as you were back then" God how totally sweet !!!!!!!!!! We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses so I'll see what happens.Nothing too exciting happened today other then that, Ok you guys tommorow night is the night I am waiting for CSI is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo ready for Empty Eyes to be on, two weeks of basketball was hell , sorry Phil ;) I know you love it though, I sent you guys a reminder for CSI tommorow, I wish some of you lived closer to me, I would have a CSI pizza party and invite all of you over to watch it with me, hope you all have a good Thursday, I am going to start packing tommorow since that is my only weekday off this week, Friday I will a list of all the CD's that I am bringing with me to Vegas, Enjoy your day tommorow and CSI of course ;) I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you had a good Tuesday .Mine was ok, quiet in the store today, kind of a boring day at work.I tried to pass the time by straightening the fake flowers in back and cleaning off my register, Kafi my coworker in back was building a table so I helped him with that.When I was in the back of the store I was helping a lady find something and me being the klutz that I am knocked over two fake plants in ceramic pots and they both broke on the floor, "You did it, you did it " she said and kind of laughed , I went over to my register to get the broom and dustpan to clean up the mess I made before someone got hurt and the lady was standing asking me where something else was, oh man she was starting to bug me, Thank God Mr Red has left for the month, I am relieved I wo'nt have to worry in Vegas about that, I read that when I will be in Vegas the weather will be in the 80's , that is perfect, not too hot and not too cool, I can bring 6 sundresses and maybe a cute sweater too.Comfortable shoes are a must too there, I am going to be doing alot of walking, I need the exercise, lol.I am stoked that I will be back there in a few days, I am starting to get excited thinking about it, Lisa Jo told me earlier there is a CSI article in the new TV Guide, wow I am so picking that up Friday, I will send out a reminder Wednesday night or Thursday morning for you guys to tape CSI Thursday night, this episode looks so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a good Wednesday , I'll be back at work again tommorow and then off Thursday, does Anthony know me or what ????????  Thank you again to Angie for bidding on the Jorja Fox screensaver for me, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

An angel from J-land bid on the screensaver for me :)

Hi friends, one more update before I head out, my sweet friend Angie, aka Canyonsun bid on the screensaver for me, thank you so much Angie !!!!!! Angie is one of the sweetest and most caring friends I have ever met in J-land , I am so grateful to her for doing that for me, I am clueless when it comes to Ebay,It is so confusing to me, hope you all have a good Tuesday, I'll update one more time when I come home tonight, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, March 26, 2007

Anybody Understand Ebay ?????????

Hi friends, Ebay really frustrates me, it seems so hard to get something off of there, I just saw a Jorja Fox screensaver  with 50 pictures of Jorja on there that is $ 4.99 and I want it so bad but I do'nt have a clue how to bid on it, would any of you be interested in bidding on it for me and I'll pay you whatever it costs plus shipping ? If you go to Ebay and type it Jorja Fox you will see it listed on there, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Mom's Birthday and Monday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good day.I went into work today at 12:00 noon, it was a busy day for us and the rain brought lots of people in and we had some good sales.Anthony was wrapping up some plates for a lady with bubble wrap and he wanted me to tape the wrap so our hands kept touching, lol.I got 15 emails today so Anthony was happy about that, I came home from work and me and my brother took my mom out for her birthday, she liked her gifts and we all had a nice evening, I am seriously considering getting a Tivo thanks to my awesome online friend Donna who told me how awesome they are, my tax refund was for $ 535 dollars so I think Tivos are like what $ 200 , I am so getting one soon, thank you so much Donna for your great tips, hope you all have  a good Tuesday, I promise I will send all of you a reminder to watch Empty Eyes Thursday night at 9:00 on CBS , I want all of you to see it ,Have a good Tuesday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Thoughts and Another Birthday

