Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My day today

Hi friends, I was soooooo happy to go back to work today, I mean I love off days, but 6 in a row are too many, and besides my bills need to be paid , my cat always needs food and what-not so I am glad to be back.Besides I really missed my co-workers , but my Anthony is gone until Oct 3'rd in Cabo.I sure miss him , but he deserves a vacation and I hope he has fun.I gave him money a week ago in case he saw anybody selling silver rings so he could pick out one for me.OMG you guys when I was in the break-room today on posted up on the wall was a paper that said out of all the World Markets we had the most customers sign up for the emails !!!!!!!!!! That is totally awesome !!!!!!!!! I wish I would have been at the store when Anthony first saw that paper !!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow work again tommorow and hopefully it will be a little busier in the store tommorow then it was today, I was dying of boredom today and I kept playing with the big hourglass in my store, Love You All and Huggggggssssssss Lisa


mastersblynn said...

They should have had your name on that paper as I am sure you are the main one sighing people up!  Great job!!! xox Barbara

siennastarr said...

Must have been all those people you got signed up!  Bet Anthony was really stoked when he saw that!!

Have a great day at work, Lisa


queeniemart said...

aolhell is pissing me off.....i keep asking it to send me alerts for you and it doesnt and now it ate my damn comments in my journal...UGH!!

WOW, 6 in a row? Anthony better come back with a ring for you. If he doesnt, i am going to be PO'ed for you.
lisa jo

chat2missie said...

I remember working retail.  One day your busy, the next dead as a doorknob.  Never predictable.  I always liked it busy though.

imgr8phil said...

I think everyone knows who wss the leader in getting those people to sign up.  I am sure he thought of you the minute he saw it.  Hope you had a great hump day!