Thursday, January 4, 2007

Ugh On Today

Hi friends, OMG I am so glad I survived today.It was not a fun day to say the least.Somebody called me at 6:00 in the freaking morning today and did'nt leave a message so my sleep was shot to hell for the rest of the morning.I was not happy about that phonecall.So the rest of my day snowballed down the hill from there.I came into work feeling like I had been hit by a mack truck.All day long I was bombared with stupid questions or returns, I had 11 returns today which was frustrating including a woman who was trying to return a bracelet she had gotten during our buy 2 get one free sale a few weeks ago. Gimme a break, trying to return a free item, ugh..........God it was a return nightmare for me all day , poor Anthony had to keep running back to my register for all the returns..I was just so over returns by the end of my shift tonight.My friend Debbi did come back today which was the only high point of my day besides my sweet Anthony of course so me and Debbi got to have lunch and shop for a while which I really needed.She said that yesterday she was looking for me in the upper part of the mall and I had been looking for her in the Food Court so our paths just must have gotten mixed -up.I kept gazing at Anthony when I felt like crying from frustration today, my so -called friend from Nordstrom Eva came by my store looking for Anthony, I was really disappointed in her, she knows how much I like him so I did'nt appreciate her coming in my store to flirt with him, maybe I am a little jealous because she has a better body then me but still.I mentioned to her that Anthony had proposed to his girlfriend a few weeks ago which is true too by the way.She was like 'Oh then I wo'nt come by anymore to see him" I felt a tiny smile cross my lips , That was the right thing to say, lol.I am so glad I am only working 6 hours tommorow, today was not fun to say the least.Oh and another thing because I am a friendly person I usually greet the customers when they walk into my store, well there were so many of them today when I said "Hi" they just stared at me and kept walking, it really annoyed me, people are so damn rude nowadays, the weird thing is the rude ones always end up paying at my register so I'm usually stuck having to see them twice which is irritating .I heard on the news tonight that the fued between the Donald and Rosie is still brewing , I am totally on Rosie's side for this whole thing , I think every time Donald opens up his big dumb mouth he only keeps proving what an arrogant nasty prick he is and I think he went a little far insulting Rosie.He was saying she is "ugly and fat" and stuff like that , Excuse me Donald but you are'nt exactly a male model yourself so look who is talking, I am so looking forward to the new CSI at 9:00 tonight and soaking in a hot bath, I hope tommorow is better, it has to be,Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


ksgal3133 said...

Oh wow what an awful day you had at work! I am so sorry and hope that today is better.
People are very rude and it's not getting any better.
Loved the new CSI :)


lindapaterson177 said...

Working with the public can be mad, hope you have a better day tomorrow!
luv bella xx

magogos said...

I did miss the alert for this. I am glad you and debbi connected-one small good thing in the sea of miseries. Margo

mmartinez07 said...

I don't understand why people have to be so rude! it definitely sounded like a bad day. (((HUGS))) Mandy