Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just another day

hi friends, hope your day was good today.It was pretty hot here today and work was a little bit busier today so that was promising.The ducks are still down by the water and there are new baby ducks that were born when I was away, there is also a fairly new duck who is very strange -looking.He has a white body, light brown head , a very long , thin bill, and red eyes !!!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard it right, Red eyes !!!!!! When I saw him up close yesterday I was shocked.I did'nt know there was such a thing as a red-eyed duck.I snapped a few pictures of him with my digital camera.On another note I am getting soooooooo sick of hearing about Paris Hilton.Am I the only person who thinks she is annoying as hell and untalented? I wish there would be a new star who would come along and push Paris out of the spotlight !!!!!!!!! No work tommorow and Anthony is off tommorow and Friday so we both will be off those days, lol.Tommorow is CSI night-yea and also Without a Trace night , Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good Thursday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another day in Paradise

hi friends, I just got home, it was a slow day today but lately that is'nt anything new.A new Cost Plus opened in nearby Redwood City so I think that has started to hurt our store a little bit.Anthony was there today looking stunning as always.I am really tired right now , but after tommorow I'll have a couple of days off , yea !!!!!!!!!!!! Father's Day is coming up soon but I feel a pain deep inside me when I think of my dad and all the heartache and sadness and dissapointment he has caused me all my life .I 'd rather not think about him.I ca'nt help but wonder what things would be like if I had a father who cared about me and loved me for who I am .It would be nice I suppose but oh well.Have a good Wednesday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hi everyone

hi friends, just got home from work.I had a good day today, Anthony was there too-sigh.......... you know a friend of mine sent me a cool email that shows your personality traits from your birth month.Anthony's birthday is July 1'st so of course I had to go right to July and read about his traits first.Well I was stunned because almost of of the good traits for July were him !!!!!!!!!!!!! Like right on the money !!!!!!!!! I wrote down all of them and starred the ones that were the most fitting for him.I was amazed ! Like the fact he dresses soooo nice every day and there was a trait for him that says Takes pride in oneself. I was stunned .Also they were traits for Anthony being born in July that blew me away like Guides others physically and mentally and he is our store manager , it was mind-boggling to say the least.Treats others equally and hard-working also apply to him , wary and sharp too as well as judges people through observations and quiet unless excited ot tense are perfect to describe him.I ca'nt believe how accurate that email was describing Anthony.Have a good Tuesday everyone , Love You All Lisa

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Whew made it threw today !

hi everyone, I worked until 10:00 tonight, whew I'm beat, lol.Anthony was there though -Sigh ..................... God he is handsome.I read this quote in a book once that says "Unfortanely I could'nt help listening to him, he was as handsome as the dawn " That quote totally refers to Anthony, I had a pretty ok day today except around 5:00 some fucking idiot customer decided to flush paper towels in the Men's and Women's bathrooms in my store which I might add that all of us who work in the store have to use as well.Poor Anthony , he was in the Women's bathroom when I came back from my break wiping up filthy water on the floor with his shoe.I felt so bad for him.I took pity on him and held the door open for him while he was in there.This is'nt the first time a customer has flushed paper towels and I really hate stupid people who pull stunts like that.I want to wring thier stupid necks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is even a sign above the toilets in both bathrooms that says in big bold letters that says "Please do not flush paper towels " God some of our customers are truly idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not all of them, most of them are cool but there are definetely a few who are  a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.The plumber came tonight to fix the bathrooms but I noticed there was still an Out of Order sign on the Women's bathroom when we closed tonight................. Sigh.Hope you all have a good Sunday, Love You All Lisa

Saturday is here

hi friends, it's Saturday , yea !!!!!!! I am working today from 1:30 to 10:00 tonight.That should be interesting .Hopefully I wo'nt get too tired from being at work soooooo late.I am badly craving mexican food , I have been since last night.Maybe hit Taco Bell before I start work.I feel really bad about my weight gain from last year.That doctor's appt Wednesday was a wake-up call for me.I know I need to lose at least 50 pounds but god it is so not easy.I think dieting is one of the hardest things ever !!!!!!!!!!! The problem is I love food , maybe too much and Coca-Cola Classic from the fountain machine is my 1# weakness , I love it !!!!!!!!! Also my other weaknesses are cheeseburgers, tacos, burritos, french fries, pizza, chinese food, I could go on.Seriously though I would like to wear a shirt and have it fit tight and not look like I'm pregnant anymore.A customer thought I was pregnant a few months ago.I was so insecure about myself the rest of that day like dang I need to really start working out every day.I know I need to eat better and all that , but it's easier said then done, ok I'll update tonight or tommorow, Love You All Lisa

