Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Thoughts

Hi friends, I woke up this morning with a metal taste in my mouth, it was really gross.I think one of my tooth fillings is leaking.I went to work with a horrible headache.I was wishing I would have had Gatorade with me.I made a dentist appt for tommorow on my lunch break.The store was'nt really all that busy today.Cheryl was off today which I was very happy about.Anthony was there today, he wanted me to stay an extra hour, I really did'nt want to, but he pleaded with me so how could I say "No?"Tommorow night on Spike TV at 6:00 p.m.is a truly great CSI episode called Butterflied.This is the one episode that got me hooked on CSI.I am loving my new CSI book, there are lots of pictures of Jorja and William Peterson as well.I am so glad I am getting this tooth taken care of tommorow, it seems like ever since it was filled it has been nothing but trouble !!!!!!! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween, Love You All Lisa XO

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Musings

Hi friends , hope you all had a good Monday.First off I rushed to the post office this morning to get the mystery envelope and it was a surprise from my friend Anna.She had made these beautiful cat pictures for me !!!!!!!!!!! OMG I love them !!!!!!!!!! I was reading online this morning on CSI Files.com that a new C.S.I. book was being released today.OMG so I rushed to Barnes and Noble and took one look inside at the glossy beautiful  pictures and snatched it up.I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was worth every penny !!!!!!!! Work was pretty good today, Anthony was there when I came in and he and Robert were re-setting a display in the front.I got 10 people to sign up for our email -list and on another note Robin gave me a big stack of Friends and Family coupons for our upcoming Friends and Family weekend-if any of you would like one that have World Market near you , let me know.I was so surprised to hear that Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon are splitting up.They were like one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood, so sad :( Hope you all have a spooky and great Halloween, Love You All Lisa XO

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hi friends, hope you all had an ok Sunday.I was feeling better today but I am never going to eat at Taco Bell again.I do'nt want to feel like I did yesterday .Lisa Jo sent me some awesome CSI blinkies this morning that totally made my morning.Thank you so much Lisa Jo !!!!! You are so sweet and so thoughtful !!!!!!!! I went to Long's tonight to drop my memory card off from my digital camera, I will go back tommorow or Tuesday to get the pictures. I promised a very special friend some pictures.There is a mystery big envelope waiting for me at the post office, I ca'nt imagine what it could me except a long time ago I wrote a letter to Jorja Fox and told her how much I admired her and how much I felt I could relate to her CSI character Sara Sidle.OMG I hope she wrote back to me and sent a picture !!!!!!! I went out to dinner with a friend tonight and who did I see sitting at the bar but my dad and his new wife.My heart skipped a beat and I started to shake, I grabbed my friend 's arm and said "Let's Go" Thank god they did'nt see me, thier backs were turned to me.Me and Jennifer went to Mimi's Cafe instead.I love that restaurant !!!Anyhow I hope you all have a good week, I ca'nt believe it's almost Halloween !!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa XO

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Feeling Sick

Hi friends, do me one favor, remind me never to eat at Taco Bell ever again !!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent all day trying not to be sick and my stomach was not happy all day.I felt sick a little last night too, I was thinking of a sweet guy online I just have been talking to lately and what a great smile he has !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony called me this morning wanting me to come into work but there was no way I could have, inless I would have had a wastebasket next to me to be sick into.I thought I was going to be sick in my local grocery store tonight and the manager there who is always sweet and says 'Hi" to me would'nt have been happy about me puking all over in his beautiful store.Anyhow I found out Wednesday night the CSI that will be on at 6:00 on Spike is Butterflied, is that episode the absolute greatest or what ? I love how Grissom reacts when he sees how much that woman looks like Sara.I love that episode soooooo much !!!!!!!!! I told Lisa Jo to watch that one or tape it if she can.Anyhow hope you all have a great Sunday and Jackie I am sooooooooo glad you are ok, I was worried sick about you, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, October 27, 2006

