Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Journal has a sibling now, lol

Hi friends, I have started a new journal besides my Thoughts and Ramblings one, I have a  CSI fan fiction and Creative Writing Journal now too so any of you that would like the link let me know, my new journal is public but I might change that.Be back with an update later, Love You All Lisa


kamdghwmw said...

Good luck with your new journal!

queeniemart said...

please add me. I got your letter today with the beautiful pics of you and Alaska! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

emmi2sweet said...

I'd love the link! Emmi

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
Just reading this entry now...
Would love the link.
I think it will be neat for you to connect with other fans.
Love you,