Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Hi friends, I just came home and wow I am beat.I could never work nights every day , I would die, lol.I started at 11:00 this morning and stayed until 7: 30 tonight.Wow the whole day went by at a snail's pace so that made it even harder to be there.The best part of my day was when I was eating lunch Debbi surprised me and tapped me when I was eating at a table in the Food Court so we had a nice chat.I tried to stay awake during the whole 8 hours but around 5:00 at night I could feel my body and my brain begin to shut down.I started to get a migraine around 5 :00 but Anthony brought me two aspirins and a cup of water and gave me a gorgeous smile.I made it clear with him that I work better during the day so he was kind and said that he would just schedule me to work days from now on.I am so tired right now, last night I slept good until 4:00 a.m. when some young punks decided to have a drunk party down by the lagoon , they were laughing and yelling , I should have called the cops but I did'nt.I hope tonight I can get some sleep.I am sooooooo glad I am off tommorow, I need a break, Have a good Thursday everyone, it's CSI night, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Thursday everyone, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


lindapaterson177 said...

I hate working nights too but I usually drink Red Bull to keep me awake. I watched the CSI episode of the guy who gets buried alive and at the end it said to be continued! I`m gutted what happens???
bella xxx

ksgal3133 said...

That is a long shift. I never enjoyed working nights either.
wooo Thursday and CSI! Have a good one :)


magogos said...

I am sorry your day was so long and boring, followed by a migraine-perhaps from lack of sleep. Next time call the cops! I'm glad you habve today off, and hope hyou enjoy CSI tonight. Margo