Thursday, May 25, 2006

First day back at work

hi friends, today was my first day back at work after being away on my trip.It was a really slow day today and Anthony was off.I sure missed him but then before my shift ended around 5:00 he came in for a minute wearing a yellow polo shirt.My eyes took the sight of him in .I saw a display of Father's Day cards today when I walked to the back of the store.It was crushing and made me feel sad but there is a former neighbor of mine named Ted who has always been more like a dad to me then my own dad.Ted was one of my most wonderful friends when I lived in Pacifica.We were always really tight and hung out sometimes , when he moved to San Diego I cried so much.We are still friends today though and I think I will buy a card for him tommorow at work.There is a very special friend of mine who has a birthday today so my dear friend Lisa Jo-Happy Birthday hon !!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great birthday !!!!!! Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa P.S. On another note my long beloved friend Debbi came by today and surprised me at work.I was stunned to see her and for a moment I thought I was imagining her there but I threw my arms around her and hugged her and thank god I did'nt burst out crying but I almost did .It was sooooooooooo wonderful to see her and I guess she has'nt forgotten about me although for a while I was really depressed because it seemed like she had.Today kicked ass !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Diet Time For Me

hi friends, I went to the doctors today and she was'nt happy to see that I packed on 20 pounds from last year.She kept telling me "I want to see you lose weight " She's been telling me that for years.Ugh I felt horrible by the time I left my appointment today, I joked to Randy on the phone tonight and said "No wonder I liked the whales so much in Alaska, I've become one " He chuckled but said that it was a serious matter and he'd be there for me throughout this whole thing.I know I should eat better and I have been making an effort to exercise more, it's something you have to do with your whole heart, you have to be in it for the long run.I'm going to try my best to do this , Have a good Thursday, Love You All Lisa P.S. If any of you have any dieting tips that have worked for you feel free to share them with me !

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pointless Dental Appointment

Hi everyone , my phone rang this morning around 8:30 and it was Anthony calling to ask me to work today, I really wanted to but I had that stupid dentist appt today at 2:30 in the afternoon and he wanted me to work 11-4. So I went to the appointment today and my dentist looked at my tooth , said to come back in two weeks if I still had any pain and that was it, less then 5 minutes, oh I was pissed !!!!!!!!!!! I could have worked today and seen Anthony who I miss , but now I have to wait until Saturday to see him, Damn it to hell !!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, Tommorow I have a stupid doctor's appt, ugh.Hopefully it will be as fast as my appt was today, have a good Wednesday , Love You All Lisa

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Monday

hi friends, I kicked back today since I was off work, I wo'nt be back at work till Thursday, I'm going nuts not working, I need to be busy and being productive, besides I miss Anthony, it would do me good to see him again .I have a huge zit under my nose, I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it to help it heal by Thursday, I hope it does.I have to go back to the dentist tommorow, the tooth that was filled two months ago has been hurting me lately so I have to go there and find out what the deal is.Ugh I hate going to the dentist.It was really hot here today, but it was nice.Hope you all have a great Tuesday, Love You All Lisa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back home

hi friends, I came home today from my trip.I loved Alaska.The Hubbard Glaciers were breathtaking and I took some really good pictures of them to show you guys.I also saw Victoria, British Columbia , Canada and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Juneau Alaska, which had some great shops.Then Skagway Alaska which had beautiful scenery, snow capped mountains and such.Icy Strait Point was my favorite place in Alaska, I loved going to top of the 11'th floor of the ship to look for whales.It was really exciting to see thier spouts in the water and to see them in the water.I fell in love with them, they are beautiful and amazing to see.Also in Sitka Alaska the bald eagles were soaring above me everywhere I went, it was fun seeing them .They are gorgeous birds.The Cruise ship was beautiful and I met some cool friends on there , however they were a few snobs on the ship too who I ignored for the most part.The thing that irritated me was the lack of channels on the ship.They really sucked, the best channel I got was CNN and that did'nt even come in that good sometimes.I hated missing CSI, the last two episodes sounded really good.I read online there was something sweet and romantic that happened between Grissom and Sara, oh my god I'm dying to see the last two episodes !!!!!! I missed all of you so much, it's good to be home !!!!!!! By the way I stopped by work today to briefly check my schedule for next week and Anthony was there, he looked hot !!!!!!!!! I missed his handsome face when I was gone, Love You All Lisa

Monday, May 8, 2006

And I'm off

hi friends, I'll be leaving in a couple of hours, but I just wanted to tell you all I'll miss you and I 'll be home really soon, (on May 20'th) ,I'll send you all my email address on the ship, Love You all Lisa

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

hi friends, I worked today and my day was'nt bad for the most part.I guess I spoke too soon about nobody getting pissed off about the new customer ID policy because at my register today there was an older man who was indeed very unhappy about our new ID policy and claimed it was an invasion of privacy.I was thinking of the back of my mind "Oh please man , if I was following you around with a camcorder that would be a fucking invasion of privacy, but that was the only snag in my day.Anthony was there today looking incredably handsome in a new black polo shirt, I caught him near my register and I asked him what he wanted me to bring him back from Alaska , he said "Surprise me" so I will.I will be packing tommorow and getting ready to leave Monday, it has'nt quite hit yet, the reality, but Monday morning it probably will.Have a good Sunday and I'll update one more time before I leave Monday morning, Love You All Lisa

