Friday, September 15, 2006

34 Emails today, Eat your heart out Cyndie !!!!!!!!!

Hi friends, I worked an 8 hour day again today and I got 34 customers to sign up for our emails today !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby top that Cyndie !!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to get her off Anthony's back for the emails and well 75 so far this week I got and I still have tommorow a Saturday to aim for 40 !!!!!!!!!!!!!Anthony is so happy about me getting so many, he was so thrilled today when he left I had 30 but then after he left I snagged 4 more !!!!!!!! It is to the customer's benefit to sign because they will get coupons from my store including a 25% Friends and Family one in November so it's something they can use for sure.Ok so I am like drunk with happiness right now !!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a great Saturday, I'll be at work getting more customers to sign up for our emails, think I can get 40 tommorow ? I will shoot for 40 and try my best !!!!!!!!! Love You All Lisa P.S. Cyndie will be speechless for once and leave my Anthony alone now which is what I wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Glad Cyndie will be speechless for a change!!! hugs,TErryAnn

mastersblynn said...

What we do for love!!!!!  Great job LIsa! Barbara

queeniemart said...

congrats on how well you are getting those emails!
XO lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

YAY!!! You go girl! YAY!! :o)