Monday, November 24, 2008

So glad to be back online again

Hi friends, it feels so good to be back online again, I am glad that Blogger finally let me on there so I could find you all again !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have really missed all of you so very much, it was pure torture for me when my computer was down, work has been so - so lately, I am not really happy with our new manager there, but I try to make the best of the situation that I can, Still faithfully watching CSI every Thursday although the thought of Billy Petersen leaving the show in January makes me really sad :( Billy is the heart of CSI, ca'nt imagine how the show could go on without him.

Are all of you ready for Thanksgiving ? I had requested the day after Thanksgiving off from work, but I was put down to work anyway, I was not happy about that at all.I have been at that store for almost 9 years now and I have a right to ask for certain days off, Anyhow Jeanne if you read this can you send me your Blogger link please ?I tried to access your journal and I could'nt.Wishing you all a beautiful week , I am so happy to be back again, I love you all Lisa XOXO


Linda :) said...

Woo Hoo! You're back!!
I read somewhere the other day that they may cancel CSI after he leaves, we shall see....
and you know we can't have Friday off if we work retail... This will be my 29th Friday after Christmas, lol....
Have a great week!!!

Chrissie said...

Lisa I'm glad you are finally back too. Sorry you didn't get off. My daughter has to work too medical fields don't care either. So I'm having Thanksgiving on Saturday for my kiddos. Wish you were here you could come to my house and eat. I always have plenty. It's a bad habit for me I still cook like 50 are eating. The problem with being raised around a huge family. You think you have to cook the whole 10lb bag of potatoes or there won't be enough. LOL. I'm still watching CSI, but like you don't know where it's going.
Talk to you later.
Hugs, Chrissie

D said...

it's so nice to have you back too...
Going to my sister's for turkey day... pain pills will be in hand just in case

Ellen said...

Glad to see your back ! It wasnt the same with out you reminding us to watch CSI ! LOL
I cant believe you couldnt get off when you wanted, that sucks. But like Chrissie said, the medical field is the same , so yea, I have to work too !

Allison said...

Sorry you have another bummer manager, but glad you are back with us again. Have a happy hump day Tuesday. Luv ya!

lisa jo said...

well you know that you are employed in retail and no one gets Black Friday off, no one. Not me either.
I felt the same way about CSI when they murdered Warrick. It is NOT the same..i do like Riley though. But without Gary, it is just another show most of the time now. Cold Case has been good. I have missed a few due to the damn football or basketball games running over and i did not remember to add time to the DVR.
There are not words to express how much i missed you, lisa. You are a TRUE friend to me, always. That is rare as hell nowadays. Thank God you are back. XO

Terri said...

Welcome back Lisa!!

So glad you found me

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving


Malagutigrrl said...

Welcome back Lisa!!