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck today, my downstairs neighbors had a drunk party last night and were screaming and yelling out on thier balcony at 3:00 a.m. nice huh ? The joys of apartment living, I think after 20 minutes someone here called the police, oh I was not happy, this is the second week in a row this BS has happened, I have been on the verge of tears all day and I did shed a few earlier, I found some clips of a movie from a long time ago,looked like an after-school special movie that Jorja was in and she was in a car accident in the movie, the last clip made me cry though where she came back to visit the guy who had killed her in the car accident, I know I will cry at the end of Empty Eyes this Thursday too, I know some of you do'nt watch CSI but I urge you all who have never seen it before to watch the one on this Thursday for me on CBS at 9:00 PM., I love hearing opinions of people who have seen CSI for the first time so Cmon do it for me, lol.You could always tape it too if you are watching something else at 9:00 , just a thought :) I am working again tommorow and the sky is clouding up, so much for Summer weather, lol.Oh well I'll dig my boots out of my closet again later, hope you all have a good upcoming week, I will be leaving next Saturday for Vegas so I need to start getting everything together, wow I am so excited, hope you all have a good day tommorow even though it is Monday,  my mom will be 60 today , so Happy Birthday Mom !!!!! Me and my brother are taking her out, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Feeling Blah

Hi friends, I am feeling blah today, probably just from Mr Red, I had cramps much of the day so I did'nt really feel like doing much, I talked to a couple of my online friends on the phone which was the high-point of my day.I think by Monday when I go back to work Mr Red will be gone, wow in one week I will be in Vegas, I am excited, I need a little break away from work, the daily routine gets old after a while, maybe if I go to work-out for a little bit later my mood will get better, I was reading a book earlier about diet and exercise, it was interesting and I learned some things from it, If you do change the way you eat it can improve your health, wow is that me talking ? Lol hope you all have a good Sunday, I am loving getting weekends off now, I think because of all the new hires at my store they are getting the weekend hours but they are young so they can probably handle it, after yesterday it's nice to have two days off, Have a great rest of the weekend, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Thoughts and Happy Birthday Leene

Hi friends thank you to Emmi for the lovely tag of Jorja Fox above, she does great work huh ? I worked a tiring day today and it was very long day, lol. I had some customers today that just annoyed the hell out of me and I had Mr Red at work today too so I was'nt feeling the greatest to begin with,I had killer cramps and was in pain all day,one thing that was driving me nuts were the wines that were 10% off and some of them were'nt coming up right at the registers so Anthony had to keep coming over and adjusting the price on the 4 or more wine deals what a pain in the ass,  this one lady who was shopping in there kept asking me one question after another , finally when she came  to my register her whole cart was loaded up , plus she bought $ 400 worth of furniture from me too, so right when I got to the end of her transaction she said she would like to apply for our World Market card which would have meant I would have had to void everything out and re-ring it again, as it was it took me about 15 minutes to ring her up the first time, ugh thank God she had to go pick up her son, she even admitted to Anthony when he was helping her outside with her furniture that she was a pain in the ass customer, I smiled , could'nt argue with that department, then this other lady, wow what a drama queen, she  had knocked a bunch of posters down in the front and had just walked off and left them on the floor, then when Anthony went over to fix them she had a fit because she wanted him to help her adjust a price on a poster and she was in a big hurry to leave, Remind me why I am glad to be off this weekend , I would like to wish my awesome friend Leene a very Happy Birthday tommorow, hope you have a great day Leene !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm ready for it,I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, I hope you all had a great Thursday.It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day today and I went to do my taxes this afternoon since I was off again today, It took a little while and I was having cramps from Mr Red, I hope tommorow since I will be working 8 hours I wo'nt have bad cramps again, I went to get the mail today and there was a letter from Lisa Jo and a CSI article in it that I loved, thanks so much Lisa !!!!!! I love getting snail-mail, you should get my package in a few days, there is no CSI on tonight :( Yeah I'm bummed but next Thursday night thank God there will be a new episode , the long awaited one Empty Eyes which looks like a powerful episode which will no doubt make me cry a little at the end, I've rewatched the promo from it so many times, lol.Hope you all have a good Friday, I am so glad this week is over, it has been a long one,tommorow is my favorite co-worker Leslie's last day at work, that will be sad, we have worked together for three years and I'll miss her,  Have a good TGIF everyone !!!!!!! I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Wednesday.I enjoyed a day off today , my stomach had been hurting this morning but I saw Mr Red had arrived today so that explains why my stomach hurt but I am glad I wo'nt have to deal with Mr Red on my Vegas trip.I went to the Post Office this morning to mail a couple of cards and a couple of packages, I saw something perfect for Lisa Jo at my store yesterday and I bought one for her, there was a basket of them sitting there on my register so I could'nt have not noticed, lol.It turned out to be a beautiful day today, no more rain, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!! I brushed Mr Diva today and he lay in the window soaking up the sun, mom and I met for lunch at Bakers Square, she has an upcoming birthday next Monday, me and my brother will be taking her to dinner.I am off work again tommorow, woo-hoo then working Friday again 8:45 to 5:15, hope you all have a good Thursday, no CSI again tommorow, I'm going crazy without my Thursday night fix, March Madness is a fitting name for the basketball because I am going mad without new episodes of C.S.I. , hopefully next Thursday it will be on again, if any of you guys hear when the next new CSI is on let me know, I keep hearing March 29'th, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To A Handsome Boy

