Monday, January 16, 2006

5 things that I hate

hi friends I saw this on other journals, here are the 5 things that drive me absolutely insane .................

1) People who say they are going to call me back and never do.It really hurts but I can take a hint that I am not worth thier time.

2) People who hang up on my answering machine instead of leaving me a message.That is so damn rude, do'nt even call me if you going to do that !

3) Two-faced people, I ca'nt stand it when somebody tells me I mean the world to them and how much they love me and then go and talk shit about me .

4) I hate it when I go to see a movie and people are talking near me during the movie, Seriously shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) And last but not least I hate it when I hear somebody bashing Jorja Fox .Thankfully it does'nt happen much , but boy oh boy I will lose it if I hear or see somebody bashing her.She is my favorite actress and I will always defend her !!!!!

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