Saturday, June 30, 2007


 Hi friends, hope you all are having a good Saturday.My brother came over last night and told me that my dad had been at the Giants game yesterday and had collasped and had to be rushed to a SF hospital where his heart had to be shocked with paddles to be bring him back to life. He died for a few minutes and then was shocked back to life.I felt numb and sad when I heard this.I know for a fact if I would have been the one in the hospital my dad would'nt call me or come by to see me.I endured years of name calling and physical abuse from him, The best relationship I have with my dad is a non -existant one, I wish things were different but I have faced reality a long time ago and tried to move on with my life but I do wonder sometimes if my dad  and I were close if I would'nt feel the need to comfort myself with junk food, I have had a hole in my life that I guess I tried to fill myself , Does it work ? Sometimes I suppose, but I do wonder what if all the time.The thing that my dad did to me which really hurts is that he never made me feel like I mattered, He put strangers before his family and never went out of his way to treat us like we were special.I went to go see the movie Sicko today, it really was good and an eye-opener as well on health care.I could'nt stop crying during some parts of it,sad to say that question about my mom saying she wished I was'nt so attractive was true, now why she said that, I do'nt know, but I do'nt think I want to know why actually, I Love You All Lisa XO

Quiz Answers

 Hi friends, here are the answers to the quiz, all of you did very good !!!!!!! You guys know me well, Have a great Saturday, Love You All Lisa XO

1) C
2) B
3) B
4) C
5) T
6) T
9) T
10) A
11) T
12) T
13) D
14) T
15) T
16) T
17) T
18) T
19) T
20) T

Give yourselves a hand for a good job :)

Friday, June 29, 2007

How well do you know me ?

Hi friends, I am a little bored tonight so here is a little pop quiz for all of you , see how well you know me, lol, Love You All Lisa XOXO, P.S. To answer the quiz please post your answers in the comments section,

1) Who is my favorite actress whom I hope to meet someday?
A) Reese Witherspoon
B) Angelina Jolie
C) Jorja Fox
D) Jennifer Love Hewitt

2) Which store do I work at?
A) Safeway
B) World Market
C) Bath and Body Works
D) Nordstrom

3) What TV show is my favorite?
A) Extreme Makeover
C) Big Brother
D) Wife Swap

4) What pet do I own?

A) Goldfish
B) Hamster
C) Cat -Maine Coon
D) Chihuahua

5) My dad and I have'nt spoken in almost 5 years
True or False

6) Nothing makes me happier then getting a snail mail letter from a J- Lander
True or False

7) I felt ugly growing up
True or False

8) Where did I grow up?

A) Pacifica
B) Petaluma
C) Pittsburg
D) Palo Alto

9) I am a very loyal friend to anyone who is kind to me , I believe you get what you give, True or False

10) What is my favorite junk food ?
A) Orange chicken and fried rice
B) Cheeseburgers and fries
C) Pizza
D) Tacos

11) I once met a J-Lander 
 True or False

12) I have never seen snow falling before
True or False
13) Who is my favorite actor whose picture is above my bed ?

A) Orlando Bloom
B) Brad Pitt
C) Daniel Craig
D) William Petersen

14) I am a proud Democrat
True or False

15) I once met Jenna from the first Survivor show
True or False

16) I once dreamed of being a make-up artist
True or False
17) The meanest thing my mom ever said to me was "I wish youwere'nt so attractive" True or False

18) I did'nt learn how to roller skate until I was 9
True or False

19) I am half Italian
True or False

20) I love butterflys and have some in my bedroom on the wall in cases
True or False

Good luck :)


Hi friends, hope you all had a good Friday.I am glad this week is over, I am off this weekend too so a big woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have'nt been off on a weekend in a long time, the store was'nt all that busy today so it was pretty boring in there.I tried to clean up around the registers and make it look nice in the store.Anthony was there and I asked him about his wedding, I told him to save a wedding souvenier and a picture for me.I am happy for him getting married, he is a sweet guy and I know he will make a wonderful husband.Around 4:00 p.m. I went on my last break and I heard Cyndie's voice in the office, ugh she was in a horrible mood as usual too, her mouth always looks like somebody has yanked each corner all the way down on each side, she is such a bitch, She was ordering one of our temporary asst managers around , I felt bad for Erin.I could'nt believe what she was wearing either, she was wearing a tight black shirt and her stomach was hanging out of the bottom of it.She is a big lady and it just looked so unflattering.I have nothing against big people at all, I love everyone no matter what size they are, I am no toothpick myself but at least I know how to dress myself in a flattering way and I would never wear a tight shirt with my stomach sticking out of the bottom like Cyndie did today, I know for a fact she is'nt pregnant because she is 50 , Anyhow I hope you all have a great weekend, are any of you doing any fun for 4'th of July ? I'm working but just until 5:00 p.m., there are awesome fireworks over the water here every year, I have'nt seen the ducks lately and I miss them, they are so cute and I love feeding them, I hope you all have a great weekend,I am going to check out the movie Sicko this weekend,  I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Thursday, June 28, 2007

