Friday, November 30, 2007

I do have a cavity

Hi friends, thank you to Emmi for the oh so cute tag above.I went to the dentist this morning and he did say he saw a cavity.He tried to do some X-rays but I kept gagging from the tabs.I did'nt eat breakfast on purpose because of that so next Friday I have to go to another dentist to have the X-rays done and they will have to numb my mouth first and then do the X-rays.Do any of you have trouble doing the dental X-rays ????? Please tell me I am not alone in that, it was so embarrasing.It was nice to be off work today after 4 long days .I am going to get my Christmas cards started this weekend, One of my Jorja friends Jen sent me a card today in the mail.I got some good news from the Vet today that Mr Diva is'nt diabetic but he does need to shed some pounds as do I.I do'nt know why but I feel a little sad tonight, hope it passes quickly.Have a wonderful weekend everyone , I am thrilled to have a weekend off and I am off next weekend too-woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!! I LoveYou All Very Much Lisa XOXO P.S. Donna I miss our IM chats, IM me this weekend, by the way for those of you that are CSI fans on Monday at 9:00 p.m. on Spike TV is the Cirque Du Soliel episode Built To Kill Part 1 and then Part 2 is at 10:00 p.m. on Spike TV.Chrissie be sure and set your DVR up this Sunday night for those episodes. I have always wanted to see that Cirque Du Soliel Show in Vegas, maybe in March I will.


emmi2sweet said...

Your welcome for the tag. =D  Now about x-rays, I have never gagged but getting those x-rays seem like a torture device. Hope next time is easier on you. hugs, Emmi

imgr8phil said...

People get cavities.  Just be sure to brush often.  Have a good weekend.


queeniemart said...

i had a few cavities but its been awhile. No i dont gag when i do the xrays.  Love,lisa

bojgill4375 said...

No I don't gag with the x-rays, but you have seen my picture and you know I have a big mouth!! lmbo I hate to go to the dentist! I can't take too much of their stuff they numb you with. I am alergic to everything! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the dentist. Blessings, Janie

heavenlybama said...

No problems here with x-rays. You're the 1st person I've ever heard of having trouble.  Enjoy your days off!

sugarsweet056 said...

I have no probs with dental xrays.
Grammys were on tonight so they pre emptied my Ghost Whisperer & Moonlight & Numbers. grrrr
Have a nice weekend.

toonguykc said...

I once threw up when getting x-rayed at the dentist because my gag reflex is ultra-sensitive.  :(


siennastarr said...

I have to be practically euthenized when I'm at the dentist.  Goes back to some bad experiences as a child.  I do not like to go, but force myself at least once a year.  Blech!


eml625 said...

That doesnt happen to me. I hope the next time goes better !
Have a great weekend off!

emabecmar said...

i don't gag, but it does hurt my mouth getting those xrays. Hope you have a great weekend. (((hugs)))))))

ksgal3133 said...

My daughter gags during those xrays too. Sorry about the cavity!
Hope you have a great weekend :)


dca721 said...

Glad I happened to call you last night and I didn't even see this post yet!
Did you read my mind?
I gag at the dentist all the time.
They should be embarassed that they were not able to numb you while you were there.
I still haven't slept...went to bed finally at mistake was turning on the tv to catch up on my recordings...I am all backed up with my favorie t soap  GH & watched yesterday (fri) episode  alot happened and I need to back track or just talk to someone who can tell me all about it.  But I really would like to see what all happened and when.
I was upset and shocked as you know that they killed off one of my favorites...
I am stressed at the thought of Christmas cards and don't know when I will make time to do it.  Wish i could wiggle my nose and clean the house.
Now the sun is shining in my room and I still haven't slept.
Taken 3 unisom and I am still up.
Enjoy your day.


chat2missie said...

My mouth always gets cut up from those darn tabs while getting xrays done.  Enjoy your weekend.

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


nay0114 said...

Sorry you had problems with the xray stuff. I'm not a big dental fan anyway and go figure that's what my daughter wants to do LOL kinda funny huh. Hope you feel better I hate this time of year just because everyone is in some kind of mood from stress. I will have to watch those shows on the other tv or record them with the VHS because for some reason my DVR recordings are full that night. It's my last Heroes :-( . You're going to Vegas again in March? I'm jealous!
Take care, Chrissie

lacaza3 said...

Well you could try thinking that the xray is a piece of hard candy in the side of your mouth...or breathe through your nose..stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth...there are some others I will look them up and get back with you...I have been looking for a job in Dental Hygiene so I haven't been on the computer much.
just know that the xray thing is only going to be in a second and then its over...
I will get back to you about other techinques or tricks that might help
Donna In TEXAS

onehenn3chicks said...

Those xray tabs always dug and cut into my mouth.  Horrible stuff.  :-(