Typical BS at work

Hi friends, I had such a long day today and I started feeling sick at work too.My head was hurting and I was asked to stay until 6:00 tonight.I just kept thinking in two weeks I would have the money to buy the 6'th Season of CSI on DVD so that got me through the extra two hours.I still have Jackie and Lisa Jo on my mind, I was thinking of them at work today.Lately my assistant general manager Cheryl has been really moody and horrible to be around at work.I really think Anthony needs to have a word with her.I know Cheryl has issues and her dad has not been well lately but she just seems lately like she ca'nt handle the stress of work lately, I think she needs like a two -week vacation or something.I keep my journal private for a good reason sometimes because if Cheryl saw this entry in my journal , she would probably go off on me at work.I ca'nt believe I have this weekend off, I am excited and I need to have two days to recover before going back to work Monday.I would like to say 'Hi" to a new online friend I met today , Angie you seem like such an awesome person, I look forward to getting to know you, Hope you all have a good weekend, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two J- Landers need our prayers

Hi friends, Two of my favorite people in J-land are hurting right now and need our prayers so I ask you guys to please these two beautiful and wonderful women and let them know that we are thinking of them, First off Lisa Jo who has the journal Damaged Goods, some insensitive jerk hurt her which makes me very angry , They were jealous because Lisa is deeply loved in J-land and she is one of the most beautiful and kindest people I have ever met  .I love Lisa  and I hate seeing her sad .It makes me sad too.So please if you do'nt know Lisa Jo click the link on my side bar to her journal and let her know we care and are sending her our prayers and how much she means to us !!!!!!!!

The second beautiful lady who needs our prayers is Jackie who has the journal Hope Floats, those bad wildfires that are burning out of control in Southern California are really close to where she lives.Jackie is an amazing lady who has such a positive spirit and she needs us right now to pray for her and to keep her in our thoughts I hope so bad her house will be ok and she wo'nt be evacuated . I know if one of us was in this situation Jackie would be praying for us.So please go visit these two wonderful ladies,  I thank you and I love you all Lisa XO

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One of Grandma's favorite recipes

Hi friends, I was off work today and did'nt do much of anything so I wo'nt bore you all with the details, I was thinking of a recipe my grandma June loved and passed on to me and now I would like to share it with all of you, Here it is, Hugs Lisa XO

The Kidney Bean Dish

One package of ground beef

One can of tomato sauce

One can of kidney beans

One yellow onion

2 tablespoons of spicy brown mustard
2 tablespoons of cooked bacon

Ok cook the ground beef until browned, add the tomato sauce and the kidney beans and the bacon, then simmer for 10 minutes , add the diced yellow onion and the mustard and heat for 10 minutes, by the way here's a tip, cornbread is an excellent side with this dish, Love You All and hope you enjoy my grandma's recipe, Hugs !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Hi friends , I knew today was'nt off to a great start when as soon as I came into work I did'nt see Lydia who is usually always there Tuesdays, Cheryl said she went home sick, I looked over at her register and saw a can of 7up and I put two and two together , but I asked Cheryl and she was like "Yeah Lydia was throwing up' I sighed because I had just gotten a flu shot last Thursday and I am trying so hard not to get sick right now, the last thing I want right now is a stomach virus.I have a question to ask you guys, Have any of you ever gotten a flu shot before and gotten sick before the shot had enough time to start working it's two week magic ? If so was it a waste of money getting the shot ? I'm just curious , I sure hope I do'nt get the flu, I totally do'nt want it !!!!!!!!!! We were so short-staffed today at my store and it was kind of busy too so it was a pretty frustrating day to say the least, Robin my other asst manager who was closing tonight was late coming to work, Cheryl said she was having some medical test done today, I hope she is ok, Robin is so nice, I am worried about her, I hope you all have a good Wednesday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Monday.I worked today and it was a pretty quiet day.I worked as hard as I could getting the emails, today I got 10 customers to sign up, not bad considering it was a slow day.Only three more weeks until the 6'th Season of CSI comes out on DVD.I ca'nt wait !!!!!!!!! I absolutely loved the 6'th Season of CSI!!!!!!!!! I love the cover picture too, it is really awesome, I am going to run to my nearest wholesale store and buy it Nov 14'th.I was thinking of my Grandma June at the bus-stop today and thinking how much I miss her.She was the person in my life who loved me unconditionally , who was always good to me and accepted me as I am , God I miss her it has been 12 years since she died and I never stop missing her.I wish I had one last chance to tell her how much I loved her.Work again tommorow, hope you all have a good Tuesday, Love You All Lisa XO

