Friday, December 28, 2007

Baby it's cold outside

Hi friends, Thank you to Donna from D's Designs for the pretty tag above, hope you all had a good Friday.There are more details coming out about the tiger attack at the S.F. Zoo and it sounds to me like the 3 teens taunted the tiger before she got loose.They were rocks and sticks found inside her moat and evidence of a shoeprint outside as well.Also one thing I heard today that was disturbing was the two teens that are in the hospital refused to cooperate with police when they were questioned , sounds like guilt to me.It has been really cold here today, in the 40's.There is more rain coming tommorow too.Alot of my friends are away right now on vacation or visiting relatives and I am missing them big time.I go back to work on Wednesday January 2'nd so I will enjoy my time off until then.I went to the dentist today to get my cavity filled so I am glad I got that taken care of.I really hate going to the dentist.I hope you all have a good upcoming weekend.Donna I miss talking to you so much, I hope you will be online soon so we can have an IM chat, Angie I hope you are having a great time in Florida, I miss you alot but I hope you are having a great vacation, Margo I miss talking to you very much too and Emmi you are missed very much too . M.J. I miss our IM chats , My best friend Debbi is  now in Southern Ca visiting her son so I miss her too.I am looking forward to New Year's Eve, are you guys doing anything fun ??????? Stay Safe out there,I Love You All Lisa XOXO


chat2missie said...

I hope that's not the case with those teens, but I kinda suspected.  Something had to go on to cause the tiger to get angry enough to jump the 25 feet and attack.  If it's true, they got what they deserved. (well, no one deserves death but the other two deserved what they got.) Enjoy your weekend.

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your time off:)


queeniemart said...

wow,lots of time off for you.....i heard the walls weren't high enough at that zoo or something....there is just way too much bad news out there. I just saw the trailer for LOST, which is back 1/31, MY GOD...i can not is going to be awesome.

siennastarr said...

Yes.. it is COLD outside!! lol  It's 46 degrees outside, and for this Southern Cali girl.. that is nipply weather! lol

I'm going to have a blast on New Year's Eve!  I'm working in the ER!  :p


nay0114 said...

It's colder there. Enjoy your time off. I'm gonna babysit on New Year's Eve woo hoo I guess thats fun. Since I don't have someone to go out with... I'll spend it with my best guy.
Take care, Chrissie

bmorrrick said...

Sorry you are missing all of your friends.  I wonder if we'll ever know the real story of what happened at the zoo.  I used to live in CA and have been to that zoo many times.  It's such a shame that the tiger was killed and the teenagers were hurt and that the one boy died. Such a sad story all the way around.

Take Care,

imgr8phil said...

Have a good weekend.  I love the rain.


bojgill4375 said...

We got snow last night and was glad not too much! It was 27 degrees here in Kansas and I was glad the wind wasn't blowing. Feels twice as cold when the wind blows! Glad you got some time off from work. Have a wonderful weekend, Janie

cuteallison1980 said...

I wonder how Mr. Diva would react if he was being taunted.  Can you say killer kitty?  LOL  I knew you could.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Luv ya!


toonguykc said...

I'm sure the zoo is going to be sued too...ugh.  I wish people could learn to respect animals!


bobbysgirl8584 said...

Happy New Year Lisa!! I am off from work now too until January 2 so I am enjoying this much needed time off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eml625 said...

Enjoy your long weekend!
Glad the dentist is over!

ukgal36 said...

Have you heard Rod Stewart and Dolly Partons version of baby it's cold outside?? man Rod has a sexy voice..i love him...
sorry but your entry title made me think of that...LOL

kamdghwmw said...

It is cold here as well. Brrrr. I live in the so cal for a reason and it is not so we can be cold! LOL We do not have anything planned for new years eve.

peytonswater said...

Ohhh I'm going to hop off here and call you!

rgossett4195 said...

oh hon, i am sorry it cold out. i'm nice and warm here with my dad and stepmom, 80's and perfect!  I hear it's only 10 degrees back home in illinois!  brrrrrrrrr love rose

lindapaterson177 said...

It`s cold but dry here ...wishing you a great `2008 lisa have a good one.
bella xx