Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Patty's Day and Why Jorja Fox Is My Hero

Hi friends, hope you all had a good St Patrick's Day.I had a nice day today, Diane called this morning to say 'Hello" and we chatted for about an hour, I was really happy to hear from her. I did a little shopping at Best Buy and saw that the Second Season of Without A Trace was a better price there then at Barnes and Noble's so I bought it there for 43.29 , After that I met my mom for dinner, we both got the chicken club tacos at Chili's and I had an iced tea to drink, we chatted about Texas and how she liked it there,  it was another warm day here but a little cooler then yesterday.I went to Safeway and bought some groceries and picked up the new TV Guide, Us, Star and Ok magazines, yes I am a magazine addict, lol.I saw a letter in the TV Guide letters section that pissed me off from a reader saying Jorja Fox was a plain -jane and out of Grissom's league -Give me a freaking break !!!!!!! I will make a confession to you all and say that I was bullied in jr high mostly by boys who were cruel to me because I have a classic Italian nose and how I dreamed of having a nose job growing up feeling like an ugly duckling thanks to mean jerks at school and my father added jabs of his own about my nose, yup I never felt pretty growing up and I thought I would never accept myself for who I am, I read a while back an article about Jorja and she stated in it that she was'nt a classic beauty, I admired that and thought it was really brave of her to say that, I read that she never felt pretty growing up either because of the gap between her teeth, I love her gap,  I think when she smiles she lights up a room, I love that she is able to admit she is'nt perfect, how many actresses admit that ???? Uh none that I can think of, so thanks to Jorja I was able to accept myself for who I am even though I do'nt think I am a classic beauty either but I can accept myself for who I am , something I could never do before , yes I could stand to lose a few pounds but hey, I'm getting better , lol.I ca'nt believe I am off again from work this weekend, two weekends off in a row, woo-hoo !!!!!!!!! I am getting excited about Vegas, two more weeks and I will be back, OMG it will be a dream to be back there again, I have to write myself a note to make sure I get that big stack of Easter cards out before I leave on April 2'nd, hope you all have a good Sunday, I Love You All and Hugs Lisa XO


queeniemart said...

It makes me very happy to know you can accept yourself......that is such wonderful news! YOU are beautiful....i see that clearly and your heart is so pure!!! I am glad you had a good day and saw your mom too. Good for you for getting the WATrace DVD's. Love, lisa jo

imgr8phil said...

I'm glad you had a good day and that your mom is back from Texas.  I hope you have a nice Sunday.


eml625 said...

I'm glad you got to have dinner with you mom.  I am jealous of your nice weather. We have ice and snow here!!

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your Sunday:)


emmi2sweet said...

People can be so cruel, especially boys in school. I was always teased for one reason or another. I've always heard that if boys tease you it's because they really like you but are afraid to admit it. Yeah right, whatever. High school left a lot of scars on me! I say yeah for excepting yourself for who you are cause if you can't love yourself then no one else will be able to either. Emmi

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hi Lisa and happy belated St Patricks Day!!! Don't ever let anyone make you feel badly about yourself; people that judge others by their looks or make cruel comments are not very happy with themselves I think. So they want others to be unhappy like they are!!! A true friend loves you from the inside out and not the outside know???
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

magogos said...

Lisa, it is difficult to overcome the poison from childhood cruelty.  Both Jorja and you have made a great step, and I'm glad that she has made such a difference in your life. I'm glad you had a good meal with your mother, and that soon you will  be in Vegas! Hugs, Margo

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
I am sorry that you were harassed.
I too was harrassed in High School.
It's something that you never do forget.
Kids are so mean.
Now I have a son of my own that I worry about.
He is so sensitive.
I wish he could let things roll off of his back.
But hey, I couldn't, so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I saw your picture girl, I think you are beautiful.
Dumb comments about Jorja, wondering why they even print such crap about her?
I am jealous of your Vegas trip.
It's cold here, got to maybe 38 if we were lucky.
We are expecting snow/ice mix tomorrow.
Weds. is Court.
I think I will be stressed until this is out of the way.
I have now noticed that I am having back problems, pain and numbness.
What a deal!
Hope your weekend was great.
All for now.