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Tuesday.I would like to wish Lisa Jo's handsome son Chad a very Happy 15'th Birthday, Happy Birthday handsome Chad, hope you have a great day, I worked today and even though it rained much of the day I was bored out of my mind.I hate slow days because every minute is like an eternity.There was this one lady who was pissed off because she was over-charged at another register and called up to yell at me about it, I was'nt too keen on having her yell in my ear over something I did'nt do, she kept saying what an inconvience it would be to come back to the store, I was tempted to say "Do'nt come back then, I wo'nt mind" but I did'nt .I'm off for the next two days, woo-hoo, hope you all have a good Wednesday, I spilled hot chocolate lotion all over my bed this morning but at least I will have sweet dreams tonight, lol.I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday Thoughts

Hi friends, first of all I would like to thank you all so much for all of your kind comments to me yesterday.I was so touched when I read all of your comments to me yesterday, I am blessed to have such great friends in my life.I am feeling better today, yesterday was just a bad day for me, I worked today and it was a quiet day but not a bad day.Anthony was in a good mood , he was making me smile and saying funny things to me, I got 14 emails for him today, he will be happy tommorow, I had a lady write me a bad check today and she walked out of the store really fast without getting her reciept, seemed shady and yup her check would'nt go through , but her phone number was on the check so hmmmmmm, there is a very handsome boy who has a birthday tommorow, Lisa Jo's son Chad, Happy Birthday Handsome Chad !!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, tommorow I am working again and then off Wednesday and Thursday, no CSI this coming Thursday but then next Thusday the 29'th Empty Eyes will be on, I am soooooooo excited I will get to see it before I leave for Vegas on April 2'nd, looks like rain will be coming back here tommorow, have a good Tuesday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Self Image Issues

Hi friends, I decided to go personal tonight and dig a little into my past.See that person in the picture above, I may have body issues and self -image issues but I still try to be a good person and love others.I feel so insecure sometimes , I feel like a plain -Jane and I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others, I feel like a big loser sometimes, like a born failure, I feel alone in life like I am here on the outside looking in, I eat to comfort myself when I am sad or depressed, I can still hear my dad's voice in my head telling me what a loser I am, I stumble through life wondering what my purpose is, I feel afraid to get close to people sometimes because I am afraid they will not not love me for who I am, I feel like I can never measure up no matter how much I try, tears do'nt come too easily , maybe because my heart is scarred, I wish I could live underground and avoid the world sometimes, I feel insecure because my stomach makes me look pregnant , but Jorja has a beer belly which she has admitted from her love of beer so I try to think about that when I get down on myself, I can feel a little bit of a depression coming, pray I make it through, I hope I make it through this week, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patty's Day and Why Jorja Fox Is My Hero

