Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Still Here

Hi friends, I'm still here, thank you Lisa Jo for emailing me and asking if everything was ok, I love you so much for caring,  I just have'nt felt much like journaling lately.My life is pretty boring and I'm not happy about my work situation right now.Part of me wants to say "Screw it" and go to Vegas anyway next week but I know for a fact my ass would be fired for defying the Beast but I am very disappointed I ca'nt go to Vegas, I was really looking forward to going.I have been feeling really drained lately, I come home exhausted and depressed from having such a bad manager.I have always known a good manager makes all the difference at work and now I am seeing how lousy it is to have a bad manager, I dread going into work on days I know she will be there, I see how none of my co -workers like her and it makes me so sad.How did this happen at my store which has always had such a great reputation for good customer service ? Maybe it is time to find another job, but at the same time I have been there a long time and have come to love some of my co-workers alot, saying "Goodbye" would be really hard.I am thankful tommorow and this weekend I'm off work.I am so grateful beyond words to have all of you in my life, I do'nt know how I would get through all this crap at work without all of you and your support, Have a good Friday everyone, , Donna you are in my thoughts, Miss you Angie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa XOXOXO


imgr8phil said...

I think there reasoning for not allowing you to go is weak.  I never heard of this time of year being such a hot bed of retail activity especially with the economy as it is.  Plan it for another week Lisa and find another job.  Take care.


mosie1944 said...

Hang in there; I think the beast's time is short-lived.  Tough times don't last.  Tough people DO.

nelishianatl said...

I don't think the beast will be there long.  If you have patience you'll out last here and be able to breathe freely on the job.  If you just can't take it anymore, start putting feelers out for other job opportunities.  Your co-workers may already be thinking along those lines.  Yes, God Bless LJ.  I love her too, she's a sweety.  I missed you as well.  Hang in there.  We're all routing for you.


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))))))I am sorry you are feeling down and that things arent going good for you at work.I know its hard working with someone you dont get along with.Yes it would be hard to say goodbye to<if you known them for a long time.I will pray things get better for you.I am glad you have this weeknd off.

jckfrstross said...

Hang in there:) the beast will be gone soon. mine sent a email today she is moving on WOOOOHOOOOO keep the faith


nay0114 said...

I think you should look for another job regardless. You already said you're not happy.. no job is worth loosing your happiness over.  Now it's affecting you mental and emotional draining you. Not good. Glad you're off work and can maybe enjoy yourself. Get out and do something.
Take care, Chrissie

bojgill4375 said...

Maxine cartoons are so funny!! lol Sorry you don't get to go to Vegas. :-(  Glad you got 3 days of Lisa. Yes, Lisa, those are my outside cats. lol I have a black and white male and he is a big cat! Heavy! Everyone of them are spoiled!!! lol Got them at a garage sale with their mamma when they were 1 day old. lol Have a wonderful time off, sure you need it with all the crap at your work place. Blessings, Janie

dca721 said...

Awww Lisa,
I am sorry about Vegas, that is bullshit.
Did you ask Cindie about it?  What could that hurt.
Is beast still giving you one day work weeks & then banning you from Vegas.
Are your Mom and brother still going?
I would be very dissapointed too.
I haven't been on the PC all that much,
I am sorry I haven't talked to you in a while.
I've just been numb since Jennifer died, I still can not believe it,
nor do I want to believe it. It was so unexpected.
My sister is doing terribly.
Her Husband is grief stricken also of course, they were soul mates,
so happy together.
Hope to AIM you this weekend.

eml625 said...

Listen to me....the friends you made there will still be friends if you leave. Don't let that stop you. You need to do what's right for you ! Life is to short, be happy! You have to look for something else!
Love ya

ukgal36 said...

I am sorry you are so blue..i agree with everyone else...look for another shouldn't have to feel that way about work....I don't suppose there is another store you could transfer to?

queeniemart said...

i agree with can keep friends and move to another job.....this crappy manager may be there for awhile but will not be there retail nowadays it is about the money and bottom line and back in the old days at MY store they OK'd lots more vacation than they do thing i always do is ask off for a vacation a LONG LONG time ahead of time......maybe the next time you can ask off earlier and go to them and say you are going out of state and will not be available and they may be more apt to give you the time off. I love you are the sweetest person on earth.

therealslimemmy said...

hi lisa. im so sorry things at work haven't been the best lately. enjoy your time off and try to relax...maybe since you cannot go to vegas you can pamper yourself some to give yourself a little "pick me up" go get your nails done or have a pedicure ... or go to the library ... my favorite is hunting the clearance racks for a great bargin. LOL
i hope that someone notices that the manager is not good in that position.
if things dont improve...maybe you would be happier some place else... but i know it is hard to leave any place after you have been there a long time and met people and try to start fresh...maybe you can just keep your eyes and ears open for something else while you continue to put on your "smile" at your current job.
i hope that you have a good day

chat2missie said...

It does suck you can't go to Vegas.  Is there something you can do for yourself to make you feel a little better at home?  Sending hugs, enjoy your weekend.

emmi2sweet said...

I talked to DH about you having sick days & wanting to go to Vegas & he said as far as he knows they can't fire you for taking sick days as long as you have them saved up. You are permitted to use them anyway you choose. If they do fire you then you can sue for unfairly letting you go. Emmi

kamdghwmw said...

I am sorry that you can't go to vegas. I just know things will change for you. I have faith. I love your tag!

rgossett4195 said...

Hang in there.  I always try and practice two things..."what doesn't kill you will make you stronger" and "what goes around comes around"  Keep being the sweet person you are and things will get better, at least you will feel better!  love, rose

cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, Lisa, that is just awful.  I really, really hate change but I think really you should think of looking for something else.  I just cannot believe they would take your vacation off of you.  That sucks!  I hope you can cheer up and smile again soon.  HUGS  Chris

siennastarr said...

Lisa, I'm sorry you are having such a hard time at work.  Lord knows, I can relate to that.  You know.. sometimes God gives us subtle hints that it's time to move on..  maybe that's why you are feeling so discontented in your job.  I know you don't like your boss, but you have mentioned a few times about wanting to change jobs.  Maybe you should seriously thing about it.  I know I'm not one for change, but sometimes "a change can do you good."

Hang in there, sweetie!