CSI night

 Hi friends, hope you all are having a good Thursday.I was glad to be off work today after yesterday.I am getting sick and tired of my job, I want out of retail, I wish sometimes I was a little more on the smart side .I never did too well in school, I struggled alot and my grades were so so but English and Creative Writing were my strong points, I am itching to move out of this town, I really hate it here, I think after this year I wo'nt renew my lease next June, I wo'nt be sorry to leave San Mateo, I do'nt really feel like there is anything here for me and the people around here suck big time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to live in a town where everyone is friendly and nice and San Mateo is'nt that town.Tonight is CSI night, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you new watchers can check out tonight 's episode on CBS at 9:00 p.m. , it's a great one  ,Tommorow I will be back at work, Anthony will be back soon, he will be married next week , guess what date ? July 7'th which is Jorja Fox's birthday, lol.I could never forget that , he picked a good day though,  I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I hope you all had a good day.I was weird going back to work today after being off for two weeks , but I was quickly reminded of how annoying some of our customers can be at times.Example 1, this woman was buying a whole bunch of stuff and two of her items did'nt have a price on them, I was able to get one of the prices for her but when Dave came over to help her get the other price he asked her to show him where the mirror was she wanted and she refused to do it , instead she shouted "Just forget it, I do'nt want anything in here" and stormed out of the store in a huff, what a big baby !!!!!!!!! I rolled my eyes and thanked Dave anyway for coming and went to help my next customer, Example 2, this lady was buying $ 679 dollars worth of stuff and of course I started getting a line growing after having to ring all that stuff up, we were short -staffed as usual and this lady in back of the line was having a cow about having to wait, I called Erin to help me ring but she was busy so I was on my own, the lady kept bitching and moaning in back of the line, I told her on the other side of the store Kafi was open and she walked off, hey ca'nt please everyone all the time, geeze I hate retail sometimes, I hope you all have a good Thursday tommorow, Tommorow is CSI night on CBS, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Thursday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here's the scoop on my blood tests

 Hi friends, I got some  good news today at the doctor's office, it turns out that I do'nt have PCOS which I was thrilled to hear.Also my blood pressure pills my doctor said are indeed working and she said it takes a while sometimes for them to start working, the only thing that she was concerned about was my cholesterol which was a little high.She wants me to go see a nutritionist next week about dieting, ok I can do that.I was sad to hear on the news tonight that the Tahoe fires have kicked up again because of high winds, Those of you who have been to Tahoe know how pretty it is there, Lisa Jo I got my TV Guide bill in the mail today so my subscription should be starting soon, back to work tommorow for me, It should be interesting to say the least, thank you for all of your prayers and good luck wishes today for my doctor's appt this morning, you guys are all awesome !!!!!!!! I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO

Monday, June 25, 2007

Quick Entry

Hi friends, thank you to Emmi for the beautiful Peace tag, I hope you all are having a good day.I just ca'nt get over the horrible fires in Tahoe, I was there at this time last week admiring the gorgeous scenery and going out on the beautiful lake in Emerald Bay on a boat, I am so sad about this, Tahoe is a majestic place filled with beauty and there is no place like it.I only regret that I did'nt bring my digital camera with me , I wish I would have taken pictures for you guys of Tahoe, it may never be the same now, I'm so sorry, Tommorow is my doctor's appt, she also has my lab results back as well, wish me luck tommorow ok, I Love You All Lisa XOXO , P.S. I do'nt know if any of you will be in Vegas on July 14'th but a friend of mine told me CSI would be filming there that day, Damn and to think last year that week I was right there too !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a appt tommorow