Hi friends, hope you all had a good St Patrick's Day.I had a nice day today, Diane called this morning to say 'Hello" and we chatted for about an hour, I was really happy to hear from her. I did a little shopping at Best Buy and saw that the Second Season of Without A Trace was a better price there then at Barnes and Noble's so I bought it there for 43.29 , After that I met my mom for dinner, we both got the chicken club tacos at Chili's and I had an iced tea to drink, we chatted about Texas and how she liked it there,  it was another warm day here but a little cooler then yesterday.I went to Safeway and bought some groceries and picked up the new TV Guide, Us, Star and Ok magazines, yes I am a magazine addict, lol.I saw a letter in the TV Guide letters section that pissed me off from a reader saying Jorja Fox was a plain -jane and out of Grissom's league -Give me a freaking break !!!!!!! I will make a confession to you all and say that I was bullied in jr high mostly by boys who were cruel to me because I have a classic Italian nose and how I dreamed of having a nose job growing up feeling like an ugly duckling thanks to mean jerks at school and my father added jabs of his own about my nose, yup I never felt pretty growing up and I thought I would never accept myself for who I am, I read a while back an article about Jorja and she stated in it that she was'nt a classic beauty, I admired that and thought it was really brave of her to say that, I read that she never felt pretty growing up either because of the gap between her teeth, I love her gap,  I think when she smiles she lights up a room, I love that she is able to admit she is'nt perfect, how many actresses admit that ???? Uh none that I can think of, so thanks to Jorja I was able to accept myself for who I am even though I do'nt think I am a classic beauty either but I can accept myself for who I am , something I could never do before , yes I could stand to lose a few pounds but hey, I'm getting better , lol.I ca'nt believe I am off again from work this weekend, two weekends off in a row, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!! I am getting excited about Vegas, two more weeks and I will be back, OMG it will be a dream to be back there again, I have to write myself a note to make sure I get that big stack of Easter cards out before I leave on April 2'nd, hope you all have a good Sunday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, March 16, 2007

TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Friday.It was a beautiful day here today, just like summer.I started work at 12:00 today so I had some time to get a few things done this morning before work.My store was dead today I think because of the nice weather, we have a special promotion going on now until tommorow where any customer who comes in my store at 5:00 to 10:00 today and tommorow get 10% off thier purchase, I cringe whenever we have one of these promotions because there is always some person that likes to take advantage of the promotion like idiots that tear 6 or seven coupons out of our weekly ads and think they can use all of them at once even though it clearly states on the coupons one per customer, this one lady I rang up earlier got pissed off because she ca'nt read I guess that the sign said 5 to 10 :00 only, she thought it was all day long, ca'nt please everyone I guess, I am excited to go to Chili's with my mom tommorow, I missed seeing her this week, we always get together at least once a week, I am going to buy the Second Season of Without A Trace tommorow too, I put it on hold today at Barnes and Noble, there was only one in the store, wow, hope you all have a good weekend, Happy St Patrick's Day to my irish friends, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Thursday.I had another day off today so I decided to color my hair, lol.It has a reddish tint in it now, I kind of like it.One thing I am proud of myself for doing is going to work-out earlier for 45 minutes.See that picture I posted above from Empty Eyes hopefully that will be on March 29'th but I have heard April 12'th as well.If I had a man in my life I would want someone who wiped away my tears when I cried, somehow I could see Anthony doing that if his girlfriend was to cry, Anthony is very sensitive and caring, my dad used to make fun of me when I cried when it was little, it took a toll on me growing up and to this day I do'nt cry easily.But when I do it comes in huge waves.There is no CSI on CBS tonight or next Thursday thanks to March Madness -But thank God for Spike TV which airs CSI episodes every weeknight .I ca'nt believe in two weeks I will be in Vegas -Woo-hoo I am soooooooooo excited.My hours at work were slashed a little this week thanks to Cyndie wanting to make budget cuts but hopefully next week my schedule will stay the same and not change, my mom will be flying home from Texas tommorow night so please wish her a safe flight home , she told me on the phone tonight she wants me to go to Chili's with her Saturday, Mmmmmm I love Chili's, I get paid tommorow at work so I am going to treat myself and buy the Second Season of Without A Trace, hope you all have a great Friday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nothing Like A Family Member To Let You Down

Hi friends, I am feeling sad tonight.I was planning on seeing my Uncle Mark today for lunch, we have'nt seen each other in a year but he cancelled on me.This is'nt the first time it has happened before either, I feel really bad and let down, his health is not the greatest and I really wanted to see him but he does'nt want to bother seeing me I guess, Another blow to my fragile self- esteem, I give up, I tried to reach out to him only to be put on the back burner, I do'nt know why I bother sometimes, Oh well that's life I guess, I hope tommorow is a little better because today really sucked, I ca'nt wait for this week to be over, Hope you all have a good Thursday, I am used to feeling alone and invisible so this is nothing new There are certain members of my family who always made an effort to make me feeling like dirt so it goes, I Love You All And Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Fathers and Boring Tuesday