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.Mine was'nt bad.I went down to feed the ducks this morning, they were all really hungry, lol. I will be back at work tommorow and hopefully I will have good luck getting the emails again tommorow, the trouble is Anthony thinks I am the best at getting the customers to sign up for our my store'semail list and so every day after my shift is over he is always anxious to know how many I got for the day.I can be a little pressuring but I can handle it. I did some loads of laundry today and ran some errands as well.Mom and I went out to dinner tonight at Red Lobster, I love thier coconut shrimp there, mmmmmmm ! I went to work out for an hour tonight and I'm proud of myself for going, hopefully I can try to go 4 times this week .Wishing you all a wonderful week, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.Mine was good , I went to Barnes and Noble to read the new magazines and I was looking through the new OK magazine with Tori Spelling on the cover and who is there an article of in there but Jorja ? How totally sweet was that ? I did'nt even know she was in there but if I would have known I would have bought it for sure.I still have that beautiful song from Thursday's CSI stuck in my head, I saw the cd of In Search of Angels for sale on Amazon.com, hmmmmmm seems worth getting, lol.I am off tommorow so I can get some errands done, mail a package to a very deserving friend who has been very patient waiting for it, work was good today, I got 15 people to sign up for our emails, not -bad , hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All Lisa XO

Friday, October 20, 2006

TGIF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, I am so happy it's Friday, really I am.Seriously the Gatorade cure is a miracle, I was soooooooo amazed how fast my headache went away after downing two glasses of it, you guys must try it !!!!!!!!!!!!! CSI was excellent last night, and wow that beautiful song that played twice during the show has been running through my head all day, now I think I should see about getting it, lol.I know it is from the soundtrack called In Search of Angels.Work was pretty good today, Anthony was there in a good mood, the customers were all pretty good today, no problems at all, my kind of day :) My brother got his first car last night, how stoked is he ? Congrats to you of you who were nominated for the Vivi's !!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone, back at work for me tommorow, but Sunday will be my relax-day, Love You All Lisa XO P.S. I am going to write a letter to Jorja Fox Sunday and tell her how much I admire her, I hope she writes back !!!!!!!!! I would be thrilled if she did :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, I am feeling better today, thank god !!!!! I felt really crappy yesterday but I did discover a headache cure that I read about but thought was hype.I drank two glasses of orange gatorade back to back and like in a few minutes the horrible headache I had was gone.I was stunned !!!!!!!!! The aspirin I took at work did'nt work at all , but I came home feeling sick and cured myself.Ok now I am a Gatorade believer, lol.Of course I had a nice conversation with a friend last night too before he went to watch Lost, maybe that helped a little too.Lately it seems like there are'nt as many people who are reading my journal and it makes me a little sad.Yeah I know the lay-out of it is boring and I do'nt know how to post pictures or add graphics or my journal would be totally awesome !!!!!!!!!! I probably wo'nt be online tonight because Survivor and CSI are on, but hope you all have a good Friday, Love You All Lisa XO

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I felt a little sick at work today all day, but I did get a flu-shot yesterday so maybe a reaction from the shot I'm thinking ? Anthony was there today , he seemed like he was in a good mood and I did get 19 people to sign up for my store's email list so that made him happy.My mom saw me this morning and told me the dress I was wearing made me look "Pregnant" I was like 'Gee thanks" She always knows how to boost my self-esteem.Anyhow I am glad I am home for the day , I hate being at work when I do'nt feel well.I felt sick to my stomach all night last night, I kept expecting to be sick but it never happened which I was happy about but still I hate that sick feeling.I have to go back to the dentist tommorow to have the tooth looked at that was filled a few months ago, it has been bothering me again this week, ugh I hate going to the dentist.Hope you all have a good Thursday , CSI night woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa XO

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, ugh .................