 Hi friends, I just called my doctor and I got an appt for tommorow morning at 11:00 a.m.,Wish me luck ok,  I will let you all know the results of my blood tests from 2 weeks ago and what she says tommorow about my blood pressure being so high, I ca'nt believe the wildfires in Lake Tahoe right now, that is so so sad, I just came back from there Friday and it is such a beautiful and serene place, I hope the fires do'nt cause too much damage, the lake there is breathtaking and all the trees around,  I Love You All Lisa XOXO

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Tommorow To Ellen :)

 I would like to wish my sweet friend Ellen who has the journal New York State of Mine a very Happy Birthday tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellen you are a wonderful person and I thank Lisa Jo for bringing you into my life, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday tommorow, I will be thinking of you, Happy Birthday Ellen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa :)

Calling The Doctor Tommorow

Hi friends, I am going to make a Dr's appt tommorow or try to go in because here is my reading today from Longs , 141 was my top number and 91 was my bottom number, Way too high if you ask me and I would assume either the pills are'nt working or the machine is way off, keep me in your prayers , I must say this does worry me, I'll give you guys an update after my appt this week, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO

My new blood pressure pills are'nt working

Hi friends, I was at Long's Drugs yesterday and I decided to take my blood pressure just to see if it was any lower since I started taking the pills almost two weeks ago, it was really high 141 , so I guess my new pills are'nt working, it frustrates me that my new pills now have no side effects and they are'nt working out, guess I'll be calling my doctor tommorow or going to see her tommorow, I Love You All Lisa XO

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Deep Thoughts

 Hi friends, I hope you all had a good day today.I was gone for much of today so I apologize for the late update.I am thrilled that Jorja Fox was nominated for an Emmy for Empty Eyes because she is so amazing as an actress and I hate seeing her get overlooked at award shows as well as the rest of the CSI cast.Also William Petersen  aka ( The most beautiful man on TV )was nominated for an Emmy for a CSI episode, I never get tired of staring at him and Marg as well and Lisa Jo I think your George too is up for an award.Finally I will tune into the Emmy's for sure in September, I was thinking deep thoughts today and I pray that I do'nt have PCOS or diabetes.My doctor never did call me back about my blood tests which were done a week ago which made me wonder , she was the one that said she thought I had PCOS last week which I have suspected myself for a while.For those of you that have asked me about it and what it is it is a disease that is incurable and it can cause cysts on your ovaries which can cause infertility so I might not be able to have a child which kills me.Also PCOS can cause weight gain which explains why most of my weight is around my belly, also it can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol and also can lead to cervical cancer and other problems.I want so much to have a child someday and I would be so crushed if I had a disease that prevented me from that.I was so devastated earlier when I heard Jessie Davis was found dead in Ohio along with her baby.It reminded me of Laci Peterson and that case affected me deeply and still does.Why do such terrible things like this happen ???? Jessie's family are in my prayers tonight and I just keep asking why ? Why Jessie ? Why is there so much ugliness in the world ???? I asked why too about Laci , why Laci ??? It's so heartbreaking, I am just so sad , I Love You All  And thank you for reading, Lisa XOXO

Friday, June 22, 2007

It could only happen to me

  Hi friends, I went out on my balcony tonight to hang my angel bathmat out to dry overnight and a yellow jacket bit me on the breast.I had a dress on luckily but the damn thing bit me through the fabric.That could only happen to me, thought you guys might like a laugh, XOXO Lisa

It's good to be home !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi friends, God I missed you all soooooo ,much, Tahoe was beautiful and the scenery was breath-taking. There are rows of trees as far as the eye can see and a little snow capped the mountains.Of course like an idiot I forgot my digital camera and my address book.In case any of you want some late postcards let me know ok.I was keeping a close eye on the pregnant woman from Ohio Jessie Davis who is missing , I sure hope she is found alive, I hate hearing things like that.It makes my heart ache when I see things like that.I am praying that Jessie will be found alive.I could'nt stop crying this morning when CNN was showing the funeral for the 9 firemen from SC who were killed in the fire.I had to flip channels while I was doing my make-up because I kept crying and my mascara kept running.I was happy to read online a little while ago Jorja Fox was nominated for an Emmy award for her performance in the CSI episode Empty Eyes, I thought Jorja was absolutely amazing in that episode and I really hope that she wins, if any of you have never seen that CSI episode before I will remind you when it will be on, Cindy I hope you saw the second part last night of last week's CSI, I was thinking of you last night and hoping you got to see it, I will try to catch up on all of your journals tonight, I am so behind, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Goodbye Friends