Hi friends, I just got home from another boring day.It was really warm here today so I think that is why there was a huge lack in business in my store today.I happened to glance at the San Mateo Daily News and there was a story that struck a nerve with me in the paper from today.About 4 years ago in Half Moon Bay there was a house fire and two small boys died .The father claimed he tried to save them and he was hailed a hero but today it was found out that he set the fire on purpose even though it had been originally ruled as an accidental fire.Wow I ca'nt imagine , what a heartless bastard to kill your own children, set a fire and let them die, it upset me , if any of you would like to see which story I am talking about click on this link the issue from today Tuesday, Bad fathers really strike a nerve with me, probably because I am the product of a bad father.We are'nt speaking and have'nt spoken for 4 years, Do I miss him ? Not really ? Do I wish I had a different father , one that gave a damn about me ? Of course I do, but I accepted things the way they are, As far back as I can remember I never got the impression his children mattered to him, it was funny because he always put strangers before his own family, I grew up feeling invisible and worthless and at times I still do.I feel envious and a little sad when I see a young girl and her dad come into my store arm in arm, I wish I knew what that was like, sigh .........Moving on I was dying of boredom in my store today, here is an example of how slow of a day it was today, I gor a total of 4 emails today, yup 4 , but I gave it my all. Anthony told me that he was starting a contest every day for whoever got the most emails would win movie tickets, maybe Friday I will win, lol.He also told me Cyndie was coming by tommorow morning, wow am I glad I'm off and she made him slash some hours so I'm off for the next two days woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a good Wednesday, I noticed CSI is'nt on for the next 2 weeks on Thursday :( OMG I'm going to suffer from withdrawel, good thing I have the 6 sets of DVD's of it and Spike TV is always showing CSI every weeknight too, Have a good Wednesday everyone, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had an ok Monday.It turned out to be another warm day today.I worked today and the store was really quiet which was boring.I opened boxes of products when I was'nt ringing up customers.I think today that Jorja Fox must have recieved her necklace.I hope she likes it.Here is a tip for you guys that mosquitos love to bite, if you smooth lemon lotion all over you or anything with a citrus smell they will leave you alone.It was such a hot night last night I barely slept so that meant feeling like crap much of today, hopefully tonight I will be able to sleep and I will put on a bunch of lemon lotion before I go to bed because I need my sliding door open at night and the edge of it is broken so even though the screen is there a mosquito could still come in if it wanted to.I hope you all have a good Tuesday, I ask you guys to please say a prayer for Regis from the morning show who is going to have bypass surgery this week, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Update

Hi friends, hope you are all enjoying your Sunday, whew it's hot here today, I have all the windows open here,  but it feels good.Mom called from Texas a couple of hours ago so she is enjoying herself there.I spent the day catching up on journals and doing chores, lol.Always feels good to get chores out of the way to me anyway. Tommorow I will be back at work but Mondays are usually really slow so it will more then likely be a quiet day in the store.I feel like going for a swim in the pool later, maybe I'll go for it, lol.I am so excited that on Tuesday the Second Season of Without A Trace wil be finally out in DVD - I love that show, me and Lisa Jo both do, lol.I called my uncle earlier at work, he is doing fine, we are going to get together Wednesday for a few hours, my only weekday off this week :) Hope you all have a good upcoming week, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.I must say it is a treat to have a weekend off, lol.I caught up on journals today and cleaned up in here and did a 45 minute workout.My mom called me earlier so she made it safely to Texas, I have never been there before but I have friends there, my sweet friend Barbara lives in Texas and my friend Donna is in Texas too. Speaking of Barbara we spoke on the phone last night and it was sooooooo awesome to talk to her on the phone and hear her voice :) It was such a beautiful sunny day here today and when I went for a walk tonight the sky was  bright  pink with a gorgeous sunset, breathtaking, wish I could have taken a picture.I need to get a new memory card for my digital camera before I go to Vegas, Only 3 more weeks until I am there-woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited -I ca'nt wait !!!!!!!!!  I have a huge stack of Easter cards that I have to send out before I go to Vegas but I have a ton of stamps ,  It feels like it has been forever since I was last there.Tommorow I will catch up on my sleep, lol.I can feel Mr Red wanting to come, ugh.I hope you all have a good Sunday, Thanks for the prayers for my mom , I think she will be ok but I appreciate all of your prayers, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, March 9, 2007

