Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm sick of ...............

I'm sick of ................

1) Feeling like my life is going nowhere

2) Having to pretend I'm F-ing happy all the time

3) Comparing myself to other people

4) Feeling like a complete loser
5) Feeling Alone

6) Feeling like my life will never be happy

7) Feeling like I never have any time to myself

8) Snotty attitudes

9) People who are ignorant or judgemental of others

9) Feeling drained both mentally and physically.

10) Always being broke

11) Feeling like everyone else is happier then me

12) Feeling ignored

13) Feeling like a nothing

14) Winter

15) My friends moving away to far places

16) Feeling like everything I do is a failure !

17) Feeling like a doormat

18) Being tired .
19) Having to be Miss Happy Sunshine all the time

20) Having no fun in life

 Now you will excuse me I am going to scream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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