 Hi friends, I hope you all had a great day.I am leaving tommorow for my week-long trip.I went into work today to double check my schedule for next week and I was down to work 2 days. Anthony must have forgot that I had given him the time off request and he was'nt there today.My poor Anthony has worked 9 days in a row and was probably dead-tired.Robin fixed the schedule before I left so that was good.I am going to miss you guys soooooooo much, now those of you new CSI fans do'nt forget to watch the conclusion of Thursday's show this coming Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on CBS, trust me you do'nt want to miss it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also for those of you new CSI watchers every night at 6:00 p.m.  , 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Spike TV there are CSI episodes too so you can get caught up and learn more about the awesome cast of CSI.Have a good week you guys , I will miss you all lots but will talk to you guys next  Saturday night or Sunday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Happy Birthday Kelli :)

Hi friends, there is yet another J-lander who has a birthday today , Kelli who has the journal Noonmom has a birthday today so Happy Happy Birthday Kelli !!!!!!!! Have a great day and know that I am thinking of you .Thanks for being a good friend !!!!!!! Enjoy your special day today :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thank God for fog !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, hope you all are having a great Friday, Jackie I hope you are having a great birthday today.For those of you who watched the awesome CSI last night next Thursday the second part of it will be on 9:00 p.m. on CBS, do'nt say I did'nt warn you about how addictive CSI is,even watching two episodes of it is enough to get hooked for life,  if  any of you new CSI watchers ever have any CSI questions just ask me, I have seen every episode dozens of times so I am a good person to answer a CSI question, I am soooooo glad the fog rolled in the coast last night  because there is an awesome breeze here today and it feels great !!!!!!!!! Sunday I will be leaving to go to Tahoe for a week so I will update one more time tommorow before I go, I'll miss you guys alot but you can always watch CSI Thursday night on CBS and know I'm watching it too, lol.Tommorow is another J-lander's birthday Kelli who has the journal Noonmom will be getting a birthday shout-out tommorow, have a great weekend everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Happy Birthday Jackie :)

 Hi friends, today there is a beautiful lady in J- Land  celebrating a birthday -I would like to wish Jackie who has the journal Hope Floats a very Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!! Jackie is a loving mom and a wonderful grandmother and a great friend to many.She gives me strength when I am lacking it and is an inspiration and I really cherish her as a friend.Jackie I do'nt have your new address or I would have sent you a card in the mail but I want you to know I am thinking of you today and I hope you get to see your beautiful grandson on your special day. .Have a wonderful birthday, thanks for being a loyal and wonderful friend to me, I wish you all the best today and always, Love Ya and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, June 14, 2007

CSI night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi friends, I hope you all are having a good Thursday.It's hot here again, in the 90's today, I am sitting here sweating and all the windows are open.I am nervously awaiting my test results praying that I do'nt have PCOS.On a happier note my new blood pressure pills are working out great, the only side effects from them are having to urinate more but if that is the worst thing , no problem.I could'nt handle the nausea and migraines my other blood pressure pills caused.Woo-hoo tonight is CSI night !!!!!!!! For those of you who have never seen CSI tonight's show is amazing, Cindy I will be anxious to hear your thoughts on tonight's show, it's a great episode !!!!!!!!! , I am enjoying having some days off from work and I am trying to talk myself into a workout, Emmi you are my inspiration because even though you were'nt feeling well today you got a workout in, I hope you all have a great Friday, There is another J-lander who has a birthday tommorow- Jackie who has the journal Hope Floats has a birthday tommorow so I will be doing a shout -out to her tommorow , I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday :)

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Wednesday.I fasted for 12 hours and went into the doctor's office today for more blood tests. I still have a little of this killer cold left , when I swallow my right ear hurts inside.As soon as I find out something you guys will know.I was very happy to read online that in the new TV Guide that comes out Friday Jorja is close to resigning her contract, I figured all this time she was going to but for me it's nice to see it in writing.I hope that William Petersen and the rest of the CSI cast told her how valuable her character Sara Sidle is on CSI and how the show would'nt be the same without her.I love the Grissom and Sara moments on CSI and I think Sara makes Grissom feel like nobody else can .She brings out a loving side of him nobody else can.I think Jorja is a great role model too , she seems very down to earth and easy to talk to. I hope when I go back to Las Vegas is September CSI is filming there and I can meet Jorja.Wow it is really hot here today, I might take a dip in the pool later,  tommorow is CSI night, the episode on tommorow night is the first episode from this season featuring the Cirque Du Soleil show and the first hints of the miniature killer.John Mayer also performs towards the end, I loved this episode and it is a two part episode so next Thursday the second half will be on at 9:00 on CBS. Lisa Jo I will try to get the new TV Guide tommorow at 7-11, hope you all have a great Thursday.I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Another Tuesday

