Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to a beautiful friend

 Hello everyone, there is a wonderful person in J-land who is having a birthday tommorow, -Emmi !!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who do'nt know her, you are truly missing out !!!!!!! Emmi is one of the sweetest and most loyal friends I have ever met in J-land.She is always there for me when I am feeling down and is a great motivator for helping me with my weight loss battle.Emmi was one of my first reader's when I started my CSI fan fiction journal and her kind and encouraging comments helped me to continue making my fan fiction journal the best that I could.We have talked on the phone a couple of times , it was really nice.I wish she lived closer to me, she is such a fun person, I know I would have a blast hanging out with her.She is a wonderful mom with two gorgeous kids, Nick and Alyssa and her hubby Jim seems like such a sweetheart too.

Emmi I hope you have a wonderful birthday tommorow, you deserve the best always, thanks for being such a good friend to me.You are my cheerleader when I am feeling sad and I appreciate that so much.For those of you who do'nt know Emmi her private journal is called What Chaps My Ass, you should email her and ask her to add you as a reader, she also has a weight loss journal too and she also makes tags and has a tag journal called Sweet and Simple Pleasures She does beautiful work making tags.Happy 35'th Birthday Emmi, wish I could help you celebrate your birthday tommorow, instead I'm stuck working but I'll be thinking of you !!!!!!!! Love and Hugs Lisa


emmi2sweet said...

OMG ... I just say happy 45th & though my gosh I don't want to be 10 years older just yet. =) Thank you for the birthday wished Lisa & anyone else who may leave birthday wishes. Big hugs, Emmi

lindapaterson177 said...

Hope Emmi has a great birthday! bella xx

nay0114 said...

Happy Birthday to Emmi. Great pic. Her daughter is a doll.
I love her tags.
Take care, Chrissie

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Happy Birthday Emmi!!!

Glad you are feelin better Lisa...


chat2missie said...

Happy Birthday Emmi!

heavenlybama said...

Hope Emmi has a wonderful, happy birthday!

emabecmar said...

Happy Birthday Emmi. I hope your day is special. (((((((hugs))))))))

imgr8phil said...

Happy happy birthday to Emmi.


queeniemart said...

Emmi has also been very kind to me. I hope her bday is the best ever.
XO lj

jckfrstross said...

Happy Birthday Emmi:)


dca721 said...

Happy Birthday Emmi!

seraphoflove9001 said...

Happy Birthday!!!:o)

motoxmom72 said...

Happy Birthday Emmi!!!!  35 years young!!!!  AWESOME!!!

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Happy Bday to your friend Emmi!!!
Hope all is well with you.