Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another wet day

hi friends, hope your week is going well so far.I had a pretty good day , work was not bad today, Anthony was there and I was glad because he is going on vacation Thursday and I wo'nt see him for a few days but he works really hard and he deserves a break too.I would like to say a quick "Hello " to my two new online friends, Dawn and Karen.You guys are really awesome and I'm glad that I met you both.Have a great Wednesday and I'll be back soon, Hugs Lisa

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jorjaonmymind06 said...

Hi, I am really glad we hooked up on the computer too. I don't know a lot of Jorja Fox fans who see her as the Goddess she is.  
Well, lets see I was up all night working on my site, which I will most likely have to pick apart becasue I have no space left and it's not even half done, and I know my mom won't let me pay 4.95 a month to upgrade it. Oh well, I know that The Goddess Jorja is worth it, but hey she controls the checkbook, so.
OMG, I so want to change my name to Sara, go to college, and move way from here. Get a new life, in a new state. Be able to be me, the real me. The Sara me. Only I don't drink, and I tend to be a bit perky at times, almost annoying so it wouldn't be a full Sara, but my Sara. You know what I am saying?  Hey maybe I can go for broke and change both. How about it Sara Duquesne ( I have French Canadian in me all though I think that last name is French, Fance. Oh well) or Calleigh Sidle?
As far as an auther name I was leaning towards Temeperest Duguesne you know it was sorta romantic, then I saw how Jorja had spelt her first in er, and was wow that sounds mega French. You know Jorjan, messing with the pronucnciation of the J and Duquesne as a last name, that would be romatic.  You think?
Well, I have to go, gonna work on some CSI writing, and wait for mom to come home and bitch me out again.
Oh well, if I don't get out one way, I can always find my White Night and have them sweep me away.
Jorja? Emily? you out there. LOL