 Hi friends, hope you all had a good day.I worked today and it was a very quiet and boring day.When I went into work I noticed on the break schedule Cheryl's name was'nt on it  and it did'nt say that she was on vacation and now we have a new supervisor named  Erin who I have'nt met yet.Could it be ? Did Cheryl quit ? I was hoping but Robin said she was still there, darn .I bought some goodies in my store  from Anthony during my break and was happy when 4:00 came.I was feeling kind of down today which means Mr Red must be on the way, tommorow I am going in for some blood tests early so I have to fast tonight 12 hours.I hope I do'nt have PCOS but I suspect that I do.Always something, lol.I have been craving junk food all day but I was good and did'nt get any.Hope you all have a great Wednesday, I should be getting my TV Guide in the mail soon Lisa Jo, I am so excited !!!!!!! I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Day and A Birthday Tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi friends, hope you all had a good day.I am starting to slowly feel a little more human, but when I swallow my throat still hurts a little bit and my right ear feels a little weird.I went to the Post Office today and mailed a Father's Day gift off to Ted.OMG like everyone in town was at the Post Office today, there were like 18 people ahead of me.I read on one of the CSI message boards earlier that a CSI fan had found out in next week's TV Guide there was an article saying that Jorja would indeed be back for the 8'th Season of CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hoo that is great news although I pretty much knew she was coming back already, lol.  There is a sweet J-lander who has a birthday tommorow -Cindy who has the journal ( Cindy's Life ) has a birthday tommorow so without further ado , Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cindy, Happy Birthday to you !!!!! I have'nt known you too long but in the short time that I have you have proved to be a sweet person and an awesome friend, Cindy is also a new CSI fan which as most of you know is the most awesome and addictive show ever !!!!!!!!!!! Cindy Have a great day tommorow, I'll be thinking of you when I am at work, hope you all have a great Tuesday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Asking for prayers for a friend

 Hi friends, I just found out the other night that one of my dear friends Ted may have skin cancer.He told me that there was a freckle on his face and when it touched it it bled.That did'nt sound good and I am very worried. I told him to go see a doctor right away.Ted is like a dad to me, he used to be one of my neighbors in Pacifica, he was always very kind to me and we became very good friends.I have been trying not to think about my dad too much this week but every year on Father's Day I reflect about my dad and cry a little bit , next Sunday I will be going away for a week to Tahoe to clear my mind, it's really too bad things have to be the way they are between us.I tried not to look too hard at the Father's Day cards at my store, it sucks being estranged from a family member  but I know the stress I was under when my dad was in my life and I remember the abuse all too well so in this case it really is for the best.Please keep Ted in your prayers, I could'nt bear it if he became sick, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, June 10, 2007


 Hi friends, hope you all had a good day.I tried to clean up in here today and move some of my stuff back in the living room after the carpet guys were here because before they came I had to move everything in here.I got a 45 minute work-out in today and when Mom and I went to lunch earlier I ordered extra vegetables in place of the baked potato.We went to lunch at Black Angus and these kids at the other end of the restaurant were screeching at the top of thier lungs the entire time .Thier parents did'nt bother telling them to behave either or to stop. In fact it seemed they were encouraging the kids 's bad behavior.It never ceases to amaze me how some people act in a public place.I have this weird headache today probably from the virus I have, I really wish it would move on, I have never been this sick for so long before, hope you all have a great upcoming week , there are 2 J-Landers this week who have birthdays so I will be doing 2 birthday shoutouts this week in my journal, look for William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger presenting an award on the Tony Awards tonight, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Boring Saturday

