Monday, July 31, 2006

Some People Just Disgust Me

Hi friends, I just got home from work and I heard something that just disgusted me to no end.My brother just spent the weekend with my loser father and his greedy money-hungry bitch of a wife (Not my mother by the way) My brother said that my kind-hearted Uncle Rich had been taking care of an old woman who was sick and she had died and left him some money.Well my brother said that a while back my Uncle Rich was supposed to go to Vegas with my loser dad and Kathy (His bitch of a wife) and he did'nt want to go so he backed out and Kathy was going on and on about them being out $800, they have more money then I can ever dream of too by the way I might add, so anyhow my brother tells me tonight that Kathy was already hitting my Uncle Rich up for the $ 800 , I was like WTF ? He has'nt even gotten the money yet, what a fucking greedy bitch !!!!!!!!!!! Another thing I might add, my Uncle Rich is dirt poor, he has nothing, an old car, old clothes, etc, it's ironic his name is Rich because it's far from the truth, I guess I ca'nt be too surprised by this but my god leave the poor man alone and let him enjoy his money, My dad and Kathy are really something, Pathetic really,makes me shake my head with disgust and even more so I can honestly say I am ashamed to be related to my dad, he makes me sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me rant, Love You All Lots Lisa

Sunday, July 30, 2006


hi J-land friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.I was feeling pensive today and was thinking deep thoughts.So far this week I have worked out three days in a row, go me !!!!!!!!!! Lol I keep hearing the magic number of days to work out a week to start losing weight is 5 , sometimes 5 days a week is hard to master especially when you work 5 times a week but I try.I will try to get a 45 workout in tonight, I was sleeping earlier and I had a dream I was falling, I hate those dreams, they are so scary !!!!!!! Back to work for me tommorow, Have a good week everyone, Love You All Lisa By the way in a couple of weeks I will be sending you guys a reminder because in two weeks the best episode of CSI this season will be airing on CBS again.I know I always go on and on about what a great show it is but believe me this episode Gumdrops was a masterpiece and it would mean so much to me if all of you guys saw it.Even though the main character Gil Grissom aka William Peterson was 'nt in this episode he still co-produced it and I believe it was the best one of the whole 6'th Season with the sweetest ending I ever saw in a CSI episode.I'll send all of you a reminder to watch or record Gumdrops in two weeks ok, Hugs Lisa

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

hi friends, hope your Saturday was a good one.I worked today and it was a pretty good day all in all.I saw an old friend of mine in the store today Anne, she is an awesome lady and I'm sorry that I did give her my email address and phone number when I saw her today, damn it !!!! I am thinking of going to work out in a little while.I've been pretty good about going this week.I am craving pizza tonight for some reason, lol.Hope you all have a good Sunday tommorow, I am off tommorow so I'll do some errands and get some things done.I noticed in the paper today my favorite teacher from High School Miss Alexander, we became good friends and still are to this day, her mother passed away a few days ago, I might go call her .Love You All Lisa

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Friday

hi friends, it's Friday !!!!!!! Yea I live for Fridays.This is my third off day this week and I 'm loving it.I can get some things done today.I'm still a little peeved at Anthony, I have to face him again tommorow .I do'nt really see what the big deal is myself about having one single picture taken but I guess we all have our dislikes .I can accept that I guess.I am craving bad food big-time today .Must be my hormones talking, lol.I might go work-out later and try to shed some of the pounds I probably gained in Vegas.I did'nt eat well when I was there . I ca'nt wait to go back to Las Vegas in December again.Anthony does'nt know about that yet, hehe.Hope you all have a great Friday, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

