Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Sunday Ramblings

hi friends, I will have a new dress code at work starting next week but I will be away for two weeks after this Sunday, lol.Anyhow our new colors are black, white, khaki and grey which sucks because I have lots of black but no white, grey or black.Damn now I guess I need to get some new clothes, was'nt planning on that.I was reading the latest US magazine which is my favorite magazine ever and even though I think what  Denise Richards did was wrong, dating Heather Locklear's Ex-husband Richie Sambora  Heather was Denise's best friend, Charlie Sheen sounds like a total ass !!!!!!!!!! He threatened Denise and said "You're fucking with the wrong guy, I read he took a wedding photo of them together and sawed it in half in the garage and spray-painted "The dumbest day of my life" on it I was like oh my god ! Also he told her "I hope you get cancer and die" and he pushed her once when she was holding the baby and she fell with the baby in her arms, All I can say is Denise be careful and get a good divorce lawyer because you need to make sure you get custody of those two sweet girls, That is my worst fear to marry a man who turns out to be abusive like Charlie Sheen, I suffered enough abuse as a kid from my dad and I'll be damned if I marry someone who treats me as horrible as he did.On another note my assistant manager Robin is soooooo lucky, today after the store meeting this morning she got to go to a Giants game with her husband and Anthony and his girlfriend.I was jealous I admit, but I really like Robin , too much to be jealous for long.She is really pretty , Robin looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt, and sometimes she reminds me of Jamie Lynn Siglar aka Meadow from the Soprano's, Some girls have all the luck, Sometimes I wish I was the one who was lucky, in life, Have a great Monday everyone, Think of me at work tommorow dealing with the new ID policy, I swear to god somebody is going to flip out about that, mark my words, but if Anthony is standing near me I wo'nt lose my composure and cry, Love You All , Lisa

Sunday at World Market

hi everyone, I had my meeting this morning , getting up at 6:00 was not fun, but seeing Anthony this morning was a lift, so here's the latest scoop about my meeting that I had to attend this morning, starting tommorow our customer ID policy is going to change so every single customer tommorow who buys alcohol or an alcoholic beverage who comes to my register will be asked for thier ID card even if they are 80 years old , that's right folks, I kid you not , now see I can totally see some of the customers thinking that I am kidding with them about that, but what we will be doing is after scanning the alcoholic beverage we will enter the customer's birth month , date and year into the register.I can just see one or two people having a problem with that.Anthony told me today that if anyone got annoyed about that or gave me a problem to call him and he would come over and explain it to them.Sounds like I have a fun day tommorow coming up, also in June our store is going to be remodeled and we will have to all work around that !!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck tommorow at work, but handsome Anthony will be there, so my day wo'nt be totally awful.I am so tired, Love You All Lisa

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday is here

hi friends, today was my second Saturday working, Anthony was there looking handsome as ever, lol.Tommorow is my crack of dawn meeting at the store, we are going to discuss the new dress code, the world market, credit cards, and the upcoming remodeling of our store.It will be weird to be working there during the remodeling, but I suppose it can be done.Getting up at 6:00 tommorow is going to suck but seeing Anthony will make it all worthwhile.I am also working tommorow 12-5 so hopefully we will be a little busier tommorow then we were today.It was a beautiful sunny day today , which is what the weather should be like now for almost May, I ca'nt believe April is over tommorow, where did it go, lol ? I am so tired tonight , but if I go to bed really early tonight I wo'nt be able to fall alsleep, maybe I'll pop in a CSI dvd , I ca'nt believe there are only three episodes left of this season, it went by so fast, but I think this season (the 6'th) of CSI was my favorite ever !!!!!!!!!!! I ca'nt wait till it comes out on DVD although that wo'nt be till September , October, or November.Worth the wait though, lol.Anyhow enjoy your Sunday tommorow, sleep in a little for me , will ya ? Love You All Lisa

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What a world we live in

hi everyone, I read something last night that made me so angry, My friend Lisa Jo's son Chad was beat up by a couple of bullies yesterday on his way to school, he is a handsome boy and seems like a good kid too, what is wrong with the world these days when you are'nt even safe going to school anymore ? It really pisses me off so much, when I went to school there were some kids that gave me a hard time and it really sucked because I hated having to go to school sometimes and deal with that bullshit ! I did'nt go to my high school reunion last year because truth be told I did'nt really want to see those fucks that picked on me in Junior high, anyway I did'nt lose any sleep over not going to my reunion, whatever ! I was off today and I did'nt really do much of anything, but that's what days off are for right ? Looking forward to my Survivor, CSI and Without a Trace tonight, best part of the day, lol.The mosquitos are still alive and well outside, probably breeding like crazy in the container of standing water below on my clueless neighbor's porch, June wo'nt come fast enough when they move out of here, I will throw a goodbye party for them, god knows I have had to put up with enough of thier drunk parties, I think the San Mateo Police have gotten to know them well, please pray for Lisa Jo's son Chad, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tired As Hell