 Hi friends, I hope you all had a good day today, I went to buy the TV Guide last night with my letter in it, I did'nt care too much for the letter underneath mine from a troll of a reader saying she hoped Sara was dead but I'm glad I wrote the positive letter.Work was so boring today and yup this annoying virus/ bug is still with me.I just ca'nt seem to shake it, the most annoying thing is the tickle I get in my throat which gives me a coughing fit so violent that it makes me gag.At work I made the mistake of chewing some gum and when I did the juice from the gum made me gag and I had to spit it off in the garbage.My voice is still scratchy and terrible sounding.When is this bug ever going to go away ????? I did manage to get 15 emails for Anthony today which he was pleased about, after work I did a little retail therapy and bought myself a beautiful silver bracelet that says " Love" on it, I love silver and it was on sale too.Touching on another subject -the whole Paris Hilton saga, Phil just let me say that for the record I do not hate Paris Hilton , I find her annoying though and I do feel that since she broke the law she does deserve to be punished for her actions, I think that if any of us had done what she had done our asses would be in jail with nobody caring about letting us out of jail early to be at home in a luxurious mansion to serve out the rest of our sentence. I think other then the fact that Paris is in jail now her life is pretty damn good, I would'nt mind being in her shoes at times when my bills come in the mail like clockwork or the fact that I need a new bed but ca'nt afford one comes to mind.Anyhow I hope you all have a great weekend, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, June 8, 2007


 Hi friends, hope you all had a good Friday.I did'nt sleep too well last night because I am still fighting off this cold from hell. I still have the most annoying tickle in my throat which gets worse at night.The guy came today and cleaned my carpets around 12:30 , they look alot better then they did.I saw on the news Paris was taken back to prison which I think was the right decision.Phil you probably wo'nt agree but the bottom line is Paris broke the law and could have killed someone so just like anybody else she deserves to be punished for her actions.Anyhow I still have'nt had a chance to get that TV Guide yet Lisa Jo but tommorow before work I will try to go get it.Congrats to my new awesome friend Cindy who has the online journal ( Cindy's Life) who watched her first episode of CSI last night, Cindy be careful because the more episodes of CSI you watch , the more addicted you will become, lol. Just ask Lisa Jo, lol.Emmi I finally got your card out today so be looking next week in the mail for it, hope you all have a great weekend, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, June 7, 2007

One more entry for the day

Hi friends, here is my last entry for the day.If you guys are updating your journals I'm not getting your alerts, One thing after another with Aol huh ? I still ca'nt believe Paris is out of jail, what a load of crap, now if any of you were in jail I would be happy to bail you guys out, I do'nt feel a bit sorry for Paris though, she has had a life of priviledge and advantages handed to her that we can only dream of , she should be in a jail cell now but she is at home living it up,just goes to show you , -money talks.I am still coughing and congested from this killer cold, it really does'nt want to leave , I did'nt get a chance to get that TV Guide today Lisa but tommorow I will go out and get it as well as my other weekly faves, Us magazine and Ok magazine.Hope you all enjoy CSI tonight, the episode that is on tonight is very good, tommorow my carpets will finally be cleaned -yea they need it too, Have a great TGIF everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Aol Pisses me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Once Again Aohell has decided to eat alerts up and be a pain in the ass.If any of you get this alert let me know, I wrote an angry entry earlier over my disgust of Paris getting out of jail today, what is so special about her ?????? What makes her think she is above everyone else ????? , So much for Paris getting a reality check,special treatment rules again,  Love You All Lisa XO

Excuse me but what the hell ????????????

  Hi friends, I woke up this morning thinking today is going to be a peaceful beautiful Thursday and I turn on the TV and see that Paris Hilton has been released from jail.What the hell ???????? How is that fair ?????? If you guys are shocked you are'nt alone, guess it pays to be rich and spoiled.You can get out of jail after serving 2 days.If this were you and I this would never happen.I am outraged, where is the justice ????????? There was some so -called medical decision behind her release,guess what it was ? A rash- gimme a break, the only condition this girl has is lack of brain cells !!!!!!! I ca'nt believe this, I really ca'nt .But hey typical though , Paris gets special treatment once again !!!!!!!!!!!! I hope there is a huge uproar over this story !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My exam today