Friday, May 5, 2006

Friday Thoughts

hi friends, today was pretty good as far as Fridays go.I worked and Anthony came in around 1:30 looking styling in a long sleeved black shirt and khaki pants.Wow he really knows how to dress, lol.When I was in the back at my register he came up to me and I looked at him and said 'You look nice" He smiled and said "Thank You" He asked me if I could work Saturday and I said "No problem " How could I possibly say "No" to him, I simply ca'nt do it, he has this power over me, lol.I need to start packing Sunday for my trip.I am going on an Alaskian Cruise for 12 days.I ca'nt help but think about George Smith and his tragic death of the cruise ship on his honeymoon.I feel so bad for his family, he was a really handsome man and his family deserves answers about what happened to him the night he died.It is still a mystery to this day about what exactly happened to him.In the April issue of Vanity Fair that had Terri Hatcher on the cover there was a big article in it about George, it made me sad when I read it.Also actually the reason I bought the Vanity Fair in the first place was for Terri's article, she is a really brave lady coming forward about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child.I admire her for having the guts to speak out at court about that, I see her in a totally different light then I did before.I felt like I could really relate to some of the things Terri said in that article, I was rather blown away by some of the things she said, I felt I could have written them myself.Have a good Saturday , Love You All Lisa

Friday is here, thank god !

Hi friends, it's Friday and I'm glad about that.Today I am working which I am glad about because I can see Anthony before I leave on Monday for my trip.Also I need to raid Bath and Body Works before thier 5 for 25 sale ends on the shower gels, I need more shower gels.CSI was really good last night, the way Grissom looked at Sara at the end , I was like hmmmmmmmmm like they were up to something.God I love that show with a passion, I ca'nt wait for this season to come out on DVD, I am so going to buy it , but I will enjoy seeing the reruns this summer.I am craving mexican food today, good thing it's Cinco De Mayo , I'll get some enchiladas for lunch , Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Customer ID 's , no problem

Hi everyone, you know the customer ID thing I was stressing about, oh my god it's soooooooooo easy !!!!All I have to do is scan the beverage in the register, and then it's says enter ID date on the top of the register and I just enter the date of thier birthday -like this for example mine is 4-10-76 , wow , total piece of cake, and no customers gave me any crap about it today either, I was beyond relieved, I was thinking of something interesting that happened at my store meeting last Sunday, we did a rating test to see what kind of animals we all are due to our customers skills and learning processing, it turns out I am a dolphin and Anthony came over to me and said "When you are a dolphin you are eager to learn and you inspire others which is what you do" I smiled up into that handsome face of his, Awwwwwwwwww he made me feel sooooo good about myself then.I was beyond happy.It turns out Anthony is a Eagle, lol which means he is proud and smart and soars above us and watches over us.Is'nt that awesome ? I am working Friday too which I am glad about because I will get to see Anthony and the rest of my co-workers before I leave for two weeks on Monday, I am going to miss you guys, but I'll be full of stories when I come back on May 20'th, Love You All Lisa

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Idiot of the Week

hi everyone, I was off today so I was able to get a few things done that I needed.I wanted to share a funny story with you all .Sunday my friend Leslie gave me a ride home from work because we both had the same shift, she needed to get gas first so we stopped at a gas station, there was a man near us also pumping gas.However when he went to drive off he left the gas pump hooked into his gas tank.The  pump flew up in the air and landed on the ground.He got out of his car on his cell phone with a dazed look on his face, When Leslie got back in the car I said "Did you see that?" We both looked at each other and said "What an idiot" and so friends that is The Idiot of the week, lol.Tommorow I will be back at work and the new ID thing started today at my store, hopefully I wo'nt have any irate customers get all pissy about it tommorow because Anthony is off tommorow :(  Have a good Wednesday everyone , Love You All Lisa

Monday, May 1, 2006

Wow What a Relief

hi everyone, I went back to work today and Anthony and I talked for a little while before I started work, I told him I was stressing about the Customer ID thing and he said that it actually starts tommorow instead of today and again if any customers gave me any crap about it to call him, I was really relieved ! Also I told him that I need to buy some new clothes before the dress code starts next week, he looked at me and went "You get all your clothes at Nordstrom huh?" and I chuckled and said "Yeah most of them" Anthony buys all his clothes there and he always looks like a million bucks every day when I see him so I used him as a role model for how to dress so I kind of started dressing nicer too.I again noticed today how beautiful his eyes are, they are soooooooooo sexy ! I had a pretty good day today all in all, Lisa I got your pictures developed for you so I'll be getting them off to you tommorow,  I need to stock up on shower gels at Bath and Body Works, they are 5 for 25 $ right now which is soooooo cool because normally they are like 10 dollars for one, have a good Tuesday tommorow friends, Love You All Lisa