hi friends, I am soooooooooo tired tonight, could'nt even find the energy to work  out , then again I counted 8 little mosquitos on the window so I do'nt think going outside tonight would have been very smart.I keep reading that this year more mosquitos will be around because of the warm winter and all the rain we have had, and it's a depressing thought, I am paranoid about getting West Nile Virus and there is nothing I hate more then going to sleep at night and hearing a mosquito buzzing in my ear, man I am going to go to Long's Friday and get some mosquito repellant because I know that between the water in the lagoon that is'nt very clean with the ducks living there and the standing water my idiot neighbors have had sitting around on thier porch for two months I am a target for the mosquitos .Anthony was'nt at work today, I missed him and it figures I'm off tommorow and Friday and he's there both days, but I'm working Saturday and he'll be there so that's cool.I saw today Sunday there is a meeting I have to attend at work that starts at 7:30 in the damn morning, oh god how the hell am I going to get up at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday? I am dead tired tonight, Have a good Thursday , New CSI tonight, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Madness

hi everyone, today was'nt too bad of a day considering it was Monday, I worked and the store was pretty quiet for the most part.I made this lady's day today when I found her 54 bars of unfragranced soap that was placed up high in a wine box on the top of the shelf, she was looking all over for it at first and brought in the empty box and Anthony told her that it was a discontinued item and we were'nt going to be carrying it anymore, then I happened to look above the shelf and see the box and on the front of it someone had written unfragranced soap and I opened up the box and it was the same soap the lady had wanted, she was so happy , she had all the other soaps she is allergic to with dyes and fragrances so when Anthony came over she goes "This gal found it for me" and I saw a beautiful smile cross his lips, it was a nice moment.Anyhow I am off tommorow but I will be able to get a few things done, then back to work Wednesday, Hope you all have a good Tuesday and thank you all for voting for Jorja Fox to win for Sexiest Vegetarian who voted, I hope she wins, she has done so much good for animals and she is such an amazing person and actress, she is my favorite person on CSI and she plays Sara Sidle to perfection ! New episode of CSI Thursday, Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday is here , Thank God

hi everyone, hope you enjoyed your Friday, I left my ringer on in case I got called into work today , but I did'nt so that was cool.I just kicked back today and enjoyed the sun, went through my closet and weeded out some clothes that I do'nt wear anymore, yakked on the phone to some friends, Did a little food-shopping, you know , typical stuff you do on your off-days, laundry, did'nt make it to the exercise room but there's always tommorow for that, have a good weekend everyone, Love You All Lisa

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another week is almost over

hi friends, it's almost Friday and believe me I'm glad about that, I love weekends and I am off tommorow so that will be nice.Lately I have been thinking alot of my best  friend Debbi and how much I miss seeing her and talking to her.It has almost been 5 months since she moved to Jackson and I am starting to fear that the move has wrecked our friendship which makes me feel incredibly sad.We were best friends and I loved her.I loved having someone so close to me I could share things with and confide in, she is beautiful and so kind and I really miss having her in my life.I wish she would call me and let me know how she is doing.I have been thinking of her alot this week, I miss Debbi, it hurts, we were so close once, now it seems like there are so many miles that separate us, makes me sad .I wonder if absence really does make the heart grow fonder or if that saying is really just a crock of shit ? Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Place For Backstabbers In My Life

hi there friends, I worked today and I saw a former friend of mine who had the nerve to walk into my store and stare at me.I just completely ignored her so I hope she got the hint I was'nt  interested in talking to her .I'll tell you all why Rosalie is a former friend , she at first was a charming sweet older woman who befriended me at my store and in the early days she was wonderful to know and have as a friend,she would call me up and leave lovely messages on my answering machine and get together with me for lunch every so often,  then a few months later when I introduced her to my best friend Debbi, after I went back to work Rosalie and Debbi walked off together and I had a bad feeling .The next day Debbi calls me up and says Rosalie was telling her vicious lies about me and making shit up about me that was'nt true so after that and after she called my mom up and twisted things around that I had told her I dumped Rosalie as a friend.She turned out to be a mean, stuck-up , snotty backstabber and I have no place in my life for people like that.I guess I am way too trusting sometimes so now I am a little more careful about who I let into my life.Sometimes the people we least expect in our lives like a sweet charming older woman can turn out to be a snake in the grass, be careful my friends, I learned the hard way about who I can trust, Love You All Lisa P.S. And another thing I called Rosalie up a while back to return her call to me and she uttered two words to me that my timing calling her was bad "Not Suitable" she went and hung up on me just like that, oh my god was I pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do'nt need people like that in my life .She never seemed to have any time for me, it was always all about her and I used to have to base everything around her and her schedule, Fuck that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Madness