Asking For Prayers

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Friday.First of all I would like to thank my awesome friend Barbara in Texas for the CD she sent me of her singing- she has a beautiful voice and I love hearing her sing, thank you Barbara !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom is going away to Texas for a week and coming home Friday night and will be leaving tommorow morning but this morning she really worried me, she came over and was filling out a life insurance form acting like she was going to die when she went there because there will be at least 5 or 6 times that she will be riding on a small airplane and she does'nt think they are very safe, what do you guys think about the safety of small airplanes ??????? It really bothered me that she was doing that this morning, I love my mom and if something ever happened to her I would completely fall apart so I ask if all you guys who read my journal pray that she has a safe trip and nothing happens to her.Thank you guys soooooooo much, I worked today and the store was really quiet and I was kind of bored not to mention tired again because last night around 12:30 some genius here at my apartment complex on the 1'st floor decided to cook something and started a small fire in thier place which triggered all the alarms in every apartment to go off.I lost at least 2 hours of sleep last night , but I am so grateful it was'nt my place that had the fire,  Poor Mr Diva was so scared last night when he heard the alarms go off, he ran and hid for hours, I am off work this weekend !!!!!!!!! Yahoo my first weekend off in months, hope you all have a good weekend and thank you for praying for my mom , I do'nt usually ask for prayers but my mom is everything to me , I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Thursday.Mine was ok, I had a much -needed day off today to catch up on some things, one thing I had been wanting to do all week was to get Jorja's necklace out to her so I wrote her a nice note and taped the pendant to it.I went to the Post Office and mailed it to her.I also grocery shopped and caught up on journals, Wow I am still tired from working last night so late, it took alot out of me to stay at work that late, I felt a little depressed and sad last night at work and my back was hurting so Mr Red must be on his way, I hate the way I feel when and before Mr Red is here, I beat myself up emotionally and really I can be my own worst enemy at times, My dad did such a great job of making me feel like crap as a kid , he was good at hurting my feelings and making me feel invisible, I think it is sad the first man in my life had to be such a mean and nasty person because it made me very cautious and untrusting of most men to this day, I have'nt spoken to my dad in almost 6 years but I am not missing anything, I tried to move on and forget him and the harm he caused me.I am supposed to go back to work tommorow and then have the weekend off, I hope that is true, I need a weekend off so bad, I hope you all have a good Friday, CSI is a repeat tonight but I still ca'nt believe I will be here after all to see Empty Eyes, I am really happy about that, Have a good Friday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Ok I am so Happy Now

Hi friends, I just found out this morning that CBS will be airing Empty Eyes on March 29'th instead of the original April 5'th so I will get to see it before I leave, wow I am so happy right now if you see me flying above your house do'nt be surprised, lol, Love You All Lisa XO P.S. I suspect Aohell is acting up again eating alerts and not letting you guys access my journal, anyone want to help me kick some Aol ass ????????????

