Friday, June 29, 2007

How well do you know me ?

Hi friends, I am a little bored tonight so here is a little pop quiz for all of you , see how well you know me, lol, Love You All Lisa XOXO, P.S. To answer the quiz please post your answers in the comments section,

1) Who is my favorite actress whom I hope to meet someday?
A) Reese Witherspoon
B) Angelina Jolie
C) Jorja Fox
D) Jennifer Love Hewitt

2) Which store do I work at?
A) Safeway
B) World Market
C) Bath and Body Works
D) Nordstrom

3) What TV show is my favorite?
A) Extreme Makeover
C) Big Brother
D) Wife Swap

4) What pet do I own?

A) Goldfish
B) Hamster
C) Cat -Maine Coon
D) Chihuahua

5) My dad and I have'nt spoken in almost 5 years
True or False

6) Nothing makes me happier then getting a snail mail letter from a J- Lander
True or False

7) I felt ugly growing up
True or False

8) Where did I grow up?

A) Pacifica
B) Petaluma
C) Pittsburg
D) Palo Alto

9) I am a very loyal friend to anyone who is kind to me , I believe you get what you give, True or False

10) What is my favorite junk food ?
A) Orange chicken and fried rice
B) Cheeseburgers and fries
C) Pizza
D) Tacos

11) I once met a J-Lander 
 True or False

12) I have never seen snow falling before
True or False
13) Who is my favorite actor whose picture is above my bed ?

A) Orlando Bloom
B) Brad Pitt
C) Daniel Craig
D) William Petersen

14) I am a proud Democrat
True or False

15) I once met Jenna from the first Survivor show
True or False

16) I once dreamed of being a make-up artist
True or False
17) The meanest thing my mom ever said to me was "I wish youwere'nt so attractive" True or False

18) I did'nt learn how to roller skate until I was 9
True or False

19) I am half Italian
True or False

20) I love butterflys and have some in my bedroom on the wall in cases
True or False

Good luck :)


drfaustuslament said...

Well I’ll give this a shot.
1-C. the chick to the right in the above picture
2-B. World Mart though you do spend a lot time in C.
3-I’m going to go 2. CSI, I’m a bit curious why you started with a letter and finished with numbers?
4-I have no idea
5-see four
6- even though this is a true false, I suppose it would depend more on what’s said in it
7- see five
8- see seven
9- see eight but I’m leaning toward true
10-see eight, but it can’t be D., no taco lover would consider a taco junk.
11-see eight
12-False, you have cable since you watched CSI so you’ve had to of seen snow fall, at least on the weather channel or something.
13-I don’t know, but I’m guessing D.  I’m not cheating but I think he is the person who plays grimmy on CSI.
14-see eleven
15-see fourteen
16-see fifteen
17-see sixteen, but I’m leaning towards false, I would take that as a compliment.  Even though they wish you weren‘t attractive, there still calling you attractive.
18-see sixteen
19-see eighteen
20-True you got some cases from a flea market.
I didn’t know you had this journal until a few days ago when I left my first comment here, but I did nit pick through some of the entries in the archives.  As you can see I didn’t hit them all, but in my defensive I’m joining pretty late in the game.  Have a good night Lisa.  

Love, Sebastian

siennastarr said...

1.  Jorja Fox
2.  World Market
3.  CSI
4.  Cat - Maine coon (I think)
5.  true
6.  true
7.  true
8.  Pacifica  (i think)
9.  True
10.Orange chicken and Fried rice (I'm really guessing
13.William Peterson
14 True
15 True
16 True
17 False
18 True
19 True
20 True

I want to know how I did.. so I hope you are going to post your answers! :)


eml625 said...

1)  C
2)  B
3)  B
4)  C
5)  True
6)  True
7)  True
8)  A
9)  True
10)  C ( I think)
11)  False ( I dont remember reading that, but I'm new)
12)  True (Guessing , since you live in CA.)
13)  D (??)
14)  False ???
15) False ???
16)  True ???
17)  False
18)  True
19) True
20)  True
Ok- i guessed at alot. The only easy ones were the CSI related questions !!! LMAO !~

onehenn3chicks said...

1- C- Jorja Fox
2- B- World Market
3- B- CSI
4- C- Cat
5- True
8- A- Pacifica
9- True
10- Orange Chicken
11- False?
12- True
13- D- William Petersen
14- False
15- True
16- True
17- False
18- True
19- True
20- True


queeniemart said...

7-true (you are NOT ugly)

Lord, i hope i passed!
XO lj

seraphoflove9001 said...


emmi2sweet said...

Ok ... I don't know how well I will do since I haven't known you as long as some of these other ladies but here it goes.
C) Jorja Fox
B) World Market
2) CSI
A) Goldfish ... had no clue
true ... you love snail mail
D) Palo Alto
True ... you're very loyal
C) Pizza
true ... you once met a j-lander
true ... this is a guess but I think you have seen snow fall?
D) William Petersen
True ... proud Democrat ... I hope not!  j/k
True, you met Jenna from Survivor
true, you wanted to be a make-up artist
False, your mom didn't say that!
true, you have Italian blood running through your veins.
true, you love butterflies

Ok, how did I do? Did I flunk out? Emmi

jckfrstross said...

ok i will try this but i hope i don't fail:)

1. c
2. d
3. 2
4. a i am guessing
5. not sure on this one
6. T
7. you are beautiful
8. California lol
9. T
10. i am going with cheeseburgers ????
11. T
12. i would hope you have if not come visit Co:)
13. d
14. no clue
15. T????
16. T
17. ???
18. i am going with T
19. ???
20. T
i know i failed :(

enjoy your weekend


magogos said...

Okak, here are nmy answers, and then I MUST go out to do errands!
1) C  
2) B
3) B
4) C
5) T
6) T
7) T
8) D
9) T
10) A(?)
11) T
12) T(?)
13) D
14) T
15) T
16) T
17) T
18) T (?)
19) T
20) T

Thequestion marks were where I had to take a guess.

chat2missie said...

I know most of those answers.

nay0114 said...

I know some of them, but will admit you had me stumped on a few there.
Take care, Chrissie