hi friends, I worked today and it was pretty busy today for a Monday , not to mention Cyndie our district manager came by for a visit, if I have'nt told you guys about her before, oh my god she is the biggest bitch ever and she makes everyone really nervous whenever she comes by.Poor Anthony did'nt eat anything all day because he was too busy doing the walk-around the store with Cyndie so before I left today I bought a bag of chips for him to tide him over before he went home, I hated seeing him starve all day because of Cyndie.She is enough to make anyone lose thier appetite.Anyhow I am off tommorow so I'll try to get a few things done, hope you all have a good Tuesday tommorow, The sun is actually out today, I ca'nt believe it, I was starting to forget what it looked like, lol.I love you guys, Hugs Always Lisa

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

hi friends, I worked today and the store was really busy.Anthony was there looking great as ever, lol.I told Brian goodbye today too which was sad but I know I will see him again.I hope you all have a good Easter, my store is open tommorow if you can believe that, but I wo'nt be there, lol.It looks like rain out now, god I'm sick of it, Hopefully the weather tommorow will be decent.Have a great day tommorow everyone, Love and Hugs Lisa

It's Saturday, Yea, lol

hi friends, the weekend is here !!!!!!!!! Sooooooo happy, I might do a few things today before I start work at 1:00 this afternoon, I am so glad David switched shifts with me today, otherwise I would have had to get up at 6:30 A.M. this morning for work , ugh.Anthony will be there too today so that will be nice, I am sure the store will be a madhouse today, the day before Easter, dang I will be running around like a mad chicken with my head cut off, lol.My sweet friend Brian's last day is today before he moves so I will be glad to see him one more time today , I'll have someone take my picture with him, he dresses so nice every day for work so he always looks sharp ! Actually Anthony does too, lol.They are both fashion-plates, lol.I might try my luck and go by See's today but I already know they will be very busy.I'll look though and see how bad it is inside there.Sounds like it rained last night outside, I am getting fed up with it, Bring on some sun already !!!!!!!!!!! My neighbors below me are still being loud and obnoxious blasting music and having loud partys at thier place, and if that is'nt bad enough they have a container of standing water on thier deck that has been sitting there for two months so I guess they want to breed some mosquitos as well.I have complained so many times about them and the police know of them as well.So frustrating having bad neighbors, makes you appreciate the good ones for sure, Have a great Easter everyone, Love You All, Lisa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Friday is almost here, thank god

hi friends, I am so tired tonight, just got through watching my three fave shows, Thursday nights are the best !!!!!!!!I got my boyfriend Randy to watch a little of CSI tonight, but the one that was on tonight was so-so , however the next 4 episodes that start April 27'th look great, I'm so excited to see them.Of course on CSI there were spoilers telling about some of the upcoming 4 episodes so I had to read them, lol.I am glad I am off tommorow inless Anthony calls me in.I am such a sucker for him and his pretty eyes, lol.He is working Saturday too so I am glad about that because to me working Saturday without Anthony there would suck, I had some really annoying customers today at my register, this older lady was buying some talking puzzles from me and she changed her mind twice about buying them and then when I had a huge line decides to come back and get them, not to mention she claimed I owed her $ 20 dollars from earlier, I was like WTF?,  I do'nt owe you shit, I did'nt say that but I was thinking it, god some people annoy the hell out of me sometimes, I just want to pop open a beer and say 'Fuck it" and calm my nerves.Anyhow hope you all have a good Friday tommorow , oh my god it is Good Friday tommorow, ROFL, Hugs everyone, have a great day, Love Lisa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wet Wednesday

hi friends, I am exhausted from work today, oh my god it was sooooooooooo busy today ! I can only imagine what it will be like Saturday,lol.Wish me luck for work Saturday, My friend Brian's last day working is Saturday so at least I will get to see him one last time, he is such a sweetie,I'll miss him so much.I love my digital camera so much, it's so fun to use.I'll post pictures soon I promise, have a good Thursday tommorow, it's the best night of the week as far as TV goes, Survivor, CSI and Without a Trace, Woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Hugs Lisa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Rainy Day

hi friends, I'm off today and it's raining.I got some things done though, took some clothes to the dry cleaners and did some errands.I am working this Saturday so that should be interesting, I've never worked a Saturday before but Anthony will be there so it wo'nt be bad.I wrote some letters today so I was glad I had time to do that.CSI is on at 10:00 tonight on CBS if any of you are interested in seeing it, have a good day everyone, Hugs Lisa

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Do'nt tell anyone

hi friends, shhhhhhhhh do'nt tell anyone but tommorow (Monday) I will be 30.Oh my god I ca'nt believe it ! I will be working tommorow but just until 4:00 in the afternoon.I hope Debbi calls me or emails me tommorow, if she does'nt my feelings are going to be hurt big -time !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll update more tommorow night, Love and Hugs Lisa

