Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sooooooooooooooooo Tired

 Hi friends, I just got home from work and I am drained.It was a very busy Saturday, rainy days are extremely busy for us always.This morning when I woke up hacking and with blurry eyes it took all the strength I had not to call in sick.Ugh I so did'nt want to go in today, but I did.I made it through the day, and another thing , the bigwigs from Corporate never did show up but was I upset about that ? No, of course not, I was thrilled.I had a hard time talking today because every other sentence led to a coughing fit so I had to keep a cup of water next to me at the register the whole day.I hope since I am off until Tuesday that I can shake this bug by then.Being sick is one thing I do'nt like about Fall, the fear of always getting sick is always on my mind.I try to get the flu shot every year so I do'nt have to worry about catching that.I absolutely hate the flu and I will do anything I can to avoid catching it.Chrissie I am so glad your daughters got to thier destination safely, I prayed for them last night and sweet little Daniel as well, Cindy I hope he is feeling better by now .I hope you all have a good Sunday, I have'nt slept in 3 days, I feel like a walking zombie, before I end this, 5 more days until CSI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


nightmaremom said...

Feel better soon.  I do hope the break from work helps

heavenlybama said...

Oh Lisa......I hope you can shake this sickness off while you're off work.  Actually it would be nice if you could have at least a day feeling good before you go back to work.  Praying that you get well quick.

indigosunmoon said...

Get well soon sweets!

imgr8phil said...

I'm glad the big wigs didn't show and that you are home safe and sound so you can get some rest.  I hope you have a good Sunday cutie!


nay0114 said...

Awww... Lisa thank you for the prayers I appreciate it so much. I'm glad those people didn't come in today either. It's bad enough being at work, muchless having to deal with bigwigs. Get some rest. I hope you knock this thing really soon.
Take care and Hugs, Chrissie
P.S. It's Sunday here, so 4 days (and 3 hours earlier) for me to see CSI. LOL I had to say that.

toonguykc said...

Yes...get a flu shot as early as possible.  I'm a big proponent of flu shots.  Do you have a fridge at your work?  Keep a Red Bull or two there.  I swear that drink has gotten me through exhausting days at the office when I thought I was going to collapse!


queeniemart said...

i sure hope you feel better today. You have allergies?

eml625 said...

Hope your feeling better !

chat2missie said...

We're another day closer to CSI's season premier. Yea!!

seraphoflove9001 said...

What a day you had. Boy, I sure hope that you feel better. I can't wait either for the first episaode! :o)

magogos said...

Hope you slept last night. I'll look for you later, or call from the raod on Mon. Love, Margo

dca721 said...

I finally slept last night. I know what you mean.
Need to get dressed and go to my parents house in a bit.
Haven't watched show yet but I will.

ksgal3133 said...

I hope you start to feel better very soon!!


cuteallison1980 said...

I hope when you woke today you felt a little less tired and a little more well.  See, you were stressed for no reason over those corporate people.  Luv ya!


emmi2sweet said...

Glad you woke up feeling better. Emmi

jckfrstross said...

feel better soon:) have you tried Zicam? it does work well with colds