Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Will the rain ever go away ?

hi friends, I am up and getting ready for another day to begin.Yet again it's raining out , god I am sick of it !!!!!!!!!! Yesterday a customer at my store pissed me off , she returned about 50 little jars at my register and I might add she was'nt really the nicest to me and then she claimed that there were some jars on hold for her in the back so even though I was supposed to be on my break and went and got them for her, and then she goes "Oh these are'nt the right ones" Luckily David came back and took her over at his register , but before I went on my break I saw her talking to Anthony in the front and he came back to my register and told me she said that "I was'nt very friendly to her" I was really pissed off !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully today will be better .Have a good day everyone, stay dry, Hugs Lisa

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