Hi friends, I am so glad I made it through another Monday, ugh the worst day of the week as I see it.Work was ok today, kind of quiet, There were a couple of customers who seemed in the mood to bitch, but thank god they stayed at the opposite end of the store.Anyhow a good friend of mine suggested I write Jorja Fox a letter last night, I think it is an excellent idea, now I just have to find the address to write to her, I know CSI is filmed at Universal Studios now, if any of you can figure out how I can find out where to write her a letter I would really appreciate it, Have a good Tuesday everyone, I am trying to eat better this week and so far no sodas is working out good , green tea is just as good and better for you, Love You All Lisa XO

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, I went to the journal chat earlier and had some fun chatting in there to my two sweet Lisa friends and making a couple of new ones as well.I am so tired today and have a weird headache right now.I was watching some episodes of ER when Jorja Fox was on there.I just think she is the best actress ever, there is something about her that when I am really sad or depressed when I see her it makes me feel better.I wish so bad I could meet her someday and give her a hug and tell her how awesome she is and how much I admire her. I wish so bad I could have my picture taken with her in Las Vegas sometime, I am going back there in April so hopefully CSI will be filming this time, I hope when Anthony's girl was proprosed to this weekend she said "Yes" to him .She had better have said "Yes" to him.I hope he invites me to his wedding , although I know seeing him in a tuxedo all dolled up and so happy would make me cry, I'm so emotional and weddings make me cry.Hope you all have a good week, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO, By the way have you all voted for the Vivi's yet? I still need to, :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Day at World Market

Hi friends, I went to work today but first I stopped at my beloved Tower Records because last night I did some research online and saw that in the 4'th season of ER Jorja Fox played a nurse on there and so because Jorja is my favorite actress in the whole world I had to have that ER when I went to Tower today they had the 4'th Season of ER there woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!! Also Lisa Jo's hottie George Clooney is on that season as well.I went to work and it was a pretty busy day.Anthony was'nt there yesterday or today, Leslie told me Anthony took this weekend off to propose to his girlfriend, Awwwwwww is'nt she the lucky gal ? Leslie told me also today that when Anthony was married before his wife cheated on him.That made me so sad to hear that, she was like 'If you were married to Anthony would you cheat on him ?" I was like "Hell No" Rain is coming again , but I'll get my boots and rain jacket ready for Monday.Hope you all have a great Sunday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just a Little Update

Hi friends, just wanted to say C.S.I. last night was really good and K-Fed was pretty good in his role as a punk which is what he is in real-life.The youngest guy on CSI was hurt by K-Fed and his gang of punk friends , but I love how Sara aka (Jorja Fox) was so concerned about him and told him she came just for him-Awwwwwww .In some of the early episodes of CSI. Greg had a big crush on Sara (He still does) and wanted to ask her out.It was very satifying to see last night , K-Fed was punched in the face by one of the guys from CSI. (I wo'nt say who because I do'nt want to ruin it for Lisa Jo and another good-looking CSI guy took K-Fed's phone.Anyhow hope I did'nt ruin the show for any of you guys who have'nt seen it yet.Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a relaxing Thursday.Mine was ok, I am still  sad about Tower Records going out of business.I went there for a little while today, I wish so bad they were'nt going away.I have loved that store forever.Tonight on C.S.I. K-Fed will be starring on there playing what else a punky kid.I think he is the biggest loser ever , now hopefully his acting will be better then his singing.Tommorow I will back at work, yea three days off in a row is too many for me, lol. Hope you all have a good Friday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I have'nt been able to stay away from Tower Records since I got the sad news last Saturday that they are going out of business.I spent 2 and a half hours looking and shopping too in there today.I saw my co-worker Leslie in there and the second time she came in she pointed out to me "Oh there is that woman who you do'nt like" I looked over my shoulder nervously and sure enough I saw the Phycho bitch that used to come in my store all the time and harass me and give me a hard time.I quickly gathered up my purchases and went up to the register.I was really grateful Leslie pointed her out to me in there or I probably would have been too busy looking to notice her before it was too late.I can always go back there Friday or Saturday anyway.I am off again tommorow and then Friday , back to work, hope you all had a good Wednesday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Monday, October 9, 2006