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I just came home and wow I am beat.I could never work nights every day , I would die, lol.I started at 11:00 this morning and stayed until 7: 30 tonight.Wow the whole day went by at a snail's pace so that made it even harder to be there.The best part of my day was when I was eating lunch Debbi surprised me and tapped me when I was eating at a table in the Food Court so we had a nice chat.I tried to stay awake during the whole 8 hours but around 5:00 at night I could feel my body and my brain begin to shut down.I started to get a migraine around 5 :00 but Anthony brought me two aspirins and a cup of water and gave me a gorgeous smile.I made it clear with him that I work better during the day so he was kind and said that he would just schedule me to work days from now on.I am so tired right now, last night I slept good until 4:00 a.m. when some young punks decided to have a drunk party down by the lagoon , they were laughing and yelling , I should have called the cops but I did'nt.I hope tonight I can get some sleep.I am sooooooo glad I am off tommorow, I need a break, Have a good Thursday everyone, it's CSI night, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Thursday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I hope you all had a good Tuesday.I think my friend Jodi will tape that CSI episode for me when I am away which I appreciate so much.I wish I did have a Tivo though, do you guys know if it is hard to use or easy because I am a big dummy when it comes to electronics, I ca'nt even figure out how to plug my digital camera into my computer to post my Alaska pictures for you guys.I am hopeless at some things believe me, lol.I went back to work today feeling like crap because last night I had only slept for one hour, ugh I had a pounding headache and I kept yawning every minute.Around 1:30 I saw Anthony, my baby was back -woo-hoo looking wonderful in a white shirt and khaki pants.I was happy to have him back.I was so bored before Anthony came back, the store was dead today and tommorow I will be there 8 hours until 7:30 at night, God help me, lol.Thank god Thursday is coming up and CSI although I wish in a way Empty Eyes would be on before I leave for Vegas but oh well.I need to get an envelope with padding in it Thursday to mail Jorja's pendant to her.Thank you guys for all of your help and tips about helping me figure out how to tape my CSI when I am away, I love you guys so much, wish me luck working until 7:30 tommorow night, hopefully tonight I will get some sleep tonight, now I am wrong but is it this weekend we are moving the clocks an hour forward ? I am so out of it tonight, Have a good Wednesday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO P.S. Thank you also Lisa Arthur for offering to tape that CSI for me, you are so sweet and if anything changes I'll let me know because if you do tape that show for me I'll get you a CSI shirt in Vegas, just let me know your shirt size ok ?

Monday, March 5, 2007

Somebody wake up my brain, it's sleeping

Hi friends , wow I must be extremely tired or not with it tonight or my brain must be sleeping on the job but something just occured to me tonight.When I am in Las Vegas April 2'nd through the 6'th I will miss the new CSI premiering April 5'th at 9:00 on CBS -the one I have been waiting to see for 4 long weeks called Empty Eyes.Every time I go to Las Vegas I have noticed that the channels in the hotel rooms are soooooooooo lame, like last time I stayed at Treasure Island in July I think the best channel I got in my hotel room was CNN news -OMG I would record it myself but my damn VCR in the living room is broken, I do have a DVD player in my bedroom though but I do'nt know how to record anything off it, thank god I have one though .If any of you guys recorded that CSI for me on April 5'th at 9:00 on CBS on a disk it would mean the world to me . I would even get you a Las Vegas souvenier as a "Thank You" From what I read about Empty Eyes there is supposed to be a Grissom and Sara moment at the end that I have been wanting to see for 7 years, lol.Yeah I read some spoilers about that episode being the die- hard CSI fan that I am, lol.So think about it :) Nothing would make me happier then seeing that episode, talk about an awesome birthday present. I ca'nt believe I will be in Vegas when it is airing, I mean you would think in Las Vegas all the hotels would air CSI for the CSI fans and CSI is supposed to be based in Vegas - Hello hotel managers are you listening ????????? I'm getting tired so I might go to bed , I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Mondays Suck