hi friends, I am enjoying my day off today.It's nice to have a whole day free to myself.Monday night I heard that the creep who kidnapped and killed little Polly Klass in Cloverdale almost 10 years ago had taken a drug overdose in  prison.Unfortanately he survived and was taken to a hospital in time.When I heard that there was something about that which reminded me of one of my favorite CSI episodes Ellie from the Second Season where the hitchhiker who had been involved with Brass's daughter being missing had taken a laxitive and was going to OD.Warrick asked him if he ate something when he was acting sick and grimacing in pain, he admitted to taking a laxitive and Warrick goes 'Oh god he going to OD" Warrick looks at Brass and goes "Can we get a medic ?" Brass hestitates "Warrick again says "Can we get a medic?" Brass hestitates again and Warrick getting mad yells "Brass!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Finally Brass calls for a medic and the hitchhiker goes "Oh my god I'm going to die" Brass came over to him and said in his ear "No worse you're going to live" My thoughts exactly on Richard Allen Davis and anybody else who hurts children.It has cooled down here so I am very happy about that, Love You All Lisa

Monday, July 24, 2006

Two Weeks Missing Tommorow

Hi friends, I have alot on my mind tonight.Tommorow is my loser father's birthday but I'm going to do the best I can not to think about him .I'm going to put him out of my mind like he has done to me all my life .It's really sad that my father has to be so greedy and cold-hearted but I have to accept the fact he's never going to change so I have to just move on with my life.I have a warped sense of self which is probably a consequence of having the father I did.He never did anything to make me feel special or loved as a child , if anything I felt like a big nuisance or I got the impression he did'nt want to be bothered with me.I caught on fast.I was humiliated by him and constantly made fun of because of my A.D.D. I learned how to withdraw and hold my feelings inside.I often wonder why God gave me the father I have.I often wonder why I was'nt given a father who thought the world of me or adored me.I am really pissed off at Anthony, maybe he is'nt so great after all.Wow I never thought I would be saying these words, after all I adored him.My mom accused me of putting him on a pedestol which I did.I feel let down because every single time he asked me for a favor never once did I tell him 'No" I feel used , kind of.Tommorow it will be two weeks since Kay has gone missing.The police just do'nt seem to care at all.They just shrug thier shoulders and say "Well she's over 18" How sad !!!!!!! I guess I had better hope I never go missing because I guess nobody will bother finding me.I am feeling sad and self-destructive tonight.Hopefully tommorow will be better, I love you all Lisa XO

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm a Failure

hi friends, I tried so hard today at work to get Anthony's picture but he refused to let me take one.I tried so hard, I feel really let down, I also feel like I let all of you down as well.I give up, Anthony just does'nt want his picture taken and I was too afraid to snap one of him without asking first at the risk he would get mad.I am very sad and disappointed. Not to mention today also I saw that creep who I've mentioned a few times before to you all in my store and I made up an excuse to get a pen so I would'nt have to wait on his drunk dumb-ass.Why does this creep have to keep coming back to my store drunk and mumbling shit under his breath.I think the San Mateo Police should arrest him for coming to a mall (A public place) drunk out of his damn mind !!!!!!!!!I guess you all will just have to take my word for it about how good-looking Anthony is and how beautiful his eyes are.I do'nt feel like writing too much tonight, I only got two hours aleep last night and I feel pretty shitty right now, Love You All Lisa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Turn the heat down

hi friends, Today in San Mateo it was hotter then hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG worse then any day that I was in Vegas.I am really hoping after tommorow which is supposed to be hotter then today , it will cool down somewhat.Anthony was at work today looking stunningly handsome in a black long sleeved shirt and tan slacks.He looks great in black but boy when he stepped outside the sun must have soaked up his lucious chest, lol.I am bringing my digital cam to work tommorow.If any of you can come up with some sneaky ideas on how I can get Anthony's picture please give me some good ideas.I do'nt want to make him mad or upset him , but I need some good ideas on why I need a picture of him, thanks guys for your suggestions, Love You All Lisa

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday is here , Yea !!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, It's Friday , Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for Fridays , they are the best days of the week.Tommorow my handsome stunning Prince Anthony will be there again !!!!!!!!! I am dying to see him and talk to him.I've missed him sooooooooo much !!!!!! It is soooooooooooo hot here and there is also bad humidity in the air, I slept with my Hello Kitty fan on all night last night !!!!!!!! The heat in my bedroom was unbearable, I think when I left Las Vegas last Friday I brought the heat home with me.I might go take an ice cold shower but I hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa

Friday is here , Yea !!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, It's Friday , Yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for Fridays , they are the best days of the week.Tommorow my handsome stunning Prince Anthony will be there again !!!!!!!!! I am dying to see him and talk to him.I've missed him sooooooooo much !!!!!! It is soooooooooooo hot here and there is also bad humidity in the air, I slept with my Hello Kitty fan on all night last night !!!!!!!! The heat in my bedroom was unbearable, I think when I left Las Vegas last Friday I brought the heat home with me.I might go take an ice cold shower but I hope you all have a great weekend, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday Ramblings

hi friends, I enjoyed my day off today.It was nice to sleep in today until 9:00.In a small way I wished Anthony would call but I guess they had enough people today to work so that was good.I relaxed and ate some food at Taco Bell for lunch which probably was'nt too smart of an idea because I have heartburn now.I planned to go swimming today but alas neither one of my two bathing suits fit,  I was bummed.Guess it's time for a new suit, or time to shed some pounds.Anyhow one of my favorite CSI episodes is on tommorow, the very first episode from the 6'th season, Bodies in Motion, it's worth checking out for sure !!!!!!! Hope you all have a great Thursday, I have another day off tommorow, and then back on Friday, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

hi friends.I just got home a short time ago.Anthony will be back tommorow, but I wo'nt be back at work until Friday and he's off that day, Damn !!!!!!!!!! I wish I was working tommorow so I could see him.Today it has been a week since Kay has been missing.It is really pathetic how the police do'nt care about her being missing and they just throw thier hands up and say "She's over 18"Seems to me like any missing person who is over 18 is'nt a huge priority.I guess I'd better hope I never go missing.I came close to getting raped once, but I'll discuss that is an upcoming journal entry.Anyhow not too much to talk about tonight, I miss Anthony , I ca'nt wait to see him Saturday, I've missed his handsome face this week, Love You All Lisa

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pray For Kay

hi friends.It's been almost a week since anybody has heard from Kay.I ca'nt begin to imagine the pain her family is going through right now.I forgot to mention that Kay has an 11 year old daughter Laura who misses her mom so much.The thing that makes me so angry about all this is that the police do'nt seem to care about finding Kay.They say she went willingly with that guy.How the hell do they know that for a fact? The guy could have threatened Kay's life and told her that he would kill her if she did'nt come with him.Poor Laura, Dee told me last night Laura told Kay's sister "Why did Mommy leave me?" I was like Awwwwwwwww.This whole situation makes me so sad.I wish I could do something to help.The police do'nt seem to want to get involved.I would go look for Kay myself but she is in Oregon.I really hope she is ok.But it has been almost a week and the more time that goes by the less of a chance there is she will be found alive.Dee also told me last night the guy Kay is with is violent and has been known to hit women !!!!!!!!!! I am so scared for Kay, please pray for her and her family, Love You All Lisa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Ramblings

hi friends.I just got home from work.Guess who is in Vegas now ???????? Here's a hint for you all.I have a huge, huge crush on him.Yes you are right if you guessed Anthony.I missed him soooooooo much today.When I left Friday to come home it was 112 degrees , wow I hope it has cooled down a little by now.You can become very sick if you try to walk outside in 112 degree heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!A friend of mine Dee told me last night that one of her best friends Kay is missing.Kay lives in Oregon is and 33 years old.Her dad suspects she got married and ran off with a guy that is a total loser.I have never met Kay but I have heard good things about her.I sure hope she is ok.Dee said she has'nt contacted her dad or sisters and her cell phone is out of order.Hmmmmmmmmm does'nt sound good to me.Dee also said Kay is bipolar so if she is'nt taking her medication it could be a bad bad situation.I hope so bad Kay is ok.A few years ago a good friend of mine Patula was raped and strangled to death in San Fransisco.Her death affected me for a long time.I still think of her every day.I ca'nt help but wonder what would have happened if I would have been with Patula in the city.She was in a bad area of SF, the tenderloin where alot of drugs deals go down and the picture of the man who killed her still haunts me to this day.He was soooooooooooo scary looking !!!!!!!!! I hope this entry is'nt too depressing , guess I'm in a deep thought kind of mood, Hugs to you all Love Lisa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back Home

