Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday is over, thank god

hi everyone, today was ok, I dragged myself into work after only sleeping about 3 hours last night.Thank god for Visine, I still felt like crap though.My stomach was killing me as well , I think whatever I ate and drank last night did a number on me.It's my stupid fault I lost sleep last night, I had about 2 full sized ice teas at dinner forgetting the caffiene factor as I guzzled them down.So to put it mildly it was not a good day for me.I checked some prices on some digital cameras today too.One that was $ 150 did'nt seem bad but then the guy at Ritz Cameras said that all the extra stuff for the digital camera would be an extra $ 150 .I was like wtf? I'm going to check out Costco tommorow and see if thier prices are any better.My stomach is starting to feel weird again so I'm going to see if I have anything to take for it.Have a good Tuesday tommorow everyone, Hugs Lisa

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