Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Work Day Wednesday

   Hi friends,Thank you Terry Ann for the beautiful tag above,  I had a huge surprise when I went into work today, the restrooms were actually fixed and working, however I was 'nt too eager to tell that to the customers, I was so frustrated yesterday and with my period coming it made it worse, Grrrrrrrrrrrr , yesterday was better though, my store was pretty busy and I sold lots of cards and candies and bottles of wine.Eh tommorow is just another day to me, my cat is the only man in my life but I love him beyond words.I am working again tommorow , Lisa Jo when I got the mail today your man George Clooney is on the cover of next week's TV Guide, I was happy to read that on April 3'rd CSI will be airing new episodes again, I bet before then Jorja's last episode Goodbye and Good Luck,  that you missed Lisa Jo will be repeated although I sobbed my heart out after that episode, I do'nt know if I would want to see it again, I am excited for Cold Case on tonight at 11: 00 p.m. on TNT and Lost will on tommorow, - woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all a sweet and wonderful Valentine's Day tommorow and if any of you do'nt have a Valentine tommorow I'll volunteer myself, lol. I Love You All Lisa XOXO


momiscool2 said...

I'm glad the Bathrooms were working again!!!
I'll be watching cold case tonight!!!!
Have a great night!!!!

emabecmar said...

get some rest. you be busy tomorrow with last minute shoppers. ((((((((hugs)))))
Cindy xoxo

bojgill4375 said...

You might be the smartest one of us... just having a cat. lmbo Enjoy Cold Case. Hugs, Janie

peytonswater said...

You know, I think Valentines day is a joke. Yes, I have Scott and my 3 kids. But Valentines day to me is commercialized day, you should treat people this way all the time. GOd knows the world would be a better place if everyday people were as nice as on Valentines day.
Much love

kamdghwmw said...

I do hope that you are busy tomorrow. That will help the day go by faster. I also have my cats and dogs and they love me no matter what! LOL Maybe you should buy a special treat for your cat? I bet he would love a can of tuna.

nay0114 said...

Well my grandson is all I got and today he asked his mommy to take him to Walmart because he has to get me something isn't that soooo sweet. I'm glad I got one man thinking of me even if he's only 3yo. LOL.
Girl you gave me a scare... LOST is on tomorrow! I was like what I didn't set the DVR so I did it now so I don't forget.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

malagutigrrl said...

Hey there girlie,  I'm catching up with you tonight.  Glad the restrooms are working now.  That must have sucked.  What on earth did you DO?

I'm doing ok.  I'm going on journal hiatus for awhile.  I've never taken a vacation from it and it seems like a good idea.  I'll be back at some point.  A week or two.  I'm not going to Timbuktu or anything!  

Valentine's Day sucks anyway.  Cupid's stupid.

mosie1944 said...

I have two men around the house:  my husband and my grandson (although I think he'll soon be moving out).

We don't give Valentine's Day much credence around here.

I'll sure be glad to see new episodes of CSI.  I DO love looking at Grissom.

magogos said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my friend! It may be easier to have one's cat as a Valentine than a real person. I'm ignoring the whole day myself. Love & Hugs, Margo

nelishianatl said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!  Terry Ann made me and Lisa Jo the exact same tag.  I thought it was so cool.  Hope you get to see your CSI's.
It's great the BRs are finally useable.  Hope tomorrow is full of nice surprises for you.


jckfrstross said...

Happy Valentines Day Lisa:)


motoxmom72 said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Lisa!!


imgr8phil said...

Have a good Valentine's Day.


ksgal3133 said...

I hope you have a wonderful Valentines!


eml625 said...

Glad they fixed the bathrooms!
Happy Valentines day!

chat2missie said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

queeniemart said...

thank you for the best Valentines day card i have ever received. You are the sweetest person on earth & i mean that. i wish i could hug you!! I just watched a CC that has torn my heart out.....i want to see that CSI too....hate it that i missed it but i know you will let me know when its on....glad work went well for you.


heavenlybama said...

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Lisa!

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I've been having computer trouble all week.
Most times haven't been able to sign in.
Even now I have a screen that I do not recognize.
Well, at least I was able to get on now and tell you.
I have missed you.
Hope all is well with you.
Happy Valentines Day a day late to you.