Friday, September 26, 2008

A Sad Start to the week

  Hi friends, here I am at the library, waves.My week got off to a sad start, Monday at the Mollie Stone's grocery store in San Mateo there was an accident in the parking lot there.A roofing truck lost control of it's brakes and came barreling out of control down a hill.The truck crashed into the parking lot smashing 9 cars and killing a 9 year old boy and his mom was badly injured and pregnant and sadly lost the baby.I cried when I heard what happened and there is a memorial for the little boy on a tree in the Mollie Stone's parking lot, some of his little friends had left " I love you" balloons and stuffed animals I went by there today and it nearly destroyed me.I could'nt stop crying .I bought a lavender rose and left it by the tree for Tyler.He was a really cute kid and I feel so bad about what happened to him.Work is going ok, Diane and I am getting along a little better, crosses fingers, I have agreed to work Sundays for a few hours, For those of you Cold Case fans this Sunday the new Season starts, yea !!!!!!!!! I am really excited for CSI's October 9'th premiere, Hope you all are doing ok, I am so behind in alerts , but I'll catch up, I have the song The Other Side of the World by Kt Tunstall stuck in my head so I posted the video on my My Space blog if any of you would like to hear it, it's a beautiful song that makes me cry, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


emmi2sweet said...

how sad about the little boy. I couldn't even begin to describe how messed up I would be if I were in the mother's place. Emmi

imgr8phil said...

That is a very sad story and so tragic.  Glad work is a little better for you.  Have a good weekend.


cuteallison1980 said...

That is so sad Lisa.  I can understand how you feel and living so close to that too.  Hope you enjoy your shows and have a happy weekend.  Luv ya!


chat2missie said...

That's horrible!  What a tragic accident.
Hope you have good weekend.

bojgill4375 said...

Not too fun at the library! :(  Waving back. So sad about the accident. Prayers going up. Glad you are getting along better with Diane. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend Lisa. Hugs, Janie

ukgal36 said...

A reminder that life is precious and we never know what is going to happen..what a tragedy though...
hope you have a great weekend

emabecmar said...

god got 2 more angels. hey girlfriend, i haven't been around much either. (((((((((hugs))))))))
love ya,

cacklinrosie101 said...

That is so sad.  The mom has to be totally done in.  Glad things are better at work for you.  HUGS Chris

queeniemart said...

That story makes me sick. OMG.
Thanks for the articles you sent. I DO love Pickler and i am so sad over the man who lost his life....please keep me updated. I thought the CSI was new from 2 days ago. Gee, i am dumb. Gotta go delete it to make more room. Did you see W/O a Trace? Perfect show for a season opener! LOVE YOU!!

hrt2heart615 said...

What a tragic accident, all the way around!  That was sweet and caring of you to  leave a flower for the little boy.  
Such a sad story..

Glad you are getting along better with your new boss..

Love you

peytonswater said...

Ohhh how horrible :( I need to find everyone again on my new myspace page. Ughhhh.
I am very sorry to hear about that little boy, the mom and the baby :( that would tear me up to.
Love YOU