Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Predicting My Own Death ??????

 Hi friends, I had a very scary dream last night that my friend Anna and I were in her car and going to the mall to hang out and a car came out of nowhere and hit our car and it burst into flames and we both died.Scary -oh yeah !!!!!!!!! I woke up in a cold sweat shaking.I have shared with you guys before that I have some phychic abilities, when the phone rings sometimes I know who it is before I answer it or I can sense things before they happen sometimes.I admit this ability can be a blessing as well as a curse.I hope I did'nt predict my own death last night.Wow that dream seemed real.Please do'nt worry I have no intention at all of trying to scare you guys , it may be just a dream and nothing more will become of it.I am not really so much scared of death but it is the fear of the unknown that scares me.Anyhow I went to my doctor's appt today and she wants me to try another blood pressure pill as well as the one I am taking down.Hopefully the side effects will be tolerable.I am going away next week for 3 days so the last thing I want is to feeling sick from some new pill side effects.Donna , Happy Birthday to you, hope you are having a wonderful day, I Love You All and Thanks For your comments and for reading, Lisa XOXO


nay0114 said...

Let's hope it's just a dream and stays that way. Where you going? Do you get a mini vacation? Hope the new pill works out and you don't have any more side effects.
Take care, Chrissie

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I hate dreams like that!  I have had them before and something else happens so just be careful...Hope you have a good week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

chat2missie said...

I sure hope your weren't predicting your own death too!

imgr8phil said...

That's a scary dream.  If you are going to have that happen to you do it in Vegas where Sara can do your autopsy.  That was a joke!  LOL  Take care cutie.


queeniemart said...

are you going on vacation again? where?
i dont like that dream that you had......at all. I hope your new pills help!
love you so,

eml625 said...

OMG Lisa, That has to mean something, I dont know what though.
I hope your new medicine works.
big hugs,

therealslimemmy said...

scary dream i have ones like that sometimes and wake up shaking
hope you ahve a good night

toonguykc said...

A therapist once told me that car crash dreams mean some part of your life seems out of control.  Just throwin' that out there.


seraphoflove9001 said...

I have those kind of dreams too....and they do rattle you! I hope the new pills work for you.

heathermarie3073 said...

What a horrible dream/nightmare!!!  I'm glad it was just that (a dream).  I'm sure it felt pretty real though when you first woke up.  I've never had a dream where I actually see myself die, I always wake up before it happens.  I hope you are having more happy dreams since then!!  

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!  And that these new bp pills work out better for you!!
xoxo, Heather

bmorrrick said...

Hi Lisa,

Sorry you had such a horrible nightmare.....I hate it when I have bad ones like that, it's so hard to go back to sleep.  Hope you have fun on your vacation.

Take Care,

siennastarr said...

Nightmares like that are waaay scary!  But.. usually if you look up what they mean, they don't have anything to do with the context of the dream per se.  This is may favorite website to check out my dreams :http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary/  
Go there and see what it tells you!

PS  Where are you going for 3 days, if I may ask? :)



dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
Sorry to hear about your dream.  They can seem so real, I'm glad it wasn't.
Hoping your new pills will do the trick for you.
I had a nice Birthday.

rgossett4195 said...

wow i hope that new pill is easy on you too!  i dream crazy stuff all the time!  love, rose