Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

 Hi friends, sorry I am updating so late tonight.It was a busy day, I rushed out and bought the new TV Guide with the awesome Grissom and Sara cover, that necklace Jorja is wearing looks similar to the one I sent her but it's not the one but as always she looks beautiful on the cover of TV Guide, I am so getting a frame today,lol.I was really glad to have today off so I could get some important things done, I wrote a letter to one of the CSI producers telling her how much I loved Grissom and Sara and sent her a picture of Grissom and Sara and some butterflies and I told her how much I enjoy thier romance on CSI.If she wrote back that would be sweet !!!!!!!! Debbi stopped by my job today, I was sorry I missed seeing her, I would have loved to have had lunch with her, I hope Anthony threw my note out before Cheryl came in today, that would be sure and cause some tension tommorow at work if he did'nt, I reminded him twice so he should have,  hope you all have a great Friday, Tommorow I am dedicating a journal entry to one of my sweetest most awesome friends ever who has a birthday Saturday -Lisa Jo tommorow's entry is for you , I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO

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