Saturday, July 21, 2007

Somebody Stop me, lol

  Hi friends, hope you all had a good Saturday.I was thankful to be off work today since Cyndie was supposed to pay our store a visit. I hope she was'nt being mean to Anthony or I might have to come and whoop her ass, lol.I went to a street fair in Menlo Park and spent way too much money.There were so many good vendors, I bought an awesome pink and white tie -dyed dress from this lady I knew in Pacifica when I used to live there, a blown glass necklace from another lady who had some cool jewelry , some homemade headbands from a woman I have known for years and some photo magnets.Retail therapy is great fun but can get expensive, lol.I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, Tuesday I will be leaving for Yosemite for 2 days , I have'nt been there since I was 10 years old, all of you who want a postcard let me know, I will send one to any of you that want one,  Jackie I know you requested one and Rose too, I will miss commenting in your journals and talking to you guys online but I will be back sometime Thursday so then I will get caught up on journals again and answer your emails, I'm not going to turn my alerts off when I am away, it will only be 2 days and a half , Wow I am going to miss you guys so much,  I wish I had a laptop so I could pop in your journals and visit , maybe someday though.I got a good 2 mile walk in today walking around the street fair so that was good since I slacked off this week exercising, I need a workout partner to motivate me sometimes, Have a good Sunday everyone, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


rgossett4195 said...

oh I love street fairs!  I am emailing you my address I'd love a post card!!  love, rose

nay0114 said...

Have fun on your trip Lisa.. take some pics I wish you were able to add them to the journal. I use photobucket to do almost everything now. I've never asked you if you had a ditigal camera.. I never did until a year ago. Before that I had to add stuff on the computer by scanner and that's been out for like two years and I've never replaced it. Well just wanted to tell you I did get to watch Double Crossed the storm didn't mess it up. Have so many more to watch still. You'll be glad to know that I usually watch one before I go to bed if I'm not to tired. Be safe and I'll miss you online too. I want a laptop myself. Those Dell ones are cute in all those different colors.
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

I love street fairs, glad you bought some cool stuff. Have a great trip.....I have a real old laptop that i bring on vacation. You should look into a used one maybe, they arent that expensive

ksgal3133 said...

That is one place I have always wanted to go is yosemite. Have a great time and take lots of pics :)
Those street vendors sound like fun.


seraphoflove9001 said...

I hope you have fun! :o) And sure...about the post card. :o) I love street fairs....they always have such cool things. ;o) I'm glad you had fun. ;o)

lanurseprn said...

Street fairs are the best! I always find goodies that I just can't live without!!
I hope you have fun on your trip! Tell us all about it when you return, ok?

emmi2sweet said...

I love your kind of therapy. =) When I was in Hawaii I watched blown glass items being made ... amazing to watch. If ya feel like sending me a postcard I would love it. My kids get a kick out of seeing them. We hang them on our photos wall. Las Vegas is still there! Emmi

queeniemart said...

i'm tickled you got out and enjoyed the Cali sunshine even if you did spend alot of money.....its always interesting to read about things you do!

chat2missie said...

Glad you had a great time.

imgr8phil said...

Please stop Lisa.  Glad you had fun at that street fair.  This time when you go to the Sierras try not to leave a fire in your wake.  Look what happened at Tahoe after you departed.  LOL  Take care babe.


kamdghwmw said...

I have not been to a street fair in so long. I just love buying unique stuff.

emabecmar said...

I would love to see a pic of the tye dyed dress. Hope you have a great time in Yosemite. Take lots of pics. (((((((((hugs))))))))))))

therealslimemmy said...

retail therapy is good but right expensive!
Have a nice trip