 Hi friends, I just got home a little while ago from my exam.I like my new doctor alot better then my other doctor who was always on vacation.She took my blood pressure and said it seemed lower but I told her how sick the other blood pressure pills had made me feel but she said that might have been normal because it would have showed they were working .She did a pap smear too and I cringed because it was very painful and it hurt alot.I did'nt cry but it was very uncomfortable.She said that I may have PCOS and she ordered some tests for me to check for that.She also gave me a prescription for some new blood pressure pills, hopefully the new ones wo'nt make me feel as awful as the other ones did.Tommorow I will be busy spraying all my carpets with Windex to get them ready for the cleaning Friday, they really need to be cleaned so I am happy it can be done Friday, tommorow night is CSI night -woo-hoo it's one of the Keppler episodes, I think Law of Gravity where Grissom comes back from his vacation and meets Keppler.I love how happy Grissom is to see Sara when he returns from his sabbatical.Hope you all have a great Thursday, Lisa Jo I mailed TV Guide my subscription today so soon we will both be subscribers, I will try to buy the new TV Guide tommorow, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

TV Guide Published My Letter :D

 Hi friends, I wrote a letter to TV Guide a couple of weeks ago thanking them for the awesome Grissom and Sara cover two weeks ago and Lisa Jo told me tonight that in this week's TV Guide that will be out on stands this Friday ( here anyway) that they published my letter, OMG !!!!!!!!!!! I ca'nt believe it :) So for those of you that subscribe or read TV Guide look for my letter in this this week's issue with the Soprano's on the cover, thank you so much Lisa Jo for letting me know, you are my awesome CSI spy who always lets me know about Grissom and Sara articles, although Leene has also given me a heads ups before for Jorja articles in Star Magazine, you guys are awesome :) I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Dr's Appt Tommorow

 Hi friends, hope you all had an awesome Tuesday.This morning I was able to catch Marg Helgenberger on Regis and Kelly before I left for work.She is awesome, I think she is amazing as an actress and she always looks beautiful.I went to work today still feeling crappy from this cold that has whooped my ass.I can handle most colds but this one is brutal.I have this annoying tickle in my throat that does'nt want to go away and I have to keep sipping water so I wo'nt cough.Anthony was very understanding when I told him how sick I was last week, I was glad he understood, the store was really quiet today which I was glad about.Tommorow is my doctor's appt and I am a little nervous about seeing another new doctor.I have a feeling that she might do a pap smear or a vaginal exam , want to hear what happened during my first pap smear ? I cried because it felt like I was being violated again when the gyno swabbed my vagina, I guess it reminded me of when I was molested those two awful times, anyone got any tips on how I can keep myself calm if she does do a vaginal exam on me tommorow ??????? Anything would help I am nervous about my appt tommorow and I am dreading it in a way.I am so glad I stopped taking those blood pressure pills, the best way I can describe how I felt when I took them was how you feel when you have the flu, nausea, dizziness, headache, excess saliva in your mouth, those pills made me feel horrible !!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully tommorow I can get a new prescription for something else, I'll let you guys know how my appt goes tommorow, wish me luck, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, June 4, 2007

I have an appt Wednesday

Hi friends, I hope you all are having a good day, I feel better today and I figured out what was making me feel so sick.It was my blood pressure pills, I did a little experiment today and did'nt take one this morning, the nausea is gone,the excess saliva is gone and the feeling I am going to vomit  is gone, the horrible headache is gone, the ickiness is gone, so I will tell my doctor Wednesday those pills are'nt working out and making me feel really sick, hopefully I can get another prescription for another blood pressure pill instead, Emmi your pictures and belated card will be coming this week because after tommorow I am off until Saturday, Thank you for your patience, I got sick and then got behind in getting your card out, Tommorow I will be back at work, hopefully Anthony will understand why I did'nt come in Wednesday and Thursday, usually I never say "No" to him and maybe that became a problem but I did feel awful those two days and I could'nt have gotten through an 8 hour day, Have a good Tuesday and for those of you that are Marg fans she will be on Regis and Kelly tommorow morning, Lisa Jo thank you for the heads -up for that !!!!!!!! I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, June 3, 2007

25 Facts about me

Hi friends, here are mostly unknown facts you will find out about me,
1) I was born with ADD
2) I always felt stupid in school and struggled in math and history
3) One of my brothers Anthony and I have no contact ( Long Story there)