hi friends, I came back home really late last night.I'm still a little tired.Vegas was extremely fun !!!!!!!!! I tried the slot machines just for fun but as usual I did'nt have any luck.I scoped out every gift shop in Vegas looking for Jorja Fox keychains but alas I could'nt find even one.Where the hell do those people who sell them on Ebay get them if they do'nt get them in Vegas ? I wish I could figure out how to get one off Ebay .There are some things that totally stump me .I still ca'nt even figure out how to post pictures online either.The view from my hotel room was breathtaking of the Vegas strip.Out of the window I could see The Mirage hotel, The Venetecian, Rio and Palms hotels, Caesaer's Palace, Bellagio hotel and the volcano from the Mirage.There was one store I found on the strip called Field of Dreams that when I asked the guy who worked there if he had George Clooney pictures or CSI he said "Yes" to both so I happily ran over to the bins to search for both of them.As I fruitlessly looked for both I did'nt find any CSI or George pictures for( Lisa Jo) my eye makeup started running into my eyes and stinging them bad !!!!!!!!!!!! I was in pain crying and rubbing my eyes.The guy in the store looked at me confused when I walked out of the store with eye makeup streaked down my cheeks probably thinking I was crying because he did'nt have the pictures I wanted.The heat in Vegas was'nt too bad, it was bearable most days like 108 or 106.The taxi-drivers in Vegas, the way they drive is like they are all rushing thier pregnant wives to the hospital , I was like Sheesh where's the fire ? They are crazy, you need to watch out for them when you are walking or driving.Have a good weekend everyone, Love Lisa

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

hi friends. Today was my last day at work before I leave tommorow.I happily presented Anthony with his early B-day present and watched with sheer joy as he opened it in front of me.He read the card first and looked really touched as he read what I wrote.I can remember some of what I said to him in the card.I said that he makes me so proud to work for Cost Plus and that I have seen great things happen at the store since he has been with us .I also said that I beamed with pride everytime a customer comes up to me and tells me how nice the store looks.He blinked a few times as he read the card.I was like Awwwwwwwwwwwww.He loved the present too.He smiled and said "You did'nt have to get me anything" I was like "Oh I wanted to" I loved seeing him so happy.I did'nt bring my digital camera either today.I did'nt want to upset him if he hates his picture taken.I made him so happy I did'nt want to ruin the moment by doing that.Anyhow when I get home I can always get one .I have a little plan on how to get one of him.I was sooooooooo damn hot today !!!!!!!!!!!Even now at 8: 30 at night it's 79 degrees out, ugh !!!!!!!!!!!!I had a hell of a time sleeping last night because of the heat.I went to bed at midnight and tossed and turned until 2:00 in the morning.Please let me sleep good tonight.I leave tommorow for Vegas !!!!!!!! OMG I ca'nt wait !!!!!!!!!! I am so excited !!!!!!!! I have batteries charging in my room for my digital camera.I have charged two sets already so I will have three sets to bring with me.I will write you guys as soon as I get home.Have a good week, I Love You All Lisa

Friday, July 7, 2006

Friday Thoughts

hi friends.It's Friday !!!!!!!!!!! Woot Woot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Fridays !!!!!!!! I went to Movie Groove this morning and picked up my Jorja Fox movie Food For The Heart.I ca'nt wait to see it.I know I will love it.Mr Handsome was there today but I only got a brilliant glimpse of him later in the day because he was pretty stressed-out this morning.I felt so bad for him.He stayed in the office pretty much all day.I offered to buy him an iced tea at lunch but he passed .I was sad.I am glad he will be there tommorow for me to enjoy.He makes me feel so good about myself.He is such a good manager.I feel so lucky we have Anthony at our store.He makes me feel so proud to work at Cost Plus.I'll update one more time tommorow.Pray I see Jorja and the rest of the CSI cast in Vegas !!!!!!!!!!! I might have a heart attack and need CPR !!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

hi friends.I enjoyed my day off today so I had a chance to refresh myself before going back to work tommorow and Saturday.Anthony will be there for both days -can I let out a big Woo-hoo !!!!!!!!! I love when he is there.I always feel safe in his presence and just looking at him calms me down when I am upset or anxious.He is so striking.I need to sneak a picture of him for you guys.I will give it a shot Saturday I promise.I am sooooooo excited about Vegas.OMG two more days before I leave, wow I ca'nt wait !!!!!!!!!!!! I want two new CSI shirts and maybe a Forensics jacket like my friend Melissa had that I wanted soooooooo bad !!!!! I dyed my hair earlier to cover up the greys.My hair is so soft now.I'll update a couple more times before I leave Sunday.Have a sweet Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

hi friends.I had such a hard time getting out of bed this morning but I managed to get myself to work.Cheryl was back today but she seemed ok at least no different then how she is usually.I was at the register and this man who seemed very strange came up to me and goes 'Hey if I leave my ID with you can you loan me some money?' I was freaking out and thank god another customer came up to my register and asked me something and he walked away.I was like WTF ? Later when Cheryl came to the back of the store I asked her about the guy and she was like 'Oh I took care of that " and I was like 'Oh ok" Later when I was eating lunch out in the Food Court the mall security gal waved 'Hi " and came over to talk to me for a minute.She was like "You are so sweet and friendly to me every time I come by but that other woman who 's there at your store today , she 's not very friendly , I say "Hi" to her and she ignores me, she's rude !!!!!!!! " I knew exactly who she meant when she said that.On another note Guess what Anthony told me yesterday I forgot to mention in my journal? He said when he was in Vegas once he saw one of the guy from CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that would only happen to Anthony, not only is he blessed with good genes but he also seems lucky in life.I ca'nt wait to see him Saturday and give him his B-day present.I feel soooooooooo bad I'm going to miss his birthday.I really like him so much and I want him to always be happy and have the best in life.He is a great person and we are all lucky to have him at our store.I am off tommorow, yea I will be packing lots of my stuff since I am working Fri, and Sat .Hope you all have a great Thursday, enjoy CSI and Without a Trace if you are avid fans of those shows like me !!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

More Tuesday Ramblings Part 2

Hi friends.Felt like writing a little more.Just to show that I am a sensitive person and I decided to spare Cheryl a little extra pain even though I think you all know how I feel about her.Last week I bought a huge stack of magazines into work like I always do for my coworkers to read and enjoy.Well anyway in one of the issues of Jane magazine I brought there was a story with moving pictures of a girl named Heather who had lost her battle with cancer and died.So before I left work today I made sure I took that magazine with me ( there were plenty of other ones) so Cheryl would'nt read about that girl and cry when she saw how sad some of the photos were of Heather.I'm not sure exactly how sick Cheryl's dad is.I'm not sure if he is near death and his illness is terminal or not but since I know for a fact Cheryl always reads the magazines I bring into work I knew she would see that story and either cry or became very upset or angry.I could have been a mean nasty person and purposely left that magazine in the break room for Cheryl to see but I'm not like that.I care about people and thier feelings.I know what it is like to be hurt and feel pain and be lonely and sad.I just figured I would spare Cheryl some extra pain.I'm sure she is hurting pretty bad right now.I wish Anthony was going to be at work tommorow, I miss him when he's gone, Love You All Lisa XO