Monday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had an ok Monday.Mine was just that= ok.I am not really a fan of Mondays, I am like Garfield in that sense, my mom came over last night with goodies from Hawaii, she got these Butter Candy Glazed Macadamia nuts and man I ate the whole little can last night and tonight.They are delicious !!!!!!!! She got me some wonderful smelling plummeria perfume too and a cute pooka shell necklace, I am so spoiled, lol.Work was ok today, My Anthony was'nt there and I missed him.I forgot to mention last week two things, first of all on Friday Anthony gave me a beautiful sterling silver rose ring from Mexico- I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy and I have to take a picture of it to show you guys how pretty it is, another thing the lady that was such a petty biatch last week to me about the green tea apologized to me Saturday and brought me a free green tea and kept squeezing my hand and saying she was sorry , ok so maybe she is'nt so bad after all -Hope you all have a good Tuesday, Love You All and Big Hugs Lisa XO

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Today was'nt bad

Hi friends, today was a pretty-good day.I just worked for a short while and it was quiet which was really nice after yesterday.Yesterday was a damn freaking zoo !!!!!!!!!! I found out today that the blond bitch yesterday Miss Thang called Aaron one of my co-workers an ass yesterday when he was trying to help her dumb -ass.That really pissed me off !!!!!!!!!! Aaron is so nice and I noticed yesterday that the minute Robert went to help another customer  Miss Thang was all upset nobody was paying attention to her dumb -whiny ass.Oh man that lady was a drama-queen !!!!!!!! I just wanted to get away from her.Anyhow hope tommorow goes as well as today, I went in Tower Records and felt like crying.I love Tower and I will miss that store very much. But I did see something Lisa Jo would like in there today and I bought it for her for Christmas, wink Have a good Monday everyone, Love You All Lisa XO

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Another Crappy Day

Hi friends, OMG today was really not fun for me.I woke up and I had the worst cramps ever, but somehow I made it to work.Cyndie was there first thing in the morning and wow she was wearing this very unflattering black shirt and her stomach was poking out of the bottom of the shirt, it looked like a shirt a teenage girl would wear, Then Cyndie decided to sit out in the Food Court and stare at me, I was not happy to say the least.Ok today was like coupon day from hell, some people are really greedy with the ad coupons from this week and want to use like 10 at a time and I was like "Uh you are only allowed to use one of a time" Then before I was supposed to go home there was this whiny blond bitch who was buying like 10 straw handbags and kept bugging me if we had one more, She had her whole cart stuffed and then goes "Oh can I leave this here?" and she left in right in the damn gangway in front of my register, never mind the fact other people have to pay at my register, I left my register and moved her fucking cart out of the way, god she was thoughtless.She had Robert calling the Redwood City store for her about finding one more of her damned handbags and then he came out and told her they did'nt have anymore.It was just about time for me to go home then so I asked Moises to take over my register and I left.When I was in the office with Robert Aaron came in and said the blond bitch was in the front making a scene.I told Robert and Aaron she needed to get over herself because as soon as Robert started to help another customer looking up something on the computer this bitch was flipping out in the back of the store probably about the handbags again.He told her the Redwood City store did'nt have anymore.Geeze I guess it went in one ear and out the other.As I was leaving to go home I saw one of my favorite stores Tower Records is going out of business.I love Tower and I loved buying cd's there and I am devastated that they are going out of business :( I almost cried when I saw that.So then I walked to the bus stop and who do I see there pacing around but the creepy drunk guy.Fucking great I thought and sat a good distance away from the jerk.So that was my wonderful day, how was yours ? I am working tommorow as well so there goes my weekend, Hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All and Hugs Lisa