Hi friends, I just got home and wow what a freaking boring day.I was just stunned at the lack of business today and yeah I hate working Mondays too.I saw that same dove peace pendant hanging in my store that I bought a while back and the more I looked at I thought of my favorite actress Jorja Fox and that she would love that pendant so I bought it for her today and I will send it to her this weekend.I can so see her wearing it, I love her necklaces on the show, I bet alot of her fans send them to her.I missed Anthony today, he will be back tommorow, thank God !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry I volunteered to work 11 - 7: 30 Wednesday night, I tried to switch shifts with Leslie and work Saturday for her at first Cheryl said "Yes"  but Robin would'nt go for it.Oh well I just wo'nt be dumb enough to stay past 5:00 in the evening anymore, I do'nt work well at night. I am ready to fall alsleep by the time I come in.Anyhow tommorow is Tuesday and Anthony will be back with a story or two to tell about a celebrity meeting or sighting , thank god I like Tuesdays much more then Mondays, hope you all have a good day tommorow, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good weekend.Mine was ok, I was off work today so I was on the CBS message board , I left a message on there if any fans of Jorja Fox wanted to email me they could so Jorja fans have been emailing me all day, lol.It's awesome to meet people who are fans of Jorja too, I went into my work today just for a minute to fill out a request for a week off in April. I messed up the first form I filled out so I wrote out another one and tacked it on Anthony's door.I ca'nt wait to go back to Vegas , I am so excited !!!!!!!! Only a few weeks and I will be back there, hopefully CSI will be filming so I can meet Jorja Fox and William Petersen which is my dream. I will try to find out if CSI will be filming there before I leave on April 1'st.I will be back at work again tommorow , Anthony will be back Tuesday, I hope he had a good time in Vegas, it was a beautiful sunny day here today, I hope the rain had ended for the year.I love Spring :) Before I end my entry tonight I would like you all to pray for my sweet friend Jackie. Some of you know her.Her brother's health has taken a turn for the worst and she has been such an amazing and wonderful sister to him so I ask you to keep her and her family in your prayers.Jackie I am praying for you and your family, if you need to talk or anything I am here for you always, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.I worked today and it was soooooooo slow in the store today, I was surprised.When I came into work Robin informed me that one of our newbies Dot had already quit, she had taped a note to the door of the store and Robin had found it this morning, I am not going to judge this girl and wonder why she quit so soon, maybe she had a bad experience with one of the customers or something, I admit the rude ones are the most annoying to have to deal with, maybe it was her first time ever doing retail and she figured out it was'nt her cup of tea, I am kind of sorry I will never get to meet her but I guess soon there will be someone else hired to replace her, poor Anthony, I hope that does'nt ruin his vacation if Cheryl calls him on his cell tonight.I was so bored in my store today, it was a really nice day so maybe alot of people decided to hit the beach, Robin informed today we might have a secret shopper so I tried to be extra nice, I miss my Anthony, it's never the same without him at work, tommorow I am off , yea, hope you all have a good Sunday, I will be working out tommorow .Finally the sun has come back, thank God !!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Thoughts

Hi friends, I'm updating late tonight because I closed tonight 5:00 to 10:00 .I am soooooo glad I do'nt close every night, nights are not for me, lol.I even told Anthony the other day I am not at my best working at night, I could'nt stop yawning at work, it was embarrasing, lol.My gorgeous Anthony went to Vegas this weekend, every time he goes there he meets somebody famous, he told me that last time he went there he met the cast of the show Las Vegas and the cast of Will and Grace too, wow that is awesome, I told him today "OMG Anthony if you ever meet William Petersen and Jorja Fox or anyone from CSI you had better get some pictures and autographs for me, he said that he would, wow if anybody would ever be lucky enough to meet Billy and Jorja it would be Anthony, I think he looks like a movie -star himself, he said when he meets somebody famous he just treats them like a regular person , lol.I went shopping before work today, I bought two CSI novels, a book at Barnes and Noble called How To Have The Confidence and Power For Dealing With People, it was only $ 6.98 and since I work in retail, well I should learn a few things from it, lol.I did a little shopping in my own store tonight too, I bought Fiji water, Guacachips, Cadbury chocolate orange cookies and a really pretty tan satin pillow.Wow I am so tired, I might take a bath and go to bed soon, hope you all had a good Friday, enjoy your weekend, I'm working tommorow but just 5 hours, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy Birthday George Eads and Welcome New Readers

Hi friends, first off I would like to wish the very handsome and wonderful actor a very Happy Birthday !!!!!!!! He looks good for 40 today huh ? George you are so good as Nick Stokes on CSI, Happy birthday cutie pie !!!!!!!! Big thanks to Lisa Jo for mentioning my journal in hers this morning, thank you Lisa !!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to my new readers, hope you will stay awhile.I was worried about my online friend Emmi earlier who has the online journal What Chaps My Ass, Emmi lives in Alabama where the tornados touched down today, she mentioned them in her journal today, will you all keep Emmi and her beautiful family in your prayers that they will be safe.Emmi please stay safe and know I am thinking of you and your family.Tonight is CSI night !!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo the episode that is on tonight is a repeat Double Cross but still as always a great one.I will be watching at 9:00 like always , why because CSI is the best show ever with the most amazing cast and I love thier chemistry together especially Grissom and Sara , my two favorites on the show :) Tommorow is Friday, Thank God !!!!!!!!!!! I'm so ready for it, hope you all have a good Friday, I'm closing tommorow night, that should be interesting but my gorgeous Anthony wo'nt be there :( I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO P.S. Thanks For Reading me :)