4) When I was 9 I saved my grandma's life by pulling her out of the way of a car
5) When I was 10 years old my other grandma ( my dad's mom had a heart attack on a dance floor and died instantly
6) I dreamed of becoming a dancer growing up
7) I dreamed of being a mom when I was as young as 7
8) When I was 2 I modeled for a little while
9) I do'nt open up to people easily
10) I have nightmares of being killed by a drunk driver
11) When I was 15 I slept over at a friends house and her dad had too much to drink and planned to rape me that night but I called a friend to come get me
12) I am scared of spiders
13) My dad scared me as a child
14) I lied to my boss Corey and called in sick to work to attend Laci Petersen's Trial in Redwood City
15) The next day I got in trouble at work because Corey had seen me on TV that night
16) My brother Derek saw a ghost twice in his life when he was 3 and when he was 6
17) I consider myself a late bloomer
18) I felt ugly in junior high
19) One of my former assistant managers at World Market was a drug addict
20) I babysit alot as a teen
21) I hated bananas as a kid and I still do
22) One of my best friends was raped and murdered in San Francisco in 2002
23) I dream of working in forensics
24) I used to wish I was a blond as a kid
25) I was considered a gifted writer in school

Wondering about Side Effects From Blood Pressure Pills

  Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.I talked to Jodi on the phone this morning and she had talked to Carol Mendelsohn yesterday and Carol confirmed that Jorja will indeed be back next season on CSI -woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!That is wonderful news !!!!!!!!! I would certainly hope she would be back after that cliff hanger ending that had me in tears, maybe summer wo'nt be so long after all, I started taking my blood pressure pills two weeks ago and every day since then I have had a dull headache on one side of my head that seemed to come on when I started to take the pills, I'm wondering if maybe that is a side effect from the pills, can any of you that take blood pressure pills tell me if that happened to you too ? I'm curious about that , I went to see Mr Brooks today, it was creepy, disturbing and bloody .I liked seeing Marg in the movie from CSI, she is a great actress , always good in any show or movie, I am so glad to be off work tommorow, Saturday was a nightmare, hope you all have a great week, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Today Sucked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, wow today was just crappy from head to toe.I went into work today and the very first thing I see when I go into work is Cyndie with Robin walking the store, sigh ....... this is the second Saturday in a row she has been there when I went in, anyhow we were unbelievably busy today so I would say as always Cyndie's timing for a visit sucks !!!!!!!!! I started to feel sick at work too , my nose starting running and my voice is just terrible right now, I was embarrased having to page Robin or Cheryl over the intercom with my voice sounding like a sick seal's.Of course I was the only cashier in the back of the store and I kept getting a huge line and called for a back-up cashier but every time I called everyone else was too busy to help me.Can I just say the fact that I am off tommorow and Monday is a gift, do'nt forgot you CSI nuts tommorow at 1:00 p.m. on Spike TV is the CSI marathon, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!! I am going to check out the movie Mr Brooks tommorow, hope you all have a great Sunday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, June 1, 2007


 Hi friends, I am so glad today is Friday, it's been a long week and I am tired.Tommorow I will be back at work , still not feeling 100 % better but I'm trying.I bought some Cold -Eaze today at Safeway, one of you guys mentioned that to me a while back.Next week I am going to have my carpets cleaned in here, they could really use a cleaning, my apartment manager said the night before to spray my carpets with Windex the night before they are cleaned, she said they would get cleaned up better after being sprayed with Windex, hmmmmm who knew ?, Hope you CSI friends of mine enjoy the CSI marathon on Spike Sunday starting at 1:00 p.m. , there is a beautiful girl who is graduating high school tonight, Lisa Jo's beautiful Megan, Congratulations Megan !!!!!!!!!! If you could all please keep Lisa Jo's beagle Maddie in your prayers,she has'nt been feeling well these past few days, there is a new movie that started today called Mr Brooks and Marg Helgenberger from CSI plays his wife on there, looks like a good movie, did any of you go to see it today ? Have a good weekend everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Creepy TB Attorney and Happy Birthday Mary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Hi friends, I saw on the news this morning and  online  that the creepy attorney is now trying to apologize for what he did.I think it is a little too late for that,he did'nt think about the consequences of his actions at all when he chose to fly on the airplanes. God he just seems so arrogant !!!!!! I bet his new wife is seriously regretting marrying him, I ca'nt imagine how freaked out those plane passengers are there were sitting near him on the phone that have to go through numerous tests now for weeks on end.I would like to wish my sweet friend Mary who has the online journal Just Mary a very Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!! Mary you are a wonderful friend and you deserve an awesome birthday, hope you have a great day, do'nt forget you guys this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. for you CSI junkies like me there is another CSI marathon on Spike TV , Hopefully those of you that missed the Memorial Day one can see this one , Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO