Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My thoughts on today

 Hi friends, do you love my new favorite picture above,  I just love it, hope you all had a good day. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and kind words, please keep those prayers coming because I am freaking out a little bit here, I was'nt able to call my doctor today but Olivia is working for me on Friday so I will call then.Today was a good day at work because Melissa was'nt there, tommorow she will be but Cyndie will be there tommorow too I overheard Robin saying, So hopefully Cyndie will be able to witness Melissa's bad behavior, It will be interesting to see if Melissa acts any different tommorow when Cyndie will be there.Tonight the People's Choice Awards are on , will be interesting to see if CSI wins for Best Drama, I hope so, maybe Jorja will be at the awards, I miss her so much on CSI, the show is'nt the same without her and it seems to be they have slipped in the ratings since she left.I hope you all have a good hump day, rain is back here yet again, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


bojgill4375 said...

That is a really good picture. Hope things go well for you at work tomorrow. You are still in my prayers. Hugs, Janie

nay0114 said...

That is a cute picture.  Hope things go okay at work. We have pouring rain here too.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

imgr8phil said...

Get yourself to the doctor, that is more important than waiting.  I think that should be you on the picture across from Grissom.  Have a good day tomorrow cutie.


dca721 said...

I am so sorry you are stressed out.
As Phil suggested, get to the Dr.
Take care of yourself Hon.
I worry about you.
I've been stressed also and fed up...
I may write to you about it in email.
I love that picture!
It is so cool!
I was slow to figure it out!  Duh, Cool!
Jorja looks good in Long Hair & in any Length!
Or in a potato sack!
I also agree: YOU should be Mrs. Lisa Grissom :)

dca721 said...

OH yeah...Part II
POURING rain Here right now & Mild temps
Spring like
All last night also.
Raining "cats & dogs"
Turtles & Zebras!! lol

queeniemart said...

i read a few reviews about CSI and all of them say that losing Jorja is a loss but the show is so inventive and not past its prime...i just can not wait for some new episodes. 6 days until AI begins!! I cant wait. 3 wks till LOST starts, i am so excited!!!
I am sure things will be positive with this breast thing...you are always in my prayers.
love, lisa

chat2missie said...

Keeping you in my prayers that the lump will turn out to be nothing.

peytonswater said...

Just remember, we woman are full of cysts. Just a fact. Stay postive until otherwise proven ;)
Love you