Saturday, April 8, 2006

The weekend is here

hi friends, it's Saturday and I am glad.There are some things I need to get done this weekend.Work was ok yesterday , it was a busy day and I brought my digital camera back to take Anthony's picture but he did'nt want me to take his picture.He told me as a child he had modeled which I did'nt find to be a surprise.I like him so much though I wo'nt go against his wishes.He is so handsome , I looked on the break schedule for next week and I am working on my birthday , but it's my own stupid fault, I waited too late to ask for that day off, oh well Anthony will be there that day so it wo'nt be all bad.I really miss my friend Debbi, she has been gone for about 3 months now, I have'nt  heard from her since she moved and she has'nt called me once since she moved, I ca'nt help but wonder if she has forgotten about me.She is living with her boyfriend now so I do'nt know, I feel like I got left standing on the sidelines and it sucks.This is exactly what I was afraid of , that our friendship would get messed up after she moved and it looks like it has happened.Makes me feel really sad.If I do'nt hear from her on my birthday, Monday I will be really hurt.Anyhow have a good weekend everyone, have fun, Hugs Always Lisa

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Friday is almost here, thank god

hi everyone, the sun is out today! Feels good to see it, I was kind of forgetting what it looked like, lol. Today I got my cavity filled, the dentist gave me a mask over my face to calm my nerves and the sensation of the gas from the mask made me laugh, I felt really weird afterwards but now I feel a dull ache in my mouth where the cavity was filled.I am charging my digital camera's batteries right now so tommorow I am going to get a picture of Anthony with my camera.There is an episode of CSI on at 7:00 tonight on Spike TV which is a hard episode for me to watch but I always end up watching it anyway.The episode Burden of Proof in which the 12 year old girl Jodie was molested by her stepdad.Brings back painful memories for me as the same thing happened to me at 9 years old except it was my friend's grandfather who did it.Sometimes I wish I could erase the memory of that so much , but I know I will never forget that ever.It has become part of me , and part of me will never be the same because of that but also I have this inner strength sometimes that is overwhelming , which I got at an early age because of my childhood and the sense that I always had to look over my shoulder and worry about the next bullshit incident that was going to happen to me and my family because of my dad who was abusive to me and my family almost all of my life.The memories I have of a child are not great ones, I look at childhood photos of myself and no surprise in many of them I am not smiling, but I knew, even then, at 4, 5, 6, 7. Children can sense when thier lives are troubled and I used to envy people I knew who had it good growing up, whose fathers adored them and would do anything in the world to protect them because I never had that.I never had that sense of security or freedom that most of my friends had.I hid my bruises and scars and carried on somehow.My brother Tony aka Anthony I probably will never see again , he became really upset and bitter in his teen years and we were never really that close anyhow but he ended up like a feather that the wind carried far far away in it's swirls, last I heard he lives in Georgia, it pains me to think that all the pain and suffering my dad caused even made one of my blood siblings turn away from me.Do I feel worthless most of the time ? You bet the way I grew up I was never made to feel like I was important or I ever mattered, I became a human fly on the wall overlooked by all.My dad is a pathetic excuse for a person and I do'nt really care if I ever see him again.He somehow can live with everything he did and carry on with his life.It amazes me he can be so uncaring and cruel , he is able to fool his friends into having them think he is this great guy though Ha ! Bullshit !!!!!!!!!! I'll update again tommorow, Hugs Lisa

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Wet Wednesday

hi everyone, it's Wednesday and yes it's raining again.I am going to bring my digital camera to work today and take a picture of Anthony.It's really hard for me to get out of bed on rainy days sometimes but I 'm up, lol.My friend Brian is moving to San Diego next week so we might try to do a lunch today .Everyone I like moves it seems, makes me sad .Anyhow have a good Wednesday everyone, I would like to say "Hi" to my new friend in J-land Lisa -Jo who is a really awesome person.Be back tonight, Hugs Lisa

Monday, April 3, 2006

Monday Madness

hi everyone, hope your Monday was good.Today I was supposed to be off but Anthony called me around 11:00 this morning to come into work so of course I did.Better then sitting around here doing nothing.I again today noticed how beautiful his eyes are when he was near my register.He is so handsome ! Tommorow is supposed to be another rainy day, ugh.I am getting fed up with wet weather.Have a good day tommorow everyone, Hugs Lisa

Sunday, April 2, 2006

I got a digital camera

hi friends, I finally bought a digital camera on Saturday, I am still getting used to how to use it so be patient with me.But I promise when I learn how to send pictures online there will be some , it's raining here yet again and probably for the rest of the week, I feel like I'm living in Seattle instead of California.Will the rain ever end ? Have a good week everyone, be good and stay safe, Hugs Lisa