Friday, January 11, 2008

A little update

Hi friends, Thank you to Donna from D's Designs for the adorable tag above.I had my appt this morning, I had the urge to cry sitting in the doctor's office before she came in  and still do now, probably just nerves.Anyhow she felt the lump and said more then likely it was a cyst or a fatty deposit because it was hard for her to find the lump in my breast which she said was a good thing.She had me schedule an ultra -sound this coming Monday .So that is what I know for right now, Sounded pretty good to me . I am not worried, As soon as I get my results back from the ultra -sound I will let you all know.Please keep Angie in your prayers, her grandpa passed away last night, she is on my mind today, Angie if you need to talk or anything let me know.There have been trolls on the loose in J- Land even forcing a good friend of mine to shut down her journal, This journal will never be public , I am not strong enough to deal with mean people or trolls who would feel the need to attack my appearance, or my journal , or anything about me.I am surprised I have'nt had any trolls visit my CSI journal and leave me nasty comments about my writing or Grissom and Sara, One thing I will not stand for is a troll attacking Jorja in my CSI journal or making fun of her looks. I saw someone on the CSI Wiki board write a post that said they did'nt like Jorja because of the gap in her teeth, gimme a freaking break !!!!!!!!!!!That subject is very sensitive to me because I struggle with my own insecurity or self doubt everyday.Anyhow I hope you all have a good weekend, I am grateful not to be working today since Melissa is there today,  I thank you for all of your prayers, kind words and continued support.It means the world to me, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


chat2missie said...

I've heard some trolls are making their way thru J-land!  Enjoy your weekend.

nightmaremom said...

several different kinds of trolls around.. the add trolls who are harmless just a pain in the butt.. then the mean ones.  I have both.  it's so sad that is all they have to look forward to in life.  Keeping you in good thoughts regarding Dr..

ohh hon... aol pictures and animation are not compatible if you need help let me know

sugarsweet056 said...

So happy to hear that your appt went well, & Dr thinks it's nothing serious. Will cont to pray for you. {{}}
I heard about Ang's Gfather already visited her.
Yes the trolls are out! Terrible thing, they need to get a life or get something productive to do.
I had a couple of trolls in 2006 or early 2007. One attacked me, the other attacked my journal. But I just deleted their remarks, I emailed one & he came back to my journal & left an apology comment. Then I never heard from either again. Then occ will have a nasty little comment but nothing serious. :)
Have a good wkend.

lanurseprn said...

I'm like you...that's why my journal is private, too. I just wouldn't want to deal with trolls. No way!
Glad your appt with your Doc went ok. Good luck on Monday.

peytonswater said...

CYST!! I have no worries :) I just know in my gut.  :) I love you tons, and thank you so much for your kind words. I may call you tomorrow, I was going to today but the boys have kept me on a short phuse :( The viewing is this Sunday, and the funeral is on Monday, it is suppose to be 20's to 30's with snow on monday, going to be COLD at the cemetary :(
Your friendship means the world :)

peytonswater said...

P.S. Trolls lurk to those that don't want them :) Always remember that, and also that they are low class, insecure full of hate people that make themselves feel better by attacking others. I personally pity them, such a sorrowful life, don't you think????

nay0114 said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for letting me know about Angie's grandpa so sad. This week I have just not visited many journals I have like 107 alerts in my box and I'm in a funky mood and hate it. This isn't me.
I'm so so happy that you are okay. I hope that test Monday goes well I will say a prayer for you and my best friend, Donna. She's going for further testing and has lumps in both breasts. Breast cancer runs very high in her family, but we're hoping it's like you and just fatty cysts.
Who closed their journal? See I am behind. Guess I better look through my alerts. I hate that people can't leave others alone. Get a life.
Glad you didn't have to work. Have a great weekend yourself.
Take care, Chrissie

imgr8phil said...

Glad you feel good after the doctor's appointment.  Follow up on that for sure.  Have a good weekend.


bojgill4375 said...

Glad that the doctor thought it was nothing. That is good. That is too bad about people being rude. Some will just never change. Glad that you didn't have to work with Melissa. Keeping you in my prayers. Hugs, Janie

dca721 said...

I've been meaning to call you.
Gotta by minutes for phone...I hate it, meant to get out to
Target today, haven't.
Sorry to hear about Angies Grandpa.
I will be in touch with her.
Her Grandpa is near my own Dad's age, my Dad turned 92 on Decemeber
I related so much of Angies experiences about her Grandpa in my experience with my own
I worry about my Mom & Dad every day.
I never started the journal I spoke about last week.
The reasons are the many you happen to mention in your entry today.
I will call you soon.
I am hitting bed early tonight.
I think you should be the Manager, really.
Why not suggest this to the Management, ie.
You would make more $$$$$$$$$$
Take care of you.

dca721 said...

I meant to write...
I need to get out to "buy" minutes.

dca721 said...

I forgot the most important thing.
I think you should rest easy in regard to 'lump"
Dr. wouldn't have suggested it was probably nothing,
if she thought it were ANYTHING.
Don't worry!
Is should be fine.
I had one after son born, severeal months after, fatty tumor.
Have some wine!
Too bad we couldn't share a drink tonight.
CA to far to walk to...

dca721 said...

CA too far to walk to.
I hate when I make errors when I write!

queeniemart said...

the trolls have changed how i write, when i write, why i write and who i consider a friend. The trolls have basically gutted J Land. The trolls need prayer and God in their heart.  Lisa REALLY should have considered going private. If you write anything that identifies you or your family or write anything of substance in a public blog the trolls will find it and hurt you.
I am glad your breast exam came out ok....i have went thru the biopsies and ultrasounds, good luck.

cuteallison1980 said...

I hope that is all it turns out to be.  Glad you went to the doctor.  Makes me feel better.  Sorry that your friend Angie had a loss in her family.  Have a good Saturday.  Luv ya!


siennastarr said...

Trolls, schmolls!  I wouldn't let them force me out of Jland!  Meh!  They are idiots and I wouldn't give them the satisfaction!
I'm glad none have bothered you.  I would have to kick their arses if they ever do!!  You are just too sweet for anyone to troll you! :)

I am keeping you in my prayers, sweet one.....  I feel you are going to be fine... I really do!

Hugs and love

eml625 said...

I think everyone's journal should be private. It would stop a lot of the harrassing here.
I'm glad the Doctor saw nothing. good luck with monday.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Glad you went to the Dr...keeping you in my prayers that all is well....


lacaza3 said...

glad you breast is a false alarm
Donna In tEXAS

emmi2sweet said...

Glad your doctors visit turned out to be something minor. DH gets fatty deposits all the time. Good luck Monday. Emmi