Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tired Me

Hi friends, I am so exhausted already and it's only 7:40 p.m. I am puzzled as to why.Oh well I cheated on my diet today, I had the breakfast at IHOP with the bacon, eggs and pancakes.I am only human I guess.Tommorow I will eat fish and fruit and drink lots of water.I did laundry today, went grocery shopping, took back some library books.I miss not working, I hate being off so much.I ca'nt stand not working.Tommorow night is a new CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, I am so ready for it, bring it on !!!!!!! I'm not excited am I ? Lol

I bought an interesting book at the library today explaining cat's feelings.It's a really good book.I love my cat, Mr Diva is such a love.I will never regret adopting him.He gives me a reason to get up every day, he's my little furry baby.Hope you all have a great Thursday, I hope I get asked to work Friday, I told Anthony yesterday I could work Friday.My long lost friend Debbi emailed me tonight saying she is back on Aol again.I have mixed feelings about that, I am glad in one way but I do'nt like the direction our friendship went after she moved.I feel things are'nt the same between us.Maybe I am just moody today and need a nap, Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


magogos said...

{{{{{Lisa}}}}} Hope you feel less exhausted  tomorrow. Margo

imgr8phil said...

Maybe you ought to ask Anthony if you can work more hours, or look for a fulltime job if you don't like being off.  Go nap your tired self and have a nap sweetie.  Hope your day tomorrow is good! : )


therealslimemmy said...

aw hope that you get some much needed sleep
ihop does sound good now

queeniemart said...

it is normal to be hesitant to have a friend show up after kind of abandoning you. Take it one day at a time. I am sorry you are so tired...i hope Thurs is a good day for you. i have jury duty today and had to call into work last night..i hate this with a passion!
i am so far behind on TV. I still have like 6 CSI's to watch.
XO lisa

ksgal3133 said...

I hope you get some sleep!
mmm IHOP breakfast sounds good....we went to Crackerbarrel over the weekend so don't feel like your alone in the cheating Ü
I'm excited about the new CSI...finally!!
It's hard to let someone back into your life in a situation like that. Just take it one step at a time.


ukgal36 said...

you're human???
Just kidding..tomorrow is a whole new day...but IHOP sounds good about now....

emmi2sweet said...

IHOP ... omg, I would love to go there but I know I can't because I don't know how to pick something healthy over all the other yummy choices. Emmi

kamdghwmw said...

I have not been to an ihop in so long! It sounds to me like you got a lot done! I also love my cats and do not regret adopting any of them.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Your last two entries have me starving...LOL...I so love IHOP and your dinner last night sounds awesome...if I am ever your gonna have you make me some of that...yummy....I can't wait til dinner....Big hugs,TerryAnn

siennastarr said...

I've been really tired lately too.. I think it must be the weather, or something in our California air! lol  Who knows.

Would you quit talking about FOOD! lol  I just ate about an hour ago, and now I'm hungry again! :p


mmartinez07 said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! LISA!!! OMG, I just left you a comment on your previous entry, before the recipe, telling you that you still had me thinking about IHOP and I was getting hungry. Oh well, at least one of us got to enjoy it. Sweetie, don't be hard on yourself, you've done so well up until now and the progress that you've made won't go away. We're all human! Love ya, Mandy :-)