Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My entry for tonight

 Hi friends, I see Aohell has changed and I'm not sure I like the changes.Hope you all had a good Wednesday, today was my Whale Watching tour and I had to get up really early to leave to go to Palo Alto to board a tour bus to Monteray.My mom went with me and we arrived in Monteray about an hour and 30 minutes later.We boarded the boat and as we were going out to sea the ocean seemed rather rough and after the boat was moving up and down I started to not feel very well.I was glad I had'nt eaten anything this morning , but I still started to feel a little sick, I leaned back against the seat and thought of all of you , my friends in Jland who I love so much to make me feel better.There were a few passengers on the boat who did become sick to thier stomach and my heart went out to them. I never usually get motion sickness, I have never been car sick , air sick or anything like that before and the whale watching tour in Alaska I was fine but the sea was calmer then.My mom started to feel a little sick too so we bought some ginger candies from one of the tour guides, now friends if any of you ever go whale -watching here are some tips for you guys, the number one tip I suggest is a few hours before you take the tour chew up an anti nausea tablet and eat a very light breakfast if anything, bringing some ginger tablets along would'nt hurt either,  also when you are on the boat if you do start to feel sick do'nt stare at the water, try to look upward towards the horizen or the mountains, I did see several whales today and it was such an awesome experience, I ca'nt describe the feeling in words but seeing them brings tears of joy to my eyes.It's so exciting !!!!!!!!!!! None came close enough for me to get pictures but I did try. After the whale-watching tour we went to lunch at a fish restaurant in Monteray and then shopped in Carmel.My ear is still plugged up with wax, Jackie I put the drops in several times yesterday and my ear was popping so I'm pretty sure it is just a very stubborn wax-build-up which I am going to the doctor's about tommorow morning  and she had better be in her office tommorow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on one Jorja's fansites last night and this Sunday in Chicago a group of her fans are going to do a Walk-a Thon in memory of Jorja's mom Marilyn Fox who died of ovarian cancer in 1996.I felt sad for Jorja when I read that and I cried a little.I ca'nt imagine how sad it must have been for her losing her mom.I read before that she was very close to her mom and before her mom died she was so proud of Jorja being on ER so at least Jorja's mom died being proud of her being on a hit show. I know if I lived in Chicago I would participate in that race too.Well tommorow night is it, the CSI Season Finale, , If Sara gets hurt on there tommorow night or heaven forbid dies I will be crying and I might need some hugs.Honestly I ca'nt see how the producers would consider killing her character off, in a recent TV Guide poll 85 % of CSI viewers said they wanted to see more Grissom and Sara , so with that in mind would the producers risk losing 85% of thier audience ??????? I think not !!!!!!!!! And I am hoping that the producers do'nt leave us CSI fans hanging all summer to find out if Sara lives or not or I will go crazy !!!!!!!!!!!! By the way Lisa Jo I am very happy to report that this Fall Without A Trace will follow CSI like it used to on Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. Hope you all have a great Thursday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XOXO


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I have never been whale watching...although I think I would love the sea I also think I have a phobia of it...LOL...Hope you don't cry with CSI...but will be sending you cyber hugs!  Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow!  Hugs,TerryAnn

imgr8phil said...

Sounds like you had a whale of a time.  I love getting a shrimp cocktail on the wharf in Monterey and just love Carmel, would love to live there once I win the lottery.  I think they will keep you hanging all Summer with the Jorja think.  Take care and hope you get that stuff out of your ears tomorrow.


eml625 said...

I would love to go whale watching!
Sorry you felt sick. My son gets motion sickness, in cars, I know how you felt.
I hope your show turns out the way you want.

ksgal3133 said...

I'm sorry that you didn't feel well on your trip. I would love to go whale watching. Did you take any pics??


queeniemart said...

you didnt get ANY pics of the whale watching?!
I am glad you didnt throw up.....i hope your ear is feeling better today. I am behind in journals and TV and everything. Sigh.
Love you so,

emmi2sweet said...

Darn it, I was really hoping to see some whale pictures. Out of all the things I have done since I graduated, whale watching has never happened. Emmi

kamdghwmw said...

I only went whale watching once. I got so sick, we ended up never leaving San Diego harbor, and I have never been back since! LOL

onehenn3chicks said...

I've never been whale watching.  You'd think since I live so close to the water that I would have done something like that.  Glad you didn't get TOO sick.


emabecmar said...

so glad you enjoyed the whale watching. I do hope your doctor is in the office so you can get that ear taken care of. (((hugs)))