Sunday, June 3, 2007

25 Facts about me

Hi friends, here are mostly unknown facts you will find out about me,
1) I was born with ADD
2) I always felt stupid in school and struggled in math and history
3) One of my brothers Anthony and I have no contact ( Long Story there)

4) When I was 9 I saved my grandma's life by pulling her out of the way of a car
5) When I was 10 years old my other grandma ( my dad's mom had a heart attack on a dance floor and died instantly
6) I dreamed of becoming a dancer growing up
7) I dreamed of being a mom when I was as young as 7
8) When I was 2 I modeled for a little while
9) I do'nt open up to people easily
10) I have nightmares of being killed by a drunk driver
11) When I was 15 I slept over at a friends house and her dad had too much to drink and planned to rape me that night but I called a friend to come get me
12) I am scared of spiders
13) My dad scared me as a child
14) I lied to my boss Corey and called in sick to work to attend Laci Petersen's Trial in Redwood City
15) The next day I got in trouble at work because Corey had seen me on TV that night
16) My brother Derek saw a ghost twice in his life when he was 3 and when he was 6
17) I consider myself a late bloomer
18) I felt ugly in junior high
19) One of my former assistant managers at World Market was a drug addict
20) I babysit alot as a teen
21) I hated bananas as a kid and I still do
22) One of my best friends was raped and murdered in San Francisco in 2002
23) I dream of working in forensics
24) I used to wish I was a blond as a kid
25) I was considered a gifted writer in school


eml625 said...

Wow. Those are pretty interesting.
My daughter is deathly afraid of spiders !

emmi2sweet said...

wow ... I like getting to know you better. I think I'll do one of these in my journal to. Emmi

seraphoflove9001 said...

Wow...there's alot in here I didn't even know! :o)
Hugs to you!

chat2missie said...

Thanks for sharing.

siennastarr said...

Now that was interesting, Lisa!  You should take some of those things, and write an entire entry on them.  Like.. your experience at the Lacey Peterson trial.  Your brothers story about seeing 2 ghosts... about you saving your Grandma's life.. the story about your friend that was (I am so sorry) raped and murdered in San Francisco (of course, providing that is not to painful of a story to retell).  

Loved getting to know you better!


kamdghwmw said...

I also felt ugly in junior high! After high school I bloomed and had guys chasing me! I do hope that you have a great day!

queeniemart said...

how interesting. I would call in to go to Laci's trial too. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.....Lisa, there is no one with a heart as true as yours. I wish you saw that. I love all these facts....they are REALLY interesting!
XO lj