Friday, October 10, 2008

My last entry, possibly ever

 Hi friends, this will probably be my last entry, I am still not having any luck with Blogger so I think after this entry I wo'nt be blogging anymore.I wish things were'nt so damn complicated for me, for the look of things I wo'nt have my laptop until early November so I guess so much for saving my 2 journals, work is still giving me problems , but I do'nt feel like getting into that now.CSI was so damn good last night, I cried the first 30 minutes and at the end again.My emotions are really raw this week.I have been crying so much this week, I'll miss you all in J- land, I should have known the Aol journals were too good to be true, most of you have probably left Aol by now, I do'nt feel like bothering with it much anymore, probably by the time I get my laptop , most of you would have moved onto Blogger, I ca'nt figure Blogger out for the life of me, Anyhow guess this is 'Goodbye" for this journal And my fan fiction one too, Love You All Lisa XOXO

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