Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not leaving you all

 Hi friends, it's me again writing to you from the library, thanks for all of your kind words and support. A friend told me that I might not be able to access Blogger on a public computer, dang no wonder I'm having so much trouble. Do'nt worry, I'll figure something out, I was on Ebay earlier checking to see if there was a CSI calender for 2009, well there is but it's located in the UK, why is that ? CSI is the most popular show on TV and yet the calenders are in the UK only :( A huge phooey there !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all are having a good weekend, by the way for those of you who read my CSI fan fiction journal, I wrote a chapter in it earlier, I still ca'nt get over how sad CSI was on Thursday night, I never so much during an episode like I did for that one, poor Warrick, I wish so much he could have lived, it was great having Sara back, she looked gorgeous, next week's episode looks really good too, I Love You All, Lisa XOXO

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