Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Take That Cyndie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends, today was a pretty good day !!!!!!! I went to work and I remembered what he told me at the meeting Sunday about asking the customers if they would like to be a part of our email list and they would get coupons from our store in thier emails -well I got 21 people to sign up !!!!!!!! I was really glad I did too, Anthony was really proud and then Cyndie calls up an hour before I went home and was yelling at Anthony because last week we had'nt gotten many customers to sign up on our email list so take that Cyndie !!!!!!!!! She wo'nt have any reason to yell at him from now on , I will shoot to get 25 a day at least so I have 85  more to go between Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I can do it, I will do anything I can to keep Cyndie from being her bitchy miserable self to my sweet Anthony-how dare she yell at him !!!!! I hear him every day asking customers if they would be to be on our email list, god she is a bitch !!!!!!!!! Anyhow tommorow I am off so I will get some errands done and goof off a little. Have a CSI marathon on my own time tommorow, lol, Love You All Lisa XO


lacaza3 said...

antony is a luck fellow to have you on his side
Donna In TExas

seraphoflove9001 said...

Good job! Keep up the good work! :o)

queeniemart said...

did you put me on your email list? Go ahead.
I hope you win the vacation!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Add me to the list girl friend!!! Huggies and Take that Cyndie!!!!!  TerryAnn

chat2missie said...

Good for you!!

siennastarr said...

We all need someone like you watching our back, Lisa.  Anthony doesn't know how lucky he is!


chat2missie said...

I was one who would walk away from the computer and not put my away message on.  Sorry about that!  I have learned however.  Especially while homeschooling, I have my away message on.  Have a good one!

imgr8phil said...

It was really nice talking with you yesterday.  Anthony is very lucky to have someone like you working for him.  Hope you had a good Thursday.  Take care.