Monday, February 13, 2006

Can I Sleep Through Valentine's Day ?

hi friends, welcome to the beginning of the week.Tommorow is Valentine's Day.Just another day to me.My best friend Debbi's birthday is also tommorow but I wo'nt even get to see her which makes me really sad.Last year on her birthday I had the best time taking her out to eat and taking her to the movies and now fast forward one year later , she is hundreds of miles away in Jackson and probably stuck working on her special day.And so I will be at work tommorow feeling like a loser again on Valentine's Day , another day to feel alone.I bought some Valentine's from Kripsy Kreme for my co-workers so at least they will have a good day.Hugs to you all , Love Lisa

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imgr8phil said...

No one left a comment here.  I think you need to be taken out on Valentine's Day and spoiled rotten.  You need to be showered with roses and kisses!  You are such a cutie!  Luv ya!