Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thank you and here are my picks

 Hi friends, I was touched beyond words to be chosen not only once but twice for this award by Chrissie from Almost Paradise 2 and Mandy from Mandy's Hugs Journal so now as hard as it is I am going to choose 6 journals from 6 people that I love, but everyone whose journal I read I have a soft spot for and it was not easy to just pick 6 out of all the journals I read,

1) Lisa Jo - I love Lisa Jo so much , she is a love and has such a huge heart.I got Lisa Jo hooked on CSI and now she is getting hooked on my other favorite Cold Case, I love how she has always given my favorite shows a chance and watched them for me, Thanks to her I am a new Lost fan, I feel like Lisa Jo is family and I hope someday I can meet her because I feel like I know her kids and her hubby and her dogs too.She is so caring  and is a great mom  to her kids and a good doggie mom too.Her journal Damaged Goods 3 is private but some of you are priveledged to know her and be her friend.

2) Chrissie of Almost Paradise 2, I love Chrissie, she is such an awesome person and friend and I hope I can meet her someday.I had so much fun chatting to her on the phone at Christmas, her grandson Kyan is so handsome and I love when she posts pictures of him in her journal.Chrissie is very caring and is a great mom and a wonderful grandma .I got Chrissie hooked on CSI too and I hope she can start watching Cold Case too because it is a great show and I think she would like it as much as CSI and Lost.

3) Angie of Peyton's Water - Angie I love you to pieces, you are one of J- Land's most beautiful angels, you are so thoughtful and kind and caring.Angie has the most wonderful skincare line in the world and here is the link I just love her products, they are better then any you can buy at any store, her lotions and body butters have done wonders for my dry skin and they all smell amazing !!!!!!!!! Her kids Eric, Dusty and Bradley are gorgeous and she is such a good mom and a wonderful friend to me and so many, Angie I hope we can meet someday so I can give you the biggest hug ever !!!!!!!!!!!!

4) Jackie of Hope Floats - Jackie is such a awesome lady, I just love her.She has always been there for me when I was going through a rough period offering support and friendship to me.She is a very kind and caring person and a great nurse too. I know if I was ever sick I would want Jackie near me because she would make me smile and forget I was sick.I love reading her journal and reading about her handsome grandkids Austin and Garrett.Jackie I know before I mentioned Cold Case to you and you said you could'nt get hooked on another show but maybe sometime just give one episode a try and then at least you would have seen it once.I like how at the end of each show Lilly sees the victims for a minute and smiles at them , it is very touching and makes me all teary -eyed but in a good way.

 5) Amy of Surviving Life - Amy is such an awesome friend.She is a great mom to her 3 sons, Sebastian, Sam and Brennan.She is a single mom but she does a great job with her boys which are all very handsome.I love her journal and enjoy having her as a friend very much.She makes me laugh alot and is a great person .I always wish she lived closer to me .I love her and enjoy her friendship very much.

 6) Emmi from What Chaps My Ass and If Scales Could Talk and Sweet and Simple Creations - Emmi is a great person and a beautiful and caring friend.I just love her.She has always had a kind word for Jorja and always signed the petition to keep Jorja on CSI.Emmi loves Cold Case too and she likes CSI too .We like alot of the same things and she motivates me all the time when I am feeling down or feeling depressed.She makes very beautiful tags too and is very talented. I hope I can meet her too someday.

I wish I could have chosen you all , J - Land is such a wonderful place and I have truly met some amazing people here that I am proud to call my friends, Russ, Barbara, Margo, Beth, Chris, Shermeen, Linda, Kelli, Maria, Gretchen, Missie, Heather, Lisa ( Seraphoflove) , Mary Jo, Lyn, Emily, Ellen, Tricia, Rose, Terri, Michelle whom I just met, Teresa, Janie, Terry Ann,  Balinda, Allison, Cindy, Phil, Donna ( Lacaza3 ) , and Donna of D's Designs, Sugar, Sharon, Linda, Rachel, Leene, Heather, Mark ,Katie,  Beth, Mandy, Deb, Connie, Shelly, Gina, and everyone else who has a journal I read, you all rock !!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You All Lisa XOXO


cuteallison1980 said...

I hope you didn't miss mentioning someone, they will be hurt LOL.  That is the problem with these things because people have a tendancy to not look at the positive of you showing love to some because they are only thinking about themselves.  Hope you will have a great week Lisa.  Luv ya!


nay0114 said...

Awww. Lisa you didn't have to pick me again, but thank you so much.
Take care, Chrissie

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((LISA)))))))))))))Congrats,you are very popular.

chat2missie said...

Congrats to you!

fasttrack58 said...

ya know after you invited me to read your journal it took a couple of days and then it hit me, you were Lisa Jo's Mrs. Grissom, lol....
Have a great week!
Linda :)

toonguykc said...

Good picks!


magogos said...

Love you, too, dear. Your ar truly loved by a lot of people, too. Margo

onehenn3chicks said...

Awww thanks.  that is really sweet.  :-)  


peytonswater said...

(((((((((((((((((( LIsa ))))))))))))))) I know we will meet someday, I have NO DOUBT! But I think you should come here!  So we can go meet LJ then then hop over to the Aquarium and meet Chrissy to!!! Wouldn't that be great.
I love you to death!

sugarsweet056 said...

You deserve it, Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

bojgill4375 said...

Congratulations Lisa. So happy you got the award. I didn't know if private journals had the award or not. I only read 2 private journals. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Janie

queeniemart said...

YOU are the nicest person on J Land. You totally did not have to put me on the list...but i love you and you know it. I can not do this because i can not pick just a few and leave others out. I hope you have a happy week coming up!!
XO lj

ksgal3133 said...

Congrats :)


ukgal36 said...


emmi2sweet said...

awww, thanks for the honor. Emmi

dca721 said...

Uh oh...
did you forget about me?
Love you,

imgr8phil said...

I was going to say looks like you covered all the bases but the previous comment says you forget them.  Oh well.  Have a good Tuesday.


rgossett4195 said...

I love you too!  you are a true blue friend to many!  rose