Happy 4'th Everyone

hi friends.I just got home from work.I am exhausted !!!!!!!!!!! It was so busy today !!!!! It always seems like the most annoying customers in the store want to hang out at my register and not leave.I always ask Why me? Like this one lady was really trying my patience.She had done an exchange and gotten this little wooden boat and then she proceeded to put it together at my register holding up my line.I asked her if she could please assemble it at one of empty registers instead of mine.The whole day was frustrating to say the least but Mr Handsome was there to make my day better with his beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile !!!!!!!!! My eye is better today, thank god !!!!!!! I was worried yesterday about it.I was wrong about Mz Bitch's aka Cheryl's first day back.It's actually tommorow .Damn why do I have to be there ? Fuck it's been nice having her gone.Nice and peaceful I might add.No drama, no bad moods.I think Cheryl needs to chill out majorly.Well we have a new little freezer in the store that sells cold drinks now.Maybe she outta stick her head in there and cool off for a few hours, lol.Love You All Lisa, Enjoy the fireworks tonight !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 3, 2006


hi friends, I had today off and I enjoyed it as much as I could.Renting a couple of movies one Jorja Fox starred in from a few years ago called Memento.I just love her and I ca'nt wait for the other movie Food For The Heart to come in I ordered last week.I am feeling sooooooooooo tired and sluggish today, also this morning in my right eye it looked like there was a little blood in my eye.I was kind of worried.I wonder if a little vessel broke in my eye.It was just a tiny little spot but still.Have any of you heard anything about what can cause that? Cheryl will be back at work tommorow.She had better behave herself too !!!!!!!!!! My period is on it's way so I'm not in the mood for drama or bullshit !!!!!!!!! Have a good 4'th of July tommorow everyone, Love You All Lisa

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Just Venting

hi friends, I worked today and I am tired but glad I made it through another day.And by the way boy am I glad I'm off tommorow because there are supposed to be all these people from Corporate coming by the store tommorow that want to see the remodel.Anthony will have to do a walk around in the store with them.What a fun  day he will have.Poor baby I hope they all treat him good.I'm hoping and praying that the woman's daughter from Corporate does'nt get hired at our store.Wow that would be such a nightmare in the makings !!!!!!!! I do'nt see anything good coming from that, just more stress and hard times for us Cost Plus employees.God sometimes I wonder how much shit will get thrown my way in this life.I wonder why sometimes some people have all the luck and breaks in life, why the sun seems to constantly shine on some people and they are born lucky.I was never one of those people.I've had to work hard all my life and everything I have which is'nt much I have paid for myself.Nobody in my family ever offered me any help moneywise.My dad told my brother to tell me that he cut me out of his will and I told my brother "Good I do'nt give a shit" I 'm used to being poor and I will be poor the rest of my life.I do'nt need my dad's money.He is such a heartless asshole he has never done anything nice for me in all the years I have been alive.Just humiliated me and made me feel unworthy and invisible.I grew up feeling unimportant and that I did'nt matter.I was never made to feel like I did.My self-esteem suffered greatly.To this day I still have huge self-esteem problems.I guess I always will for the rest of my life.I hate my life sometimes.I hate the way I feel about myself.I wish I was someone else sometimes,. anybody else but who I am.Thanks for listening to me vent, Love You All Lisa

Saturday, July 1, 2006

My Saturday

hi friends, I worked today and it was pretty busy in the store today.My favorite girl at the store Leslie told me that some lady's daughter from Corporate wants to work at our store and Anthony really did'nt want to hire her because she would run to her mother and tattle to her about everything that goes down at our store.Can you imagine how much that would suck ? Leslie also said Anthony might be forced to hire this girl because Cyndie aka Ms Bitch might force him to hire her.Fuck that pisses me off !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see this could be a major problem !!!!!!! Hopefully she will find another store to work at besides ours.I looked on the work schedule for this week and I am working tommorow, Tuesday which will be the first day that Cheryl returns back to work.I'm nervous about her being back, my period is coming too so she had better think twice before messing with me !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony's birthday is coming up soon and his present is in my room waiting for him.I am so looking forward to going to Las Vegas, OMG I'm pumped up with joy !!!!!!!! I wish I knew if CSI was going to be filming that week while I am there, I will do a little investigating online and find out.I am so bringing my digital camera in case !!!!!!!!! Have a good Sunday everyone, Love You All Lisa