Friday, October 6, 2006

Can someone send me some hugs ?

Hi friends, I am so depressed today .God I was at work and my mood was so bad I did'nt want to be there.There is this 40 % off coupon deal going on right now and every other customer had one of them , now I can see using a 40 % percent coupon on a rug, or a mirror or something even like our jewelry but when I saw tons of people using the coupons on like freaking candy bars or rubber ducks I just thought that was such a waste.I was in such a bad mood today I even snapped at Anthony, which is something I have never done before, of course Cyndie popping in for a visit did'nt help my bad mood any.Hope tommorow is better because today really sucked !!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Debbi came :)

Hi friends, Debbi came today and we had a nice two hour catch-up.It was wonderful to see her and nice to spend some time with her.It has finally stopped raining here -Thank God !!!!!!! Tonight is C.S.I. night -Woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited as always, Usually CSI never is anything but good !!!!! If you guys get the TV Guide that comes out tommorow you might see my letter published in there from the wonderful CSI cover two weeks ago.I wrote to TV Guide and thanked them for putting my favorites on the cover.So do check the Letters to the Editor section, Have a good Friday , Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO P.S. By the way I think the alerts are working again , but yesterday I was'nt getting any.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Rain and a fire

Hi friends, well as predicted the rain did come today, not too much though.Just light sprinkles.Debbi called me and said she was working in San Mateo and wanted to come and pick me up.So I put on some decent clothes, touched up my make-up and waited.I heard a couple of sirens, ok I thought maybe a car accident.Then a few minutes later more and they sounded close too.I kept hearing more and more of them.Ok something was going on, "Oh god please, I prayed 'Please do'nt let Debbi have been in an accident " I could'nt have taken that.I ran outside and saw a big black cloud of smoke OMG .The apartments behind the Marina Shopping Center near me were on fire.I kept seeing more and more engines and ambulances going by.My god my heart was racing, I came back in and she called me back to say she could'nt make it today and maybe tommorow instead.I hope Debbi can make it tommorow, I'm off work, lol.Pray she comes by, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Rain on the way

Hi friends, hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday.I worked yesterday and as promised I did'nt buy a green tea at Cajun Grill, nor do I ever plan on it again. Work was busy but way too many returns.I was like WTH? That incident Saturday just pissed me off to no avail !!!!!!! The sky is clouding up outside and the clouds are dark and filling up.I am surprised the rain is coming already, usually October is good weather.Oh well I was thinking of what to do today, maybe work out for an hour, catch up on some reading, do up some dishes.Sometimes I need help getting motivated as I tend to be a procrastinator, hope you all enjoy the day and do something fun for me, lol.Hugs and Love Lisa P.S. Lisa Jo your man Josh is on the cover of TV Guide this week, did you get one yet ?

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.It is supposed to rain here Tuesday and Wednesday .I will be off work those days so I am relieved about that.I hate going out in rainy weather and the way people drive around here, imagine the roads being slick with the first rain then, I have been breaking out all over my legs and some of my face as well.Whoever said acne is gone after your 20's lied !!!!!!!!!!!! I kept putting eyedrops on the zit near my chin to shrink it. Seems to be helping a little bit.Anyhow back at work for me tommorow , my Anthony will be back Wednesday , but I will see him Friday.I am loving the CSI on Spike TV tonight, C.S.I. is'nt usually on Sunday nights.Hope you all have a great week, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO