Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today was so tiring

 Hi friends, I am so emotionally drained from this day, the service was nice today but damn the temperatures were soaring today, it could have been at least a 100 degrees today in S.F. but I think I heard the temp was 97 in S.F. but a 100 was the temperature in San Mateo today, Uncle Max behaved himself today at dad's service, I was proud of him, however my brother Anthony who I rarely see was a complete A- hole to me, here is what he said to me when I was sitting in the church dying from the heat holding a little battery operated fan in my hand " Have some respect and turn that damn thing off, if you are bored, there is the exit" and he points to the door, I was like "OMG, I was'nt bored at all, just F -ing hot, was I wrong to have the little fan in my hand ? Anyway I ignored him the rest of the day, he has'nt changed a bit, he's every bit as shallow and self asborbed as he always has been, Sigh........ I was glad when it was time to leave, I felt uncomfortable making small talk to relatives I hardly ever see, by the way Jackie I tried to answer your email earlier but I got a message saying you were'nt accepting mail from me, not sure why that is , but to answer your question a month from today I will be going on a cruise to Alaska with my mom and brother, Alaska sounds good right now, it's pretty warm here even now, but a little breeze is kicking up, thank God, hope you all have a good Friday, I'll be back blogging tommorow that is if I do'nt melt, A huge thank you to Leene for the sympathy card that came in the mail today, thanks so much Leene for thinking of me,  I Love You All Lisa XOXO


imgr8phil said...

You weren't wrong trying to keep yourself cool.  That Anthony needs to grow up.  He obviously wants to make a life out of being an ass.  Glad today is over for you.  Take care and have a good Friday.


siennastarr said...

What a jerk your brother is!  That was such an uncalled for remark!  I'm glad you maintained your classiness and just ignored him.  I'm sure what he said made you even more uncomfortable, Lisa.. but, I'm so proud of you!  You are one hell of a lady!

You are the 2nd person to say that they couldn't send me mail.  Hmmm... I must figure out what that is about!  You know I would never block email from you!  Not ever!
I'll figure it out!

love ya

nightmaremom said...

awww sorry about the remark from Anthony... definitely uncalled for and no I don't think you were wrong.  Hope today brings comfy temps

chat2missie said...

You didn't deserve the comment from your brother.  You did nothing wrong.  Hope you have a nice weekend.

eml625 said...

Your brother what out of line. I dont know why having a fan meant you were bored.....wierd.
Glad it's over too !
Don't melt.

onehenn3chicks said...

Your ass brother was just looking for something to comment about and he had nothing else but the fan.  :-/ Its over with.  Now concentrate on your upcoming cruise.


emmi2sweet said...

ahhh, An Alaskian cruise. That sounds like so much fun. I keep saying one of these days I'm gonna take a cruise. Emmi

momiscool2 said...

I'm so glad yesterday is behind you!
Now you can relax again.
Your brother was way out of line - misreable people have to act nasty to others  to make themselves feel beter. It's his problem - you handled yourself perfectly.

I hope the hot weather breaks fast for you!!!!

Love and hugs,


kamdghwmw said...

I am glad that everything went well. Yes relatives can be very hard to deal with. My dad came from a big family and there is no way I could make small talk with them. I feel your pain there. Yes it is also very hot here.

peytonswater said...

I would have said "I'm sorry Anthony, What did you say" and he would say it again, I woud repeat........"I"m sorry Anthony, WHAT did you say" a bit louder and a much sweeter. It really puts ass'es like him in check. Seriously, it does.  Because what they want is to start something. Making them keep repeating it irritates them to no end and it also makes everyone take note of the ass he is.
Sorry it was long, emtional and hot. You did nothing wrong. He just wanted to be an a-hole and he targeted what and who he could.
Love you

lanurseprn said...

You did nothing wrong! That guy was being an ass. The cruise sounds GREAT!

queeniemart said...

What an ass your brother is. It is HIS loss for not being nice to you. That cruise will do wonders for you i am sure.

rgossett4195 said...

A vacation sounds pretty great to me too right about now!  Funerals with family are always hard, glad you made it through it.  love rose

fasttrack58 said...

Don't worry about it.... I'm just glad you got to see your dad and be there for him and to say good bye.....
Have a nice weekend....
Linda :)

emabecmar said...

next time brother bothers you and says that, just put up your nails like a cat claw and growl at him. it always chases my brothers away, lol. (((((Hugs)))))))
Love ya,
Cindy xoxoxo