Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What a day

     Hi friends, I am so tired, today was very long and tiring .I woke up and knew it was going to be a long day.I went into work feeling like someone had poked a hole in me and sucked all the energy out of me.When I was helping someone in my store I saw Cyndie come in yakking on her cell phone, probably showing off.She dressed like Minnie Mouse gone bad today -she was wearing a black top and skirt with white polka dots and her big tummy was hanging out of the shirt, literally hanging out of the bottom of the too tight top,  wow is all I thought, does'nt she ever look in the mirror before she leaves the house ? It is funny to me that Cyndie is a district manager because she is certainly no role model, she was in a horrible mood today too, her eyes had this glassy,  lifeless look to them, it was a very long day indeed with Cyndie hanging out for much of the 8 hours I was there, I had a hard time staying awake at work too which was not an easy thing to hide, everytime Cyndie was'nt around I went into one of the aisles and yawned, I was so happy when I got off tonight, I came home and read the new TV Guide for next week which came today, there was a big CSI article in it which showed all the cast , but Sara which made me tear up.Darn those producers anyway, I know they want to keep up the suspense and mystery until Sept 27'th but I've had enough.Sara is my favorite on C.S.I. and it has been a long summer of wondering will she live or not, looking for spoilers online,digging for a clue and hoping she lives, I've exhausted myself finding out updates and articles about Jorja , praying for her to come back, I know for a fact if Sara is killed off on C.S.I. I for one wo'nt watch anymore, that will be the end for me, I am so glad I have the next two days off, I 'm going to call 1800- Comcast tommorow and try to get someone here this week to install a DVR.Wish me luck, I need it, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


cuteallison1980 said...

I'm glad you have this private journal Lisa, gives you the chance to vent.  Relax and have a good evening.  Luv ya!


nay0114 said...

Good luck on the DVR. I wish they'd come on already. Sorry you had such a hard day at work. So when does your friend move to town? I hope it's soon so you can have some fun.
Take care, Chrissie

toonguykc said...

Getting back to the work routine is always tough after a fun vacation.  Just keep those Vegas memories in your head.


emabecmar said...

I'm glad you have a couple days off so you can rest. (((((((((hugs)))))))))

queeniemart said...

I'd still watch because of Nick, Warrick and Gil. They will sure lose a huge supporter if they lose you!! Remember though, it is Jorja's doing if she left....they said that in the beginning. The show sure would not be the same without her. I hate those days where you are so tired...i hope you have gotten some good rest!

emmi2sweet said...

I hope they don't kill her off. I'll probably still watch cause I'm a Grissom fan. =) Emmi

ksgal3133 said...

I hope you can get some rest!
I can't wait for CSI to get here.


magogos said...

Oh Lisa, I am sorry that you had such a bad day. I wish you could worry less about Sara-even if sJorja does leave the show, she will live on in a lifetime of re-runs. Not the same, I know, but a small piece of comfort, I hope. TTYL. Margo

chat2missie said...

Hope you have a better day today.

dca721 said...

Oh Lisa,
Why not just try and chill til the 27th.
You are putting yourself thru hell.

kamdghwmw said...

I often wonder the same thing. Do people look at themselves before they leave the house? Or maybe they think they look good? Yikes! I hope you can get your comcast dvr hooked up.

therealslimemmy said...

hope that you get some rest ... i think a lot of people forget to look at the mirror before leaving :(

eml625 said...

Hope you get some rest tonight.
I know you cant wait for that CSI !!

siennastarr said...

Good luck with the DVR thing, Lisa!  I do hope Sara is not leaving CSI!  That would be a catastrophe for you!


bojgill4375 said...

LOL Minnie Mouse! Sounds like she did. lol I don't think as many people worry about their tummy like they use to do when I was young. lol Remember trying to hold my stomach in!! lol Now that I am older... I let it hang out more!! lol Have a great evening. Janie

rgossett4195 said...

liz's old manager at Dicks used to wear tops that looked like underwear!  I hope sara stays too!  rose