Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another weekend is over !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, hope you all had a decent weekend, mine was'nt too bad.I worked today and my store was pretty busy, mostly people were buying advent calenders , Then I got home and I noticed tommorow was December 1'st- Duh me, lol. When I was doing go - backs in my store today this lady over in the Christmas food section farted really loudly.I fought the urge to laugh and continued putting stuff back.I am off work tommorow, yea thank God because I have things to do like mailing a couple of packages including one to my favorite foxy lady from CSI - the beautiful Jorja Fox.

I would like to do a Christmas card exchange with you all so those of you who do'nt have my address yet, email me so we can exchange addresses.Ok my new favorite website has got to be Facebook, it is so damn fun, I love it !!!!! I love my new laptop, I got the Apple Macbook Pro.It is really easy to learn on and I love how clear the screen is on it.Not to mention I can take it with me when I travel so I can check in with you all, Yea !!!!!!

I might hit the sack in a minute , but I ask a favor of you all, I got an email from my friend Donna tonight saying her dad passed away today so if you all could send up a prayer for Donna, I would really appreciate it.Wishing you all a good upcoming week, With Love Lisa XOXO


Sugar said...

will send up a prayer for your friend & her family. {{}}
i love getting cards, & a couple onliners usually send me a few. but i can't do 'exchange' with everyone as i can't afford the stamps. just have to wish all a merry christmas from my journal.
have a lovely week.

LYN said...

so good to see you posting more pics of yourself hun!
facebook is way more popular in UK than Myspace which is why I joined so I can keep up with my family over there!
have a great week!

Chrissie said...

Wow I'm glad to see pictures popping up now you must be liking the laptop. Glad you get to have off and can run errands. I have a Facebook, but never use it. I haven't gotten any xmas cards yet, but I think I am going to send some out. I'm so behind.
Hugs, Chrissie

lisa jo said...

i confirmed you on facebook today. Love that pic of you and your friend. i am so glad you are back and have your laptop..good for you! Sorry to hear of the death in your friend family. XOOX

Water Runs Through My Soul said...

I have a facebook somewhere, I just not certain I want to get into "another" type of myspace thing. I love that picture of you, you look happy and look great in Pink.

Luv ya

Emmi said...

LMAO ... I love when people fart ... I laugh so hard, even at myself. =D So glad you got your laptop. I wanna do the Christmas Card Exchange with you. Already have your address.

Ellen said...

I like that your posting pictures of yourself. I also love my laptop, it's the best thing I've gotten.
I cant do Facebook, it's to much with the blog.
Have a good night

Missie said...

That's a great picture of yourself you posted! Have a good week.

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

So glad your puter is up and running again..have added you to my list of blogs...wishing you a good week..hugs,TerryAnn

Anonymous said...

Why did u cut your hair???

D said...

so sorry about your friend dad,,, a prayer is going out. Love the pic of you.. it's great to have you back!

Rose said...

love all the pictures!

Donna said...

I found you!
Thanks for the kind words about my Dad, that was so sweet.
I love you.