Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Thoughts

 Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.I woke up this morning feeling a little nauseous.I think I know why, I still have a little wax in my right ear and some in my left ear too, sigh ..............Before I started work today I went to Long's and got some Ear liquid to get the rest of the wax out.Work was pretty boring today but at least Anthony was there, , also this morning a maintenance man came to look at my phone and said the one in the kitchen was defective and throwing off the one in the bedroom so I went to Circuit City and exchanged it for a Panasonic one instead, I tried to rewatch the last CSI episode on youtube but the 5 'th part keeps timing out, too many people watching it at once ? After work I ran into my friend Tracy after work and Wednesday we are going to go eat at the new Outback Steakhouse , she is a nice girl and she actually used to work at World Market with me but now she works at a hospital close to my store instead, the night I went to the ER Tracy was in there working at the desk and she got me in there earlier then the other patients , I still want to get a Tivo soon to record CSI's on in the Fall, Lisa Jo is it pretty easy to use the Tivo ? I am curious about them, I know I want to get one really soon , I hope you all have a great Sunday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hope your ear gets better..I have an ear that messes with me all the time!  Hope you have a great Sunday too..Out Back sounds nice..Hugs,TerryAnn

eml625 said...

I hope your ear feels better. I have no clue about the Tivo! I'm like you, I dont have one yet.

queeniemart said...

my cable co calls them DVR's. They arent Tivo but they are the same thing. They are simple to use and it changed my life. I did not watch anything 4 yrs ago and now i am addicted. I love Outback too.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the weekend! Enjoy the Outback;they have really good food there!!! I love their garlic mashed potatoes!!

dca721 said...

Hey Lisa,
Tivo or DVR is easy.
You just hi-lite shows and click on the ones you want to record, sort of like a computer, but instead of clicking you push "select" on your remote.
You will love.
Guess what, my tv is down until Tues. box went out yesterday.
I have Dish, they are sending me a new one by Tuesday...remember we were talking about what next??  Then went outside to cut grass and mower broke, cord snapped down inside and got tangled in...what is next?  grrrr.
Have a good day.

magogos said...

Oprah says if she can Tivo, anyone can Tivo. I am sure you will be able to do it. I think it's ssort of exciting. Hugs, Margo

siennastarr said...

I would like to get a TiVo too.. but I don't know much about them.  I would like to know for myself.


emabecmar said...

I am so behind in journals. Am trying to get caught up tonight. I hope your ear is doing better. My husband has a problem at least once a year with wax build up. Hope you have